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Emaan Adeel: Buy Chiffon & Lawn Suits in USA

Only few names in the Pakistani fashion industry know how to embroider delicate fabrics like chiffon and net. Among such big names, Emaan Adeel is the most prominent one. Launching its 10+ festive editions with succession, this Pakistani fashion icon now has a lot of experience in the industry. Girls buy Emaan Adeel dresses, especially for attending weddings. Women look perfect with these ready to wear Pakistani clothes for festive occasions because of the embroidery done on them, including sequins, threadwork, pearls, and beautifully embellished necklines.

Embroidered Valvet MK 06 VERSHA.webp

Embroidered Velvet – MK-06 VERSHA


Embroidered Velvet - MK-04 HAYAL

Embroidered Velvet – MK-04 HAYAL


Embroidered Valvet MK 08 AQS.webp

Embroidered Velvet – MK-08 AQS


Embroidered Organza RM 10 IRIS.webp

Embroidered Organza – RM-10 IRIS


Embroidered Organza RM 09 MISHA.webp

Embroidered Organza – RM-09 MISHA


Embroidered Chiffon RM 08 SARAFEEN.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-08 Sarafeen


Embroidered Chiffon RM 07 BLACK SWAN.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-07 Black Swan


Embroidered Chiffon RM 06 ESTELLE.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-06 Estelle


Embroidered Chiffon RM 05 MIYASA.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-05 Miyasa


Embroidered Organza RM 04 SWEET INDIGO.webp

Embroidered Organza – RM-04 Sweet Indigo


Embroidered Organza RM 03 BLUE LAGOON.webp

Embroidered Organza – RM-03 Blue Lagoon


Embroidered Chiffon RM 02 DALILAH.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-02 DALILAH


Embroidered Chiffon RM 01 CHANTEL.webp

Embroidered Chiffon – RM-01 Chantel


Emaan Adeel embroidered chiffon Farah 1

Embroidered Chiffon – AT-06 FARAH


Embroidered Chiffon – Gul Bano


Embroidered Chiffon – Maisha


Embroidered Chiffon - Zora

Embroidered Chiffon – Zora


Embroidered Chiffon – Hana


Embroidered Chiffon – Fareeda


Embroidered Chiffon – Gulnaz


Table of Contents

Whether a simple shalwar kameez or a luxurious dress like a lehenga kurti, Emaan Adeel knows very well how to make an outfit ravishing. We have all Emaan Adeel dresses available at very reasonable rates at our online store. Shadi Dress.

Let’s see which Emaan Adeel collections we have available in ready-to-wear condition.

  1. Nawabzadi Collection
  2. Elaine Collection
  3. Festive Edit Collection
  4. Luxe Chiffon Edition
  5. Emaan Adeel Wedding Collections
    • Mirha Wedding Edition
    • Mahermah Vol 3
    • Mahermah Vol 2
    • Mahermah Vol 1


Nawabzadi Collection by Emaan Adeel

This latest collection from Emaan Adeel is as versatile as its name. Its costumes are as follows.


Over time, red color still holds its place in clothing. Its importance has remained the same in any era. This dress from the Nawabzadi Collection is a jaw-dropping floor-length maxi suit in red color. In which very fine and attractive embroidery work done on the net fabric reflects craftsmanship and creativity. Organza fabric frill is applied on the border of the sleeves. While the four side borders of the dupatta and also on the hem of the maxi, the embroidered cutwork patch has been added to make the maxi look more attractive.


This dress has a long shirt with wide-leg trousers (Paanchas), on the neck of which embroidery has been done beautifully and skillfully. Emaan Adeel’s color for this dress is undoubtedly a favorite among girls to wear on festive occasions. Apart from the large floral carvings on the dupatta, the border has also been painstakingly cut-worked and elegantly embroidered. While on the borders of the sleeves, we can see the charming tassels hanging.


In this graceful outfit with an organza dupatta and a long shirt, Emaan Adeel has given the shalwar a stunning sharara look, which is sure to look gorgeous. Maroon-colored samosa lace with a big round neck looks attractive with the black suit. In comparison, the sleeves have given a little Western touch to the dress if we talk about the embroidery design. The dress is covered with intricate embroidery except for the trousers, while the samosa lace in three layers on the wide-leg trousers makes the dress more attractive.


This fourth dress from the Nawabzadi collection is a super stunning maxi in a pastel pink color. In which The panels look very beautiful. The cut work on the dupatta is also very nice, while the tassels on the small sides have made it more attractive. The neckline of this graceful ensemble has been given a v-neck shape, and the neckline is embellished with fine handmade embroidery. The overall look is elegant, which is a perfect choice for any Pakistani festive event.


It is an outfit consisting of a long shirt with wide-leg flowy trousers and a meticulously embroidered dupatta. The dupatta, provided in two eye-catching colors with embroidery done on it, is a testimony to the skill of Emaan Adeel’s fashion gurus. Regal blue is chosen for the color of this traditional outfit, which is a color that hardly any girl would dislike. If this color is chosen for wedding and party wear and then Emaan Adeel’s embroidery is done on it, this luxury attire will undoubtedly be out of stock very soon. Buy it as soon as possible.

