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Are you tired of wearing the traditional shalwar kameez and want to wear something different and unique in ethnic wear? Imrozia PK brand is undoubtedly for you. The striking embroidery and designs of these ready-made Pakistani clothes are worth seeing. In the collections launched under Serene Premium, Imrozia Premium, Majestic, and Laroza, one can simultaneously observe adherence to Eastern traditions and glimpses of innovation and modernism. All the editions released by this versatile Pakistani clothing brand and all the dresses can be quickly delivered anywhere in the US from our online Pakistani store in the USA.

Embroidered Organza - Ