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Baroque Clothing: Complete Collection Availabe Online in USA

It would not be wrong to call Baroque Clothing Pakistan’s most versatile fashion brand. This Pakistani fashion house has achieved remarkable fame in a short span, a feat accomplished by only a handful of brands. In particular, the brand’s Swiss Lawn and Chantelle chiffon collection have gained popularity across the USA for their high quality and unique styles. We have a complete variety of this Pakistani cloth house at very reasonable prices.

Baroque Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL09D10 Dress 1.jpg

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – SL09D10


Baroque Embroidered Net Flaxen Dress 01.jpg

Embroidered Net – Flaxen


Embroidered Swiss Lawn - Sl09d04

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – SL09D04


Embroidered Swiss Lawn Sl11 D06

Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL11 D06


Embroidered Jacquard Lawn Sl11 D08

Embroidered Jacquard Lawn SL11 D08


Embroidered Lawn - Sl11 D07

Embroidered Lawn – SL11 D07


Embroidered Jacquard Lawn Sl11 D05

Embroidered Jacquard Lawn SL11 D05


Embroidered Lawn - Sl11 D04

Embroidered Lawn – SL11 D04


Embroidered Swiss Lawn - Sl11-d03

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – SL11-D03


Embroidered Swiss Lawn Sl11 D02



Embroidered Swiss Lawn Sl11 D01

Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL11 D01


Embroidered Jacquard Lawn - Uf345

Embroidered Jacquard Lawn – UF345


Embroidered Lawn - Uf336

Embroidered Lawn – UF336


Embroidered Net - Uf33

Embroidered Net – UF33


Embroidered Lawn - Uf329

Embroidered Lawn – UF329


Embroidered Net - Ch0703

Embroidered Net – CH0703


Embroidered Net - Ch0905

Embroidered Net – CH0905


Embroidered Swiss Lawn - Sl10d05

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – SL10D05


Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn - Sl10d02

Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn – SL10D02


Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn - Sl10d06

Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn – SL10D06


Table of Contents

We have the following latest ready-made collections of Baroque clothes available with fast delivery.

  • Baroque Chantelle Chiffon Collection
  • Baroque Swiss Lawn Collection 

Whenever Pakistani and Indian girls (living in the USA) start shopping for ethnic dresses for a special event, they never forget the Baroque Chantelle Collection. This superb edition epitomizes quality, sophistication, attractiveness, and creativity. It includes more than thirty Pakistani dresses whose embroidery, threadwork, embellishments, and styles have ability to make the viewer unable to take her eyes off them. Let’s look at the 10 best dresses from the famous Chantelle Collection.

Top 10 Outfits by Baroque Chantelle

  1. Embroidered Net – Capri Sea CH07-01
  2. Embroidered Chiffon – Glaze CH07-02
  3. Embroidered Net – CH07-03
  4. Embroidered Chiffon – Ch0904
  5. Embroidered Net – Swiss Topaz CH08 10
  6. Embroidered Net CH10-01
  7. Embroidered Net Ch10-02
  8. Embroidered Net CH10-05
  9. Embroidered Silk CH11-04
  10. Embroidered Chiffon CH11-06

In our eyes, these are the best-selling Pakistani clothes in the Baroque Chantelle collection. And here is why these are the best for any festive occasion. 

Embroidered Net – CH07-03 by Baroque Clothing

A deep Chestnut color is used for the kameez fabric of CH07-03. The floral embroidery of maroon, green, and silver color has been done so that the viewer gets instantly mesmerized. A wide maroon embroidered patch on the hem of extraordinary attire and the plates of the dupatta in the same color make a perfect match. 

This dress is presented by Baroque Pakistani clothing brand in two different styles, and both are looking absolutely radiant. The length of one’s kameez is kept regular, the top is sleeveless, and the neck of the dress is bordered with rich yet eye-catching embroidery. The other style has an attractive frock suit and a line of fancy buttons on the neck, which makes the dress more beautiful. The same dupatta has been kept with both styles, but the border of the dupatta, which has been given an embroidered patch, is spreading beauty in its way. Overall, this Pakistani designer suit is a masterpiece of the Chantelle collection by Baroque clothing.