Elaine Collection

Eman Adeel’s Elaine collection, comprising twelve different designs, is a fascinating example of the craftsmanship and creativity of Pakistani fashion designers.


This is a very attractive frock suit with multiple panels in golden and henna colors. On the bottom area, rich floral embroidery has been done. Emaan Adeel has chosen organza for this classy Pakistani outfit. The neck design is also embroidered, giving it a boot style. Additionally, the sleeves have also been given a creative look. A net embroidered dupatta with this dress is undoubtedly a great choice.


It is an ankle-length long kameez in navy blue color. Along with this dupatta are cut work trousers and heavy embroidery. Emaan Adeel opted for a chiffon dress for EL2. Fascinating embroidery on chiffon is Emaan Adeel’s real specialty. A boot-style neck embroidered patti also looks great.


This is a classic example of a traditional shalwar kameez design available in another color following the previous outfit. The hem of the dark orange shirt is embellished with cut work and has crystal tassels hanging on it. On the other hand, the borders of the dupatta are embellished with different colored floral embroidery. While keeping wide sleeves open, maroon and orange colored tassels are also placed on its border. It is a good choice for any mehndi ceremony.


This is the only Angarkha Kameez in the Elaine Collection. The border of which has been painted red. An embroidered patti and hanging tassels are also chosen on the border of the long sleeves. The silver and maroon color embroidery on this gorgeous outfit looks stunning. The dupatta’s border is also embroidered in the same color, completing the outfit’s look. The brand kept trousers wide-leg, looking charming.


Here is yet another long kameez that touches the ankles. What we see most prominently in this exquisite outfit is its cut work. Very attractive craftsmanship and embroidery have been done on the edges of the sleeves, keeping them wide and flowy. We can see similar creativity on the hem (daman) of the kameez and the four side borders of the dupatta. Choosing the lilac color and chiffon fabric for this enchanting ensemble looks great. Lilac color is one of the trendy and favorite colors of this year.


This extraordinary attire looks very unique in this collection. The base of the dress is black, and the colorful patterned embroidery on it looks very attractive. We can see flying birds and flower wings with blue, orange, and pink embroidery on the shirt. The same creative things can be seen on the sleeves as well. Furthermore, Emaan Adeel has made this classic couture very attractive by decorating the dupatta’s border with similar embroidery. It is a shalwar kameez given a new look by adding large scalloped lace at the hem.


What can be a better choice than a rust orange color to attend the mehndi ceremony of your best friend? The delicate embroidery on the chiffon fabric instantly grabs the viewer’s attention. In which pink, green, silver, and golden colors have been used. The use of the same beautiful embroidered patch on the border of the sleeves, on the four side borders of the dupatta, and the hem of the shirt has made the EL 07 dreamy mehndi wear.


Deep pink color threadwork on the dark pink color salwar kameez has given this dress a regal look. Eman Adeel’s fashion experts have embroidered this shalwar kameez richly with sequins and pearls. The opening of the sleeves has been kept quite wide, and creative cutwork has been done on its borders. And we can see similar embroidery on the shirt’s hem and the trousers’ border.


The first noticeable thing about this super stunning ensemble is its color. Barrel green color and 3D embroidery on it, beautiful sequins work, boat style neck, and organza patches are all seen in this classy 3-piece suit. For the kameez, Emaan Adeel has chosen chiffon on which organza patches have been used skillfully and elegantly.


This is another latest traditional yet modern dresses from Emaan Adeel’s Elaine Collection, consisting of Sharara Kurti designs. A deep pink embroidered dupatta is paired with a peach sharara kurta. On the sleeves, too, one can observe easily charming embroidery on the border to which the brand has added a chatta patti. Sophisticated embroidery has also been arranged on the Sharara. For the perfect contrast of chiffon and organza, this captivating dress is the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony.

Festive Edit Collection

What else is needed if seven different designs and colors can be found in one collection? This becomes a great list of options. Emaan Adeel has done the same in its festive edit collection. Apart from lehenga kurti, maxi dresses, frock suits, and sharara suits, two attractive shalwar kameez designs are available in this festive edition. Let’s critically examine the three best dresses from the festive edit by Emaan Adeel.


You might always keep the offer if you find a lovely lehenga kurti for your loved one’s wedding at a reasonable price. Just look at this silk-color festive lehenga kurti with the border of the dupatta beautifully embellished with Kiran lace. Similarly, glance at its dupatta’s meticulous details, lustrous embellishments, and design. You will go crazy for it. The wide embroidered strip on the neck and hem of the kurta also made it a striking ensemble. The embroidery of small and big flowers on the lehenga makes it a complete luxury dress.


This is a mustard color frock created on organza fabric. The dupatta and the sleeves have been kept as a thread. Similarly, very cute tassels are applied on all four borders of the dupatta, and a wide embroidered patch is also embellished on the dupatta, which adds to the charm of this dress. The Churidar Pajama selection looks best with a dress.


