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Frock Suit Collection: Experience elegance and Sophistication with Shadi Dress

Women who used to exclusively wear short dresses are now opting for flowing ready to wear frock suit. With the growing popularity of this trend, Pakistani clothing brands have also joined in by including classy frocks in every collection they release. As a result, our online Pakistani store in the USA offers a wide variety of this stunning dress style.

Embroidered Organza AJCC 07 1.webp

Embroidered Organza – AJCC-07


Embroidered Organza - AJCC-06

Embroidered Organza – AJCC-06


Embroidered Organza - AJCC07

Embroidered Organza – AJCC-07


Embroidered Net - Tehzeeb

Embroidered Net – Tehzeeb


Embroidered Lawn - Zel23 D3

Embroidered Lawn – ZEL23 D3


Embroidered Net - Rubi

Embroidered Net – Rubi


Embroidered Net - Gulrukh 02

Embroidered Net – Gulrukh 02


Embroidered Organza - El 01

Embroidered Organza – EL 01


Embroidered Chiffon - Ajvy 02

Embroidered Chiffon – AJVY 02


Embroidered Self Jacquard

Embroidered Self Jacquard – D23-10B


Embroidered Self Jacquard

Embroidered Self Jacquard – D23-7A


Embroidered Self Jacquard

Embroidered Self Jacquard | D23-9A


Embroidered Net - Lx 02

Embroidered Net – LX 02


Embroidered Chiffon - Freesia Pearl

Embroidered Chiffon – Freesia Pearl


Embroidered Organza - D 2303 A

Embroidered Organza – D 2303 A


Embroidered Swiss Lawn Sl11 D02



Embroidered Lawn - Idl 09 Aidah

Embroidered Lawn – IDL 09 Aidah


Adans Libas Embroidered Lawn Blossom-5103

Embroidered Lawn – Blossom 5103


Adans Libas Embroidered Swiss Lawn 5021 Rose Gold

Embroidered Swiss Lawn – 5021 Rose Gold


Embroidered Lawn - Ed2301

Embroidered Lawn – ED2301


Table of Contents

Fashion trends evolve rapidly, and currently, long shirts or leg-length designer frock suits have gained immense popularity. Short dresses seem to have temporarily gone out of style, making way for flared outfit paired with wide-leg pajamas, simple shalwar, churidar pajama, pencil pants, dominating the Pakistani fashion industry. These enchanting ensembles display attractive cut works, embroidered borders, half or full sleeves, and elegant neck designs, embodying quintessential eastern allure. Maxi dresses and lehengas seemingly fade in comparison to the prominence of frock suits. Undoubtedly, long kameezes have taken the spotlight.

The Perfect Indian Long Frocks for any Occasion

Speaking of Indian long frocks, there is a multitude of designs available in the market and online in USA. These days, it is fashionable to give the top and bottom of a frock suit different colors, adding a unique style. Anarkali style long Indian kameezes, gracefully touching the ground, are also captivating. Adorned with thick borders at the bottom and contrasting colored sleeves, these Pakistani clothes are made to charm. Indian styles constantly introduce new exquisite designs regularly.

Latest yet Trendy Pakistani Frock Design

On the other hand, Pakistani frocks are comparatively shorter than Indian dresses, with the low-high style being particularly prominent in recent times. They are often paired with tight pajamas or stylish cut-work shalwars. Additionally, open gown-type long kameezes, featuring a line of buttons up to the stomach and divided into two parts from the front, are currently trending.

Famous Frock Styles Women Love to Wear in USA

Changing the style of the bottom with a frock can make a significant difference in the overall look of an outfit. There are numerous amazing variations of this dress, but we would like to highlight some styles that are particularly important and equally famous among Pakistani and Indian ladies living in USA:

  1. Pair with Shalwar
  2. Pair with Lehenga
  3. Couple with Palazzo
  4. Complimented by Sharara
  5. Angrakha and Anarkali Style

Frock Suit with Salwar

This style offers a perfect blend of tradition and elegance. If you opt for a knee-length top, pairing it with a plain shalwar can result in a beautiful ensemble. This classic style of clothing is often adorned with various embellishments. For shorter length frock salwar suit (that seems shalwar kameez), designs like patiala, pajama, and churidar can be considered.

Lehenga with Long Frock

The combination of a long kameez with a lehenga is, undoubtedly, a classy yet extravagant and lineal attire. Brides, especially, can choose to wear an embroidered long kameez along with a lehenga, which is currently trending in the fashion world. You can find this style (lehenga kurta) in our collection of Pakistani wedding dresses.

Punjabi Frock Suit Design with Plazo

By pairing a frock suit with palazzo pants, you can wear it as both casual and party wear. This style is exceptionally popular in Indian clothing. A simple yet charming outfit can be created with features like a line of hanging tassels on the neckline, a solid color like mustard, and delicate lace on the border. With palazo pants, there are numerous design options available for this classic couture.

Sharara with Frock Suit

Sharara adds a hundred percent more charm to any top it is worn with. Pairing a modern yet cultural suit with a captivating sharara can truly make a statement at any party. These days, embroidered net sharara frocks are particularly in vogue.

The Angrakha Style Frock

This style is a unique combination of an angarkha, anarkali, and a frock. It features an angarkha neckline and an anarkali-style kameez, resulting in an overall frock-like appearance. This style of frock suit is incredibly appealing and stunning.

Printed and Simple Designs

Printed and simple long frocks are currently popular among you ladies. If you prefer simplicity, a plain frock dress with delicate “chunnats” on the skirt can create an elegant look. Solid-colored tops also come in various attractive designs. On the other hand, the world of printed clothes offers an endless variety of prints to choose from. The options are countless, providing women with a wide range of choices in this dress. The versatility of a colorful long shirt allows you to pair it with jeans or black and white shalwars, making it a favorite choice for casual wear.

We hope this helps you explore different styles and choose the perfect one for your next occasion.

Kids Beautiful Frocks

Frock suits have always been a popular choice for little girls too, and the reason is simple. These puffy dresses, especially those made with net fabric, look incredibly charming and give a fluffy appearance.

We have Vast Range of Frocks Available in USA Online

We have a complete variety of Pakistani and Indian clothes available online. Our web store features a dedicated section where you can find the most attractive frocks from around the world, in all varieties and at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for plain, printed, embroidered, Indian, Pakistani, or kids‘ frocks, you can easily find them with just one click. Additionally, we offer free customization of dresses according to your size. Don’t wait any longer and order your charming dress now. No matter where you are in America, we will deliver it right to your door.