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As Diwali approaches, Indian young ladies, Asian women, and desi fashionistas everywhere are anticipating the festival of lights with great fervour. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this memorable celebration is donning perfect outfit. The search for the ideal Diwali dress for women can be time-consuming and distressing, but Shadi Dress; the most trusted online Asian boutique, has you covered. Our online store provides a vast selection of fashionable Indian clothes for every taste and budget. Whether you are a traditionalist seeking a Indian saree or a trendy young woman looking for something more fashionable, we have a list of dreamy ensembles to meet your needs. In addition, with our affordable prices and convenient online ordering, you can have your awesome Diwali dresses delivered directly to your doorstep. Don’t pass up the opportunity to appear fantastic this Diwali.

What to Wear to Diwali? Style Advice from Shadi Dress Professionals

When it comes to Diwali outfits, there is no need to tone down the glitz. This festival is the ideal occasion for Indian women, Asian women, desi girls, and fashionable young women to don their finest Diwali clothes. There are countless options, ranging from silk and chiffon, sarees to lehengas and gowns with intricate embroidery and detailing. Men may also participate in the festivities by donning modern kurtas and dhotis. Get your hands on some exquisite ethnic clothing, mix and match, and prepare for the most scintillating event of the year!

Stunning Diwali Outfit Ideas 2023

Now is the time to determine what to wear on this momentous occasion! This year, we’re bringing you some fantastic and fashionable Diwali dress ideas that all Indian women will adore. Not only will these fun Indian Diwali Dresses add extra sparkle and shine to your celebrations, but they are also comfortable enough to wear for extended hours of partying or puja ceremonies.

  • Lehenga Choli
  • Sari
  • Sharara
  • Kurta Pants

Lehenga Choli

Your ethnic wardrobe requires a refresh, and what better way to stand out than with a beautiful Lehenga Choli? Every fashionable young woman is aware that there is something enticing about wearing traditional Indian clothing to festivals like Diwali, which is why it has been fashionable for centuries. The greatest aspect of lehenga choli is that it flatters all body types, making it a popular choice for women of all sizes and shapes. Continue reading to learn how to rock your appearance at the upcoming Diwali Puja by incorporating exquisite Lehenga Cholis into your wardrobe.


Not only is a saree a romantic and traditional option, but it is also timeless and elegantly traditional. Wearing an Indian Saree in North America is the best way to make a fashion statement while celebrating the festival of lighting. There are innumerable reasons why women of all backgrounds should try out this look, ranging from the vibrant hues that accentuate your style to the festive patterns that draw attention everywhere. Not only will wearing a saree impress your family and friends, but there are also numerous advantages to choosing this type of attire. If you are an Indian or Asian woman looking for something stylish and distinctive for Diwali dressing in USA, continue reading to learn why purchasing a beautiful saree could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Sharara / Gharara

Are you prepared to make a grand entrance this Diwali? If so, a graceful sharara dress is the best option! This timeless wardrobe staple has endured as one of India’s most recognisable traditional garments. Not only does it possess stunning hues, but also intricate details. It flatters all body types and can be styled in a multitude of ways, from simple casual versions to regal versions suitable for a queen. The best aspect of donning a sharara for Diwali suit is that its elegant vibes will give your look a boost while remaining comfortable and timeless. So, this season, venture out in a dazzling sharara ensemble!

Short Kurta with Pants

Do you wish to appear your finest for Diwali? Are you seeking something novel and fashionable that is ideal for the holiday season? If so, a short kurti is the best option. Not only are they fashionable, but they also make donning traditional attire simple and enjoyable! There has never been a better opportunity to flaunt your personal style with this iconic South Asian garment, whether you prefer traditional prints or contemporary urban silhouettes. If you’re ready to rock your desi look in comfort and separate out from the crowd this Diwali, short kurtis may be the answer!

6 Must-Wear Colours for Diwali for Fashionable Ladies

Are you prepared to illuminate Diwali this year with your exquisite style? This time, astound everyone with vibrant colours and fashionable silhouettes that flatter your body type. Diwali, the festival of lights, also provides an opportunity to display some vibrant colours that look fabulous in Indian apparel. With so many colour combinations available today, it can be difficult to determine which colours complement you best. We’ve compiled a list of six must-wear colourful Diwali party dress ideas that are guaranteed to turn heads! Combined with conventional jewellery and accessories, appearing glam is no longer a challenge!

  1. Yellow
  2. Purple
  3. Red
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. White


Yellow is a prominent Diwali colour that represents happiness and joy. It is a brilliant hue that can instantaneously liven up your ensemble. You may choose a yellow saree, anarkali, or bright yellow dupatta to complement your ensemble. Choose a yellow kurta and a dupatta in a contrasting hue if you desire a subdued appearance.


Another colour that has gained popularity among Indian women in recent years is purple. It is a colour that complements both traditional and contemporary attire. A purple saree with gold embroidery or a purple lehenga with a light purple bodice in a contrasting colour can make you appear sophisticated and elegant.


Red is a timeless Diwali colour that will never go out of style. It is associated with affection and good fortune and is a popular bridal flower. A crimson saree or lehenga with gold embroidery can provide a royal appearance. You may also choose a crimson kurta with a gold dupatta for a subdued appearance.


Blue is a calming colour that is appropriate for both daytime and evening events. As it complements gold embroidery and jewellery, navy blue is a popular colour for Diwali dresses for ladies. For a modern variation, you can choose a navy blue saree or lehenga with gold accents or a navy blue sharara with a gold kurta.


Green Another popular colour for Diwali, green symbolises nature and vitality. A green saree or lehenga with gold embroidery can make you appear vivacious and elegant. You can also wear a green kurta with a contrasting dupatta or a green sharara with a pastel kurta.

White White is an enduring colour that can make you appear effortlessly refined. You may choose between a white saree with a gold border and a white anarkali with gold embroidery. You may also wear a white kurta with a colourful dupatta or a white sharara with a kurta that contrasts.

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