This is the third-best outfit of the festive edit edition, a maxi frock design. It is enhanced with full striking embroideries on the bodice. The creative cutwork on the sleeves looks very cute. The boat neck style also has its charm. While on the borders of the dupatta, silver samosa lace and embroidered stripes are also getting their color.


Luxe Chiffon Edition

Emaan Adeel’s luxe chiffon edition in eight dazzling colors is a great choice for any festive occasion. Which heart touching colors like Summer green, dull purple, lilac, jet black, shocking orange, pastel pink, and Irish coffee are included. High-quality net, organza, and raw silk fabric are chosen for these aesthetically curated ensembles.

The fashion designer Emaan Adeel, has shown the essence of eye-catching embroidery meticulously woven with precision. As we mentioned, with all the lovely colors in this collection, you don’t need to look at any other brand volume for your upcoming festive moments. Let’s look at three of the best dresses from Luxe Chiffon Edition.

LX 01

With a pastel pink long kameez, you get a pair of loose-fitting wide-leg trousers. The fine embroidery with sequins and pearls on the long kameez and dupatta has made the outfit a classic example of Pakistani shalwar kameez. Emaan Adeel embroidered a beautiful patch on the dupatta’s border, while the wide scallop lace around the neck gives this charming dress a new and attractive look.

LX 04

Looking at the picture, you can imagine how enchanting Sharara looks in the summer green shirt. The peach-colored large samosa lace on the boat-style neckline makes it regal and timeless festive. The entire outfit is dominated by silver and peach color embroidery.

The sequins embody quintessential eastern allure in LX 04. The double-layer silver samosa lace on the sharara border looks awesome. The beaded tassels hanging at the long kameez’s hemline also add a dreamy look. The wide organza patch on this skirt attracts the viewer, while the embroidery done on the net dupatta is also sophisticated.

LX 10

What to say about this dress crafted in dull purple color? Embellished with beads, pearls, and sequins, this dress looks like a masterpiece. The quality of embroidery done on the border of its dupatta is very fine with the embroidered floral pattern. The large floral embroidery on the body of the dupatta also mesmerizes the viewer. The floral cut work on the hemline of the dupatta is making LX 10 classy yet extravagant and lineal attire. A combination of chiffon, organza, and raw silk is chosen for this dress which is considered to be a great combination.

Emaan Adeel Wedding Collections

Emaan Adeel has paid special attention to Pakistani marriage ceremonies. This is why this Pakistani brand has introduced successive collections, especially for Eastern weddings. Mirha Wedding Edition, Mahermah Vol 3, Mahermah Vol 2, and Mahermah Vol 1 are worth mentioning. The special thing about these consecutive albums is that looking at the embroidery details on these outfits, you don’t think they will be so cheap because they must be quite expensive. Emaan Adeel has provided us with excellent quality low-cost clothing.

Mirha Wedding Edition  by Emaan Adeel

Such masterpieces of lehenga choli designs adorn this collection, giving the viewer difficulty in choosing and leaving the outfit. The Mirha Wedding Edition ensembles feature whimsical embellishments of tila, sequin, Kiran, dabka, resham threads, and three three-dimensional floral encrusts gloriously worked geometrically. The embroidery done on two dark and four light-colored lehengas in this Emaan Adeel collection may not be easy for any brand to beat.

Mahermah Vol 3

Adorned with an open gown, lehenga choli, maxi, Anarkali, and shalwar kameez, Mahermah Vol 3 is also worth seeing. In which we see the dominance of dark and bright colors. Even if a bride wears this Pakistani red maxi, she will look no less than a princess. The wide frills on the dupatta’s four side borders have been used elegantly. Neck designs, use of beads, cutwork, and heavy embroidery crafted with the most exquisite details make this edition a complete package of Pakistani wedding wear.

Mahermah Vol 2

Mesmerizing shararas, striking open gowns, and modern yet cultural lehengas can also be seen in Emaan Adeel Mahermah Vol 2. Golden and silver color embroidery adds charm to every chic outfit. Somewhere, a wide fluttering frill is seen on the dupatta, and somewhere else, an attractive cutwork is seen on the border of the Sharara. The colors have also been chosen by Emaan Adeel, keeping in mind the actual wedding ceremony. While rich embroidery is found on each dress, spreading its colors.

Mahermah Vol 1

This is Emaan Adeel’s first collection regarding Shadi Bayah, after which Emaan Adeel never looked back. Due to this collection, Emaan Adeel became famous in the USA. This collection unleashed Emaan Adeel’s deep expertise and creativity in embroidered garments. Rather, it will be right if we say that other designers also learned a lot from this collection of Emaan Adeel. 

Final Thoughts

Suppose you are one of those thousands of Pakistani and Indian girls who like Emaan Adeel’s lawn and Pakistani chiffon suits. Then there is no other best platform like Shadi Dress in the USA. We have all the new and old collections of Emaan Adeel not only available in readymade condition, but you can customize any dress according to your size. We are constantly restocking collections of all Pakistani clothing brands in the US. So that every dress gets out of reach from our valued customers, please browse our online Pakistani clothing store now. We are sure you will love the numerous Pakistani and Indian dresses at first sight.

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