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We have dedicated this webpage to the most stylish and super stunning outfits of Asim Jofa, a prominent fashion designer from Pakistan. The brand is renowned across the US for its cutting-edge craftsmanship and innovation. This Pakistani fashion icon, released twelve collections in a single year, all of which were well-liked by Indian and Pakistani women. This accomplishment is a record in itself. You can order all Asim Jofa new collections and old ones, from our online Pakistani store in USA easily.

Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 10 4.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-10


Embroidered Net AJVF 03.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-03


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 08.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-08


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 02.

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-02


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 01.

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-01


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 09.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-09


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 12.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-12


Embroidered velvet AJVF 11

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-11


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 07 1.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-07


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 06.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-06


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 05.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-05


Embroidered Chiffon AJVF 04.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVF-04


Embroidered Self Twill AJKT 03.webp

Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-03


Embroidered Self Twill AJKT 08.webp

Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-08


Embroidered Self Twill AJKT 09.webp

Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-09


Embroidered Self Twill AJKT 10.webp

Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-10


Embroidered Slub Raw Silk AJKT 05.webp

Embroidered Slub Raw Silk – AJKT-05


Embroidered Twill AJKT 01.webp

Embroidered Twill – AJKT-01


Embroidered Slub Raw Silk AJKT 12.webp

Embroidered Slub Raw Silk – AJKT-12


Embroidered Slub Raw Silk AJKT 07

Embroidered Slub Raw Silk – AJKT-07


Table of Contents

Welcome to Asim Jofa’s webpage, a dress designer who has the mastery of breathtaking embroidery on chiffon. This name requires no explanation in the world of the Pakistani fashion industry. Through his immense talent and continuous hard work, the brand has made a name for itself that belongs to a select few. Asim Jofa’s Pakistani clothes resemble a cluster of shining stars, like a series of enchanting oriental dresses that create a dazzling display of artistry and finesse. The brand pays special attention to the intricate details of its fabric work. This Pakistani brand does not merely follow fashion trends but expertly sets its own personal trends.

Shadow Work ’23 by Asim Jofa

Introducing Asim Jofa’s new Shadow Work 23, a stunning new festive collection. For this latest volume, the famous models of Pakistan have highlighted the importance of these desi chic outfits for the photo shoot. All dresses consist of long shirts (kameezes) with plain trousers. The neck designs are style statements in themselves, while the articles are given a fresh look by using beautiful wide laces on the borders of the long tops. The brand has chosen lawn silk for the kameezes and chiffon dupattas, which is an ideal combination. We all know that Asim Jofa pays much attention to even the smallest element in its outfits. The price range of Shadow Work 23 has been kept very reasonable so that your pocket is not burdened, and you can also enjoy this new collection of Asim Jofa.

Asra Intermix Collection

Asim Jofa’s Asra Intermix collection is the perfect addition to essential wear or daily wear. In which the best examples of digital printing are presented. All four corners of the dupatta are embellished with exquisite laces of different designs. The Isra Intermix collection also revolves around long kameezes, as long shirts are in vogue.

Asim Jofa Chiffon Fancy Collections

Although lawn dresses are also becoming popular and feature extensive embroidery and embellishments, only the brand can answer why it has yet to give as much attention to the lawn as to fancy dresses. Various techniques are being explored to introduce the latest innovations. However, there is no doubt that Asim Jofa’s fancy dresses have no alternative. Each collection exudes elegance and charm, enchanting every event they are worn to.

All the Latest Collections of Asim Jofa

Being the largest retailer of Asim Jofa in the US, we provide easy access to any old and new collection of Asim Jofa. Our online store brings you the latest and trendiest lawn suitschiffon suits, and fancy Pakistani wedding dresses from this most popular Pakistani clothing brand. With just one click, you can have the most exquisite and stylish collection delivered to your doorstep effortlessly.

Let’s review the new collections of Asim Jofa to date one by one.

Asim Jofa Vasl E Yaar Collection

We can confidently call this the best edition of the year. This Asim Jofa festive collection excels in innovation and charm. It offers a wide array of attractive colors, springy designs, eye-catching tassels, heart-touching embroidery, and most importantly, it showcases all the significant Pakistani dress designs in Asim Jofa’s latest collection.

The only saree in this collection mesmerizes viewers, while the included Angrakhas have the power to captivate hearts with their charm and attraction. The splashy colors of this exceptional collection are nothing short of mesmerizing as if blending effortlessly into the eye.