Embroidered Chiffon – Glaze CH07-02

White color is the ambassador of peace, right? And Chantelle Collection’s Glaze dress is perhaps the ambassador of beauty and charm. This three-piece suit of Baroque Clothing has gained immense popularity throughout the country. In this outfit, the brand introduced two different styles, and both have ankle-length kameezes (shirts). The only difference is that one has been introduced as a long shirt while the other style has been designed as a flowy frock. There is no parallel of the charm of the warm shawl that the brand has provided with Glaze. Because the embroidery done on it and then the embroidered border spread all around will touch your heart. Update your wardrobe today with this most gorgeous outfit from Baroque Style Clothing.

Embroidered Net – Capri Sea CH07-01

You will get lost in the enchanting sea of the Capri Sea. The floral lace threadwork done on the net fabric by the fashion experts of Baroque suits is genuinely impressive. This dress is perfect for any festive occasion because, throughout the dress, you see intricate and luxurious threadwork.

Baroque’s Capri Seas is perfect dreamy festive ensemble. Pixie green color has been chosen for the base, while yellow, pink, orange, and dull green embroidery captivates the viewer’s attention. In this graceful ensemble, the brand has presented two different styles; one is a short shirt with straight trousers with a beautiful cut work, while the tassels hanging on the border of the kameez also have their unique charm.

In another variant, Barok Clothing has kept the length of the kameez to the knees and opted for lovely tassels on the border of the sleeves. Take a closer look at the dupatta of this dress, and you’ll be captivated by its exquisite beauty right away. The luxurious beaded lace, combined with alluring embroidered patches, creates an elegant and charming style that is truly delightful. Capry Sea by Baroque clothing can indeed turn heads at any event.

Embroidered Chiffon – Ch0904

If you like jacket style kurta with palazzo trousers, this outfit will make your day. It has a long kameez (like a frock) with churidar pajamas. You also get beautiful embroidery on net dupatta in Sindhi-style handicrafts. The brand has chosen black color for both styles, which looks like an excellent choice. The fine threadwork on the base of the embroidered chiffon for the kameez also shows its magic. If you are a fan of black color dresses, then you will not miss this Baruq dress.

Embroidered Net – Swiss Topaz CH08 10

It is impossible to discuss Baroque’s Pakistani clothes and forget the Swiss Topaz. Indian saree style and gown like maxi style will please your eyes. The brand has chosen a sea mist color for this dress. This light shade also looks superb on both types. The sleeves of both styles are given a little glamor touch by having a see-through, while the silver and light pink shade thread work is very attractive. The dupatta is also done with elegant floral embroidery, while the beautiful patch is added on all four borders to complete the dress’s look.

Embroidered Net CH10-01

The saree is called the crown of Indian clothing. This stunning Baroque outfit is a special gift if you are also a saree lover. The creative crafting of the oyster pink color has once again proved that the creative sense of Baroque dress designers is superb. Like others, two styles have been introduced in CH10-01, in which the second variant is a charming lehenga choli crafted in the same color.

Another unique feature of this desi outfit by Baroque clothing is the classy cutwork on the dupatta’s border that embodies grace and allure. The hem border of the saree and lehenga has also been done with the same work, which has brought a lot of sophistication to the matching. The brand has done a lot of intricate work on the details of this dress, and it’s evident when you look at it. When are you going to order it for your next special event??

Embroidered Net Ch10-02

This is our pick of the seventh-best dresses in the Baroque Chantelle Collection’s list. Which mainly consists of an open gown and a maxi dress. The attractive thing about this lavish outfit is its silver embroidery, which looks dreamy on the base of the green color. The arms are kept see-through, but the second half of the sleeves also has rich embroidery work. Another heart-touching thing about this modern and chic outfit is the samosa lace that is used frequently. From top to bottom, samosa lace also shines a lot on the edges of the open gown. This is the best dress in the entire collection as a Mehndi dress.

Embroidered Net CH10-05

Do you like the light blue color of the sea? If yes, then you will like this chic ready made Baroque dress online in USA. This dress is unique, with its exquisite lehenga kurti and modern open gown styles. On which small and big flowers are attractively decorated. The sleeves and dupatta borders have been further enhanced by giving the same creative style. That’s why we’ve ranked it 8th in Chantelle’s best dresses.

