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Broadway showtime winter edit 23

Broadway Showtime Winter edit 23 by Mushq 

Mushq Premium, a premier Pakistani clothing brand, recently unveiled their “Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23”. This exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary styles showcases Mushq’s intricate embroidery techniques – intricate designs made to perfection by Mushq.

This stunning volume comprises more than 15 Pakistani designer clothes, each one is showing distinct charm and elegance. Mushq Premium‘s designers employed various embroidery techniques such as 3-D motifs, embroidered khaddar for front and back, tassels, and side slit lace insertion to give each dress an individual style and finesse. Furthermore, each ensemble has been finished with delicate crochet lace trim and silk buttons for a flourish of finesse.

broadway showtime winter edit collection 23

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Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 features vibrant and eye-catching colours, such as jet black, burnt orange, heart-touching pink, lavender, magenta, tea pink, olive green, turquoise, teal grey, and purple dresses, bringing vibrancy and sophistication to this latest release.

Designers were mindful of client requirements in creating these superb outfits made with premium-grade fabrics such as khaddar, karandi and linen, making them durable yet wearable all winter. The collection offers shalwar kameez-style pieces that combine tradition with modernity, making them appropriate for fomal and festive events

Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 Product Details 

Soho Sparkle

Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 represent the first masterpeice; Soho Sparkle Shalwar Kameez that is simply exquisite. The black-hued khaddar shirt features striking embroidery on both front and back, highlighted with 3D tassel detailing; matching khaddar trousers feature stunning floral embroidery, while an exquisite dyed khaddar shawl features delicate crochet lacework along its borders for a touch of grace.

Regal Regent

Regal Regent Shalwar Kameez is handcrafted using premium quality embroidered karandi fabric in an inviting shade of peach, guaranteed to leave an impressionable statement. Boasting intricate embroidery, crochet lace detailing and a silk button neckline create an extravagant appearance while the vintage appeal of the fabric adds vintage appeal. Adding to its luxurious appearance, a matching karandi dupatta featuring multi-colour printed designs and floral embroidery on its pancha hems – completes this luxurious ensemble perfectly!

Whimsy Westminster

The Whimsy Westminster Shalwar Kameez is yet another exceptional example of contemporary fashion meeting traditional aesthetics. It features intricate embroidery on its front, sleeves, and neckline, paired with an eye-catching printed karandi shawl featuring crochet lace detailing and silk balls. This ensemble is ideally suited for those seeking elegance yet playful style.

Mayfair Muse

Mayfair Muse Shalwar Kameez ensemble exudes sophistication and grace, radiating elegance and grace. Exquisite embroidery of karandi front, back, sleeves and front neckline plus daman embroidery add subtle glamour while dyed linen trouser in matching orange shade is completed by orange linen dupatta embellished with shuttle lace four-sided border.

Paddington Poise

The Paddington Poise Shalwar Kameez is an unparalleled example of impeccable fashion. Crafted of maroon-red linen fabric, the ensemble boasts exquisite details on its front, sleeves and neckline for an eye-catching appearance. A printed linen shawl features delicate crochet lace trim, while dyed linen trousers with shuttle lace on their Pancha complete the ensemble and make this ensemble ideal for winter celebrations.

West and Wool

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 by Mushq’s “West End Wool” ensemble. Featuring exquisite karandi fabric that has been intricately embellished with silk applique, lace detailing, and an embroidered sleeves border, it will leave an indelible mark.

This Kameez’s front and back panels feature an exquisite lavender hue for an air of sophistication and elegance, making it the ideal attire for formal events. Complete your ensemble with the matching Karandi Shawl featuring delicate crochet lace detailing for added glitz and glamour – don’t miss out on this timeless beauty that speaks volumes of contemporary and traditional styles coming together perfectly!

Caraby Chic

Unleash your inner chic style with the Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 mushq”Carnaby Chic” Shalwar Kameez that beautifully merges traditional embroidery and contemporary design. This chic ensemble boasts intricate chikan embroidery on the front, back, and sleeves of this Khaddar Kameez, as well as crochet lace finishing and silk ball details to give an air of modern classicism.

Khaddar trousers featuring three types of shuttle lace on their Pancha add an extra dimension of interest and detail. An exquisitely printed khaddar shawl features artistic designs with an embroidered lace border to add an air of sophistication – creating the “Carnaby Chic” ensemble! Step out in effortless style this winter.

Kensington luxe

Be engulfed in luxury with “Kensington Luxe,” an embodiment of opulence and sophistication. Crafted by hand from luxurious linen, this handcrafted ensemble boasts intricate chikan embroidery for an effortless sense of timeless elegance. Both sides of the Kameez feature stunning embroidery, while daman motif side slits add drama.

“Kensington Luxe,” from Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23, epitomises luxury, radiance and timeless elegance. Finished with exquisite scallop lace on both trousers, an intricately embroidered dupatta boasts exquisite lace details on all four sides – indeed, an artistic creation!


