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Chandni Chiffon Collection 23 by Asim Jofa

Once again, Asim Jofa has become the talk of the town with its latest Chandni Chiffon Collection 23. The most gorgeous Pakistani actress and model, Sajal Ali, stunned 10 striking Pakistani clothes. Maxi, Anarkali Frock, Pishwas, and Lehenga Kurti styles have been included in this stunning edition by Asim Jofa.

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Chandni Chiffon Collection 23 by Asim Jofa

Table of Contents

AJCC-01 – Long Kameez with Churidar Pajama

AJCC-01 from Asim Jofa’s Chandni Chiffon Collection is a perfect example of timeless elegance. This beautiful Pakistani women dress is sure to make you the center of attention at any formal or festive occasion. The rust-colored kameez features antique gold dori, lurex, and sequins, which create a glinting treasure-like effect. 

The heavy embroidery on contrasting teal and maroon borders adds depth to the design. The wide front neckline is decked with sequined lace, while the back has a deep round neck with a stunning tassel hanging with dori. The sleeves have embroidered patti on cuffs for an added touch of glamour. 

The dupatta is filled with diamond-shaped embroidery and thick chatta patti borders, while the churidar pajama is raw silk. AJCC-01 is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, a statement piece that will turn heads and make you feel like a queen.

AJCC-02 – Pishwas by Chandni Chiffon Collection 23

The Asim Jofa’s AJCC-02 Pishwas from the Chandni Chiffon Collection is a stunning addition to any formal or Pakistani wedding wear collection. The luminescent ivory coloring of the pishwas, perfectly complemented by the sequin detailing and opulent pearl accents, creates an ethereal air that will leave everyone in awe. 

The square neckline, see-through embroidered sleeves, and embroidered patti on the cuffs all add a touch of sophistication to this already breathtaking design. The chiffon fabric used for the pishwas and the dupatta reflects moonlight beautifully, while the heavily embellished floral embroidery and chatta patti borders on the dupatta add a touch of glamour and elegance. 

To complete the ensemble, simple ivory cotton silk trousers perfectly counter the intricate details of the pishwas and dupatta. Whether attending an elegant wedding or formal event, this dress will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

AJCC-03 – Lehenga Kurti

The sleek straight kurti and heavily embroidered lehenga of AJCC-03 from Chandni Chiffon Collection are paired with a stunning dupatta, completing the ensemble. The intricate silver zari and cupped sequin embellishments create a starlit noir sky effect, while the beautifully embroidered neckline adds a traditional touch. 

The see-through embroidered sleeves are adorned with chatta patti on the cuffs, adding a delicate yet elegant detail to the dress. The dupatta features dots-styled embroidery and heavily embellished borders with thick chatta patti on all four sides. The flowy lehenga has wide embroidered borders that pay homage to our cultural heritage. 

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The use of black and silver colors for the kurta, trousers, and dupatta adds a touch of sophistication to the ensemble. Made from high-quality chiffon and cotton silk fabrics, this dress is designed to make you look glamorous and feel comfortable at the same time. Experience the elegance of Pakistani party and Eid wear with the Asim Jofa AJCC-03.

AJCC-04 – Pishwas

The AJCC-04 Pishwas from Asim Jofa‘s Chandni Chiffon Collection is a truly sparkling masterpiece that will leave you looking like the stars themselves. The dress features intricate sequin and zari work, reminiscent of a beautiful galaxy at night. 

The embroidery on the dress is beautiful and elegant, giving off a stunning constellation look that will dazzle onlookers. The AJCC-04 has a round neckline with embroidered patti and see-through embroidered sleeves with embroidered patti on the cuffs of the sleeves. The dupatta features embroidery in small dotted flowers on a chiffon fabric, with heavily embellished borders with a samosa lace and organza patch. 

The trouser is a simple plain cotton silk, which beautifully contrasts with the purple colors of the pishwas and dupatta. Ideal for formal wear, this ensemble is perfect for those who want to stand out and look their best.

AJCC-05 – Saree from Chandni Chiffon Collection 23

The AJCC-05 Indian wedding saree from Asim Jofa’s Chandni Chiffon Collection is a showstopper that will turn heads. The rich Raisin hue of the skirt is beautifully complemented by the heavily embroidered borders on the diaphanous chiffon base, while the expansive use of thread, antique gold zari, and dazzling cupped spangles add an opulent touch. 

The pallu features a beautiful winding pattern that further elevates the style of the saree. The chiffon blouse is adorned with rich embroidery that perfectly complements the saree. The blouse features a round neckline with chatta patti on borders and see-through embroidered half sleeves with chatta patti on sleeves cuffs. 