Embroidered Silk CH11-04

Silver, gold, and pink embroidery on black fabric always crafts a stunning and exquisite outfit. CH11-04 must be a masterpiece. On the fine quality of silk fabric, experts have used their brains to develop an excellent pattern that is perfect for formal, semi-formal, party wear, and any wedding event. If we talk about the style, it is a traditional shalwar kameez in the true sense whose embellishment is done so beautifully that it doesn’t look like an ordinary shalwar kameez at all. Beautiful button-like tassels on all sides of the dupatta and the charming tassels hanging on the hem border of the lovely kameez captivate the viewer. With mirror work, beads, pearls, and laces, the brand made this dress no less than a signature product.

Embroidered Chiffon CH11-06

This dress is a perfect example of a stunning Sharara suit. Wineberry color has been used for the top (sharara), while for the kurta, the brand has used wine color with the contrast of timber green. Baroque has made this dress a must-have for festive events by adding an orange hue to the dupatta. You can wear it to your friend’s wedding and make it memorable. The round style on the neck, the charming Kiran lace on the dupatta, and the charming tassels hanging on the border of the kurti greatly enhance the beauty of this dress, making it an ideal choice for weddings, which is an excellent choice for guest attire.

Baroque Clothing Swiss Lawn Collection 

Besides Baroque’s Chantelle collection, the brand’s Swiss Lawn edition is trendy in the USA. We have a complete variety of this volume as well. Baroque dresses have used excellent lawn fabric and organza quality in this entire edition. Wearing any Pakistani lawn dress from this collection gives you a breezy feeling. Let’s see the best dresses of the Swiss Lawn Edition you must see.

  1. Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL11-D02
  2. Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL 11-D03
  3. Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn SL 11-D05
  4. Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL 11-D06

Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL11-D02

This Blue Dianne color frock by Baroque clothing is the epitome of sheer charm. Different styles of laces have also been used extensively by the brand. Apart from this, the attractive floral embroidery on the chest and neck also adds to the beauty of SL11-D02. Also, the embroidery done on the organza dupatta complements and completes its festive look. If you like shades of blue and green, you will definitely like this flowing frock.

Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL 11-D03

If a poet sees this charming shalwar kameez in rose fog color, he will write a beautiful poem on this outfit. The embroidery done on the light shade shows the genuine craftsmanship of a Baroque fashion mentor. A sequin lace border on all sides of the dupatta, intricate work on the “paanchas” of the trousers, and a cut work on the edges of the sleeves are all stunning features of SL 11-D03. Firstly, the color is heart-touching, and the thread work on top also embodies quintessential Eastern allure. This desi ensemble demands to be bought immediately. 

Embroidered Self Jacquard Lawn SL 11-D05

Our experts pick SL 11-d05 for the third-best outfit of this latest edition, for which the brand has made the ordinary dress very special by doing blush red threadwork on the maroon color base. The floral cutwork on the hem of the long kameez creates a mesmerizing display of artistry and skill. Along with this, the wide patch of silver color on the border of the organza dupatta has also become the center of attention of the viewers. Organza floral tassels on the edge of the sleeves, a charming use of “Jaali,” and a long, alluring lace on the neck are all top features of this dress.

Embroidered Swiss Lawn SL 11-D06

There is hardly any Pakistani girl who dislikes a mustard-colored dress. Baroque clothing has chosen the same color for this Swiss Lawn dress – SL 11-D06. Fashion experts have once again showcased their artistic abilities on the border of the dupatta. At the same time, small and large floral styles are also worth mentioning. Apart from this, the chikankari work, beautiful use of wide and short laces, corded tassels, and charming buttons on the fabric all together make this outfit one of the best outfits of Baroque clothing Swiss Law collection.

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Final Words

All of the Baroque wedding dresses are the epitome of craftsmanship, as the experts of this brand pay special attention to the intricate details of the outfit. If you are also a fan of Baroque clothing and often find it difficult to buy online dresses from this brand, then there is no better place than Shadi Dress. Where you get Baroque’s complete ready-made collection delivered to your home in one click; order a perfect dress from this stylish Pakistani clothing brand now for your next special occasion.

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