Jhilmil Festive Collection ’23:

Consisting of around thirty most gorgeous outfits, the Jhilmil collection spans all significant colors. Maroon, Aubergine & Mehndi Green, Red, Brown & Mustard, Rosewood, Peacock Green, Black, Burgundy, Peach, Light Green, Magenta, Black, Navy Blue, Emerald Green, Black, Sage Green and pink, Navy Blue, Light Buff, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Glacial Green, Pink & Orange, Tea Pink, and Deep Purple are some of the colors included.

The photoshoot for these outfits was done by Sajal Ali, Saboor Ali, and Komal Mir, adding charm and elegance to this collection. Crafted from chiffon, poly-cotton, and raw silk fabrics, these classy ensembles fit everyone’s price range and are perfect for any occasion.

Zari Sitara ’23 by Asim Jofa Clothing

Zari Sitara refers to the embellishments used in ornamental items. This edition offers a range of luxury tunics that can be worn for parties or as casual attire. The fabrics used include paper cotton, lawn silk, and chanderi cotton.

These exquisite outfits primarily feature shalwar kameez in various vibrant colors. The release showcases alluring laces, beautiful neck designs, captivating embroidery, charming borders on the dupatta, and elegantly embellished tassels. Asim Jofa’s Zari Sitara 23 collection offers a variety of stunning trouser designs. Hania Aamir, Mawara Hocain, and Nimal Khawar have done a photoshoot, making these desi clothes even more dreamy and festive ensembles.

Maahru, Noorie and Meerub ’23

Asim Jofa introduces another attractive volume for the year 2023 with the Maahru, Noorie & Meerub ’23 collection with the AJSM SKU series. This classic collection exudes sheer charm and features a dominance of long shirts. The fashion designer of the brand has paid special attention to the intricacies of embroidery in these modern yet antique styles of clothes.

The dupattas of these classy yet extravagant and lineal attires are specially adorned with luxurious laces and wide embroidered patches. The neck designs also showcase some innovative experiments by the designers. These creative ideas have elevated Asim Jofa to its esteemed position in the fashion world today. The collection showcases the skilled use of Zari Line Chiffon, Poly Cotton, and Poly Lawn fabrics.

Lucknow Chikankaari Collection

This collection is named after the city of Lucknow in India. The masterfully created lehenga kurtis, frocks, and maxi dresses immediately captivate your attention. What makes them even more fascinating is the attention to detail in the artwork.

The combination of Chikankari embroidery and embellishments gives these super stunning Pakistani suits a regal appearance. Additionally, sequined lace, luxury buttons, and mirror work further enhance the collection’s charm.

Eid Festive by Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa, known for launching dazzling collections for every critical life event, including weddings and religious festivals, does not overlook Eid. Eid, a significant religious and cultural festival celebrated by Muslims in the USA, involves wearing colorful Eid clothes and exchanging greetings. Pakistani clothing brands like Maria BSana Safinaz, and Asim Jofa dedicate themselves to presenting their most stunning collections of the year in the market for this occasion.

On the occasion of Eid, Asim Jofa introduces its Eid Festive Collection to offer eye-pleasing Eid wear to its customers. This collection features an abundance of frock suits and long shirts, carefully selected colors matching the spirit of Eid, and fabrics such as chiffon, poly-cotton, and dull satin, which are undoubtedly excellent choices.

One noticeable aspect of this collection is the reasonable prices of its products. Unlike other brands that often release expensive Eid collections, this versatile Pakistani fashion brand breaks tradition. It ensures that everyone can enjoy Eid’s sweetness by keeping the prices affordable.

Asim Jofa Luxury Lawn Collection

The number of Pakistani lawn fans worldwide is increasing daily, making Pakistan Lawn highly popular in the USA as well. It is a fact that the quality of lawns produced in Pakistan is one of the country’s specialties. Even foreign models show great passion and interest while showcasing Pakistani lawn dresses.

Designers state that besides Pakistani models and actresses, they also boost the popularity of their brand through foreign models. Bollywood actresses have gained popularity in Pakistani lawn modeling as well. Recently, designer Asim Jofa unveiled his Spring Collection Luxury Lawn 23, featuring the beauty of Saira Yusuf and Iqra Aziz.

Asim Jofa’s lawn collection offers a wide range of colors, including Mustard Gold, Dry Henna Green, Ivory, Raisin, Teal, Mint, Russet, Beige, Black, Pastel Blue, Blush Pink, Mauve, Orange, Deep Plum, Deep Viridian Green, Cedar Brown, Maroon, Magenta, Dark Brown, Basil Green, Navy Blue, Bottle Green, Periwinkle, Deep Carmine Red, and Ocean Green.