Leave a memorable impression and turn heads in this Marylebone Shalwar Kameez ensemble from Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23. This lavish outfit is sure to leave an everlasting impression on any audience, featuring stunning sequin embroidery on the front and back of the Kameez and its sleeves.

The delicately embroidered front and back daman borders add exquisite beauty to this ensemble, while its tea-pink colour makes it suitable for day and evening events. A chatta patti shawl with its intricately designed border lace adds grandeur while Marylebone makes for an excellent combination of comfort and sophistication in your wardrobe.

Oxford Opulence

Mushq’s Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection presents another classic attire; Oxford Opulence ensemble. Crafted from fine khaddar fabric, this stunning shalwar kameez features intricate panni embroidery on its sleeves, neckline and hemline to deliver an appealing, fashionable, and polished aesthetic.

The exquisite floral embroidery that graces all four sides of this exquisite embroidered twill shawl adds an air of grandeur, balanced by its natural fabric texture. The charm and sophistication of this ensemble are further amplified by blue-hued Kameez and trousers, which feature delicate crochet detailing for added charm. With such timeless refinement and sophistication, “Oxford Opulence” is an invaluable treasure that can enrich any woman’s style and spirit.

Chelsea Charm

The “Chelsea Charm” Shalwar Kameez from Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection is an elegant and graceful display. Meticulously handcrafted from khaddar fabric, its front and back are decorated with intricate sequin embroidery for a timeless charm. Additionally, intricate patterns decorate both sleeves, creating an unforgettable ensemble.

Crochet lace finishing on a printed khaddar shawl adds an undeniable beauty that cannot be denied. In contrast, an embroidered shuttle lace pancha completes this luxurious ensemble, creating a glamorous and sophisticated look. If you want an elegant outfit, the “Chelsea Charm” Shalwar Kameez may be your solution.

Notting Hill

Mushq’s Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection provides us with a stunning gem – the “Notting Hill” Shalwar Kameez ensemble is a truly timeless beauty that embodies elegance and sophistication, turning any woman into an icon of fashion. The embroidered Karandi fabric intricately detailed on the shirt’s front and back is truly impressive. In contrast, the silk embroidery front motif and sleeve border add extra charm.

Delicate crochet lace details along this ensemble’s neckline, buttons and hemline add a refined and polished touch. The Kameez features a gorgeous teal grey hue which matches its matching trousers and printed Karandi shawl, creating a classy yet effortless look suitable for any event or special occasion. Its exquisite embroidery makes “Notting Hill” an irresistible addition to your wardrobe!

Thames Twilight

Mushq’s Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection presents this elegant ensemble: the “Thames Twilight.” Comprising an extravagantly embroidered linen shirt paired with intricately chikan-embroidered sleeves and detailed with stunning embroidery border front and side lace details add layers of sophistication.

This exquisite ensemble exudes the serene beauty of Thames Twilight through its luxurious linen embroidered shawl featuring crochet lace finishing, dyed linen trousers in lavender hue, tassel neckline and silk ball sleeves, adding elegance and sophistication. This ensemble is perfect for adding style and grace.

Camden Elegance

Broadway showtime winter edit 23 by Mushq presents “Camden Elegance,” an ensemble from their Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection that captures traditional charm and modern glamour with exquisite detail in its craftsmanship using premium linen material. This ensemble truly stands out.

This classic yet sophisticated khaddar features subtly intricate and refined chikan embroidery on its front and sleeves, creating an exquisite and refined look that speaks of classic beauty. Sequin embroidery around its front neckline and border adds a glamorous and stylish touch suitable for special events.

The delicate detail of an embroidered lace and crochet finishing on this shawl makes this outfit suitable for colder months, while its dyed khaddar trousers complete this elegant ensemble.

Piccadilly Charm

Mushq’s Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection boasts stunning designer pieces. One standout piece is undoubtedly the Piccadilly Charm ensemble, ideal for elevating wardrobe games.

The linen shirt in wine purple features intricate embroidery on its front, back, and sleeves for added sophistication. Its rich design is further highlighted by an embroidered front daman border, back lace, sleeve lace and band I motifs adorning each layer. Furthermore, an exquisitely printed linen shawl with delicate crochet lace finishings adorning delicate crochet threading finishes completes this ensemble perfectly – complete with its bow Dori tassel.

The linen wine purple trouser completes any look with its effortless style and design, making it suitable for various events and occasions. Adding Piccadilly Charm to your wardrobe lets you bring the playful charm of one of London’s iconic landmarks into your own wardrobe and express your unique sense of style!


Mushq’s collection embodies traditional and modern styling with exquisite embroidery that adds a luxurious and elegant feel. Their Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 23 collection should be an essential piece in anyone’s wardrobe – visit them online to order what will indeed become one of your favourites.