This saree is perfect for formal occasions and will make any woman feel confident and beautiful.

AJCC-06 – Sharara with Long Frock

The AJCC-06 Sharara with Long Frock from Asim Jofa’s Chandni Chiffon Collection exudes a sense of mystery and passion. The Kalidar frock design in black organza fabric draws inspiration from the past, with beautiful ruby embroidery and golden sequins that sparkle like stardust. 

The round neckline is accented with chatta patti and sequined lace, while the embroidered sleeves and hem add the perfect finishing touches. The see-through sleeves feature chatta patti on the cuffs, adding a touch of elegance to this stunning dress. The richly embroidered sharara in deep red features golden samosa lace on the wide-leg pancha’s borders. 

The black dupatta in chiffon fabric perfectly complements this formal wear ensemble. Perfect for a formal event, this dress will turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

AJCC-07 – Anarkali Frock

Asim Jofa proudly presents the AJCC-07 Anarkali Frock suit from the Chandni Chiffon Collection. Designed for the fashion-conscious woman who loves to blend tradition and modernity, this frock is a stunning ode to the timeless artistry of heavy Chikankari. 

The frock features a beautifully embroidered round-style neck with sequined lace and chatta patti and densely embroidered see-through sleeves with chatta patti on the sleeve cuffs. The serene sage green oasis of the frock is highlighted by gold and silver embroidery, adding glamour to the design. The frock is made of high-quality Organza fabric, while the trousers are made of comfortable and durable Poly cotton. 

This exquisite outfit is the greenish-grey Chiffon dupatta and sharara, giving the ensemble a cohesive and unique visual appeal. The ideal attire for formal wear events, the AJCC-07 Anarkali Frock is a showstopper that emphasizes style and sophistication.

AJCC-08 – Timeless Saree

An Emerald Green & Black symphony; a simmering love story. The AJCC-08 saree from Chandni Chiffon Collection is a masterpiece of creativity and elegance. The stunning emerald bluish-green color of the saree is adorned with beautiful floral embroidery and motifs that tell a story of nature’s beauty. 

The Charmeuse silk fabric adds a touch of luxury and drapes gracefully upon the body. The blouse features intricate black dori work and cupped sequins, strikingly contrasting the saree. The embroidery on the pallu and borders is done to perfection, giving it a timeless appeal. 

This saree is perfect for any special occasion, where you can epitomize grace and elegance. This product is both high-quality and future-proof and will remain a charming and elegant attire for years to come.

AJCC-09 – Floor-length Maxi

The AJCC-09 Maxi from the Asim Jofa “Chandni Chiffon Collection” is a stunning piece of Pakistani fashion that truly captures the essence of a sunset. The Burnt Orange color of the Pakistani maxi is complemented by intricate golden sequins, detailed threadwork, and dual zari weave that tells the twilight story. 

Sajal Aly graces this floor-length maxi, bringing its elegance and beauty to life. The wide round style neck with sequined golden samosa lace adds a touch of glamour and luxury. The densely embroidered, see-through sleeves with chatta patti on the sleeve cuffs give the dress a unique feature that can’t be ignored. The thick, heavy, embellished border of the olive green chiffon dupatta with sequined samosa lace and chatta patti adds to the overall beauty. 

This formal wear is made of chiffon fabric for the maxi and dupatta and cotton silk for the trousers, providing you with comfort and style at the same time. The AJCC-09 Maxi is perfect for anyone who wants to look glamorous, elegant, and stylish.

AJCC-10 – Pishwas

AJCC-10, a part of Asim Jofa’s Chandni Chiffon Collection, is a pishwas with exquisite craftsmanship. Embellished with zari, sequins, and fine threadwork, it is a perfect blend of tradition and comfort. The architectural arch motifs on its embroidered bodice unfurl into Kalis that radiate grace. The wide round style neck with sequined lace and chatta patti is the epitome of elegance, complemented by the celebrated sequined tassels hanging on the back neck with dori. The densely embroidered, see-through sleeves with chatta patti on sleeves cuffs convey a hint of modernity and tradition adapted to perfection.

The simple plain purple trousers blend seamlessly to accentuate the magnificent chiffon pishwas. The dupatta features embroidered dots and a thick, heavy, embellished border with sequined samosa lace and chatta patti. The big hanging tassels on its four corners add a touch of glamour.

Fashion connoisseurs and style icons will be enamored by the design and the intricate weaving of the pishwas. It’s a vision in purple that exudes panache, charm, and poise, suitable for a diverse range of formal occasions. So indulge in the AJCC-10 by Asim Jofa’s Chandni Chiffon Collection to make heads turn and exude timeless elegance.