The light-colored base is enhanced with bold color designs. While floral and leaf patterns are commonly seen on lawns, the brand has chosen embroidery and subtle embellishments for this collection, a signature of their editions. Charming embroidery adorns the shirt’s hem, neck, sleeves, and back.

The embroidered designs, featuring twigs, leaves, and buds, create a visually appealing sight. This collection offers various pajamas and trousers to keep up with modern fashion trends. Straight, tight, and bell-bottom trouser styles are combined with different shirt designs. The matching of dupattas with these extraordinary lawn dresses is impeccable. Floral dupattas and embroidered borders add to the overall beauty of the eastern-rich dresses.

Mehr O Maah Collection by Asim Jofa

Introducing the Mehr-o-Maah Collection with AJM Series by Asim Jofa! This collection showcases Ablaze colors and designs that will truly captivate your attention. Let’s delve into the exquisite maxi dresses included in this collection, as there are eleven stunning options.

Prepare to be mesmerized by a dress that gracefully sweeps the ground and catches your eye. By trying these ethereal dresses, you’ll experience a fascination surpassing mere visual delight. Prepare to witness the sheer beauty of chiffon fabric at its finest.

Baad e Nobahaar Collection

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Baad-e-Naubahar Collection. Every woman aspires to stand out from the crowd and be uniquely attractive. This is why they often experiment with different clothing styles, with the choice of colors being of utmost importance. Your clothes serve as an introduction to your personality. However, when it comes to embracing new trends, being fashionable, and looking effortlessly cool, it’s time to step outside the boundaries of traditional styles.

Baad-e-No Bihar, which translates to “the first wind of spring,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of this collection by Asim Jofa. At first glance, it feels like fresh air, with hints of springtime charm embedded within. The collection features bold and delicate colors, floral prints reminiscent of flower petals, and intricate machine and hand embroidery. Donning these exquisite dresses will transform you into a veritable princess at any event.

The Ayeza Edit: Asim Jofa Velvet Collection

Ayeza Khan, a renowned model and actress from Pakistan, lends her name to this exceptional collection. Presented as Asim Jofa’s Velvet edition for the winter season, it caters to the rising demand for velvet attire as the temperatures drop. Pakistani and Indian women attending events during this time desire garments that combine warmth with style, making velvet the perfect choice. In this aspect, Asim Jofa is leading among other Pakistani designers.

The Ayeza Edit offers a range of awe-inspiring dresses, including velvet shawls, lehenga kurtis, angarkhas, maxis, and open gowns. Ayeza showcases these designer outfits with undeniable allure, making her a vision of elegance. Likewise, when you order any dress from our web store, you can embellish it and enhance your attractiveness beyond what is seen in the picture.

Basant Collection

Basant is the festival of kite flying at the beginning of the year. In this festival, the sky is filled with colorful kites, and the eye that sees this scene feels happy and refreshed. The brand is named Basant Collection because we see and wear attractive dresses like colorful kites.

All the ensembles look like a picture of Eastern culture. Lehengas and Maxis work their magic. At the same time, embroidery draws the viewer towards it. In short, this collection looks sparkling like Basant.

Chikankari Eid Collection

Whether it is Eid ul Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha, Asim Jofa has presented the dresses for both festivals for you. In this collection with chickenkari work, Iqra Aziz is once again seen inviting you to double the happiness of Eid with these outstanding outfits. Mostly, light colors are chosen for it.

And the brand has also paid particular attention to the cut works of the trousers. Apart from this, the dresses are made more attractive by using small laces as well as big and wide embroidered patches.

Sadqay Tumharay Collection

Sadqay Tumharay means to me that all love is for you. Seeing the mesmerizing golden and silver embroidery on the deep colors of this mesmerizing collection fills the heart with joy and happiness. And what could be a more beautiful moment than if you wear one of these dresses to your friend’s wedding and the bride looks at you and says; Sadqay Tumharay!

Asim Jofa Iqra Minal Edit:

The brand’s creative skills are also apparent in this edition—the brand named this collection Iqra Aziz and Minal (both models). The most notable thing about these dresses is that the contrast of the colors of the dresses and the embroidery done on them is fantastic.

Apart from this, the clothes’ quality is also high. Both the models have done a photoshoot and made this collection a gift for their customers.

Final Thoughts:

We have complete collections of Asim Jofa ready to wear available online in the USA, as Shadi Dress is the best Asim Jofa online store. Apart from this, you can get any dress stitched according to your size. The method is simple: open any Asim Jofa product and select the custom size option. Provide your size details and order. We will deliver 100% original designer dresses to your doorstep precisely to your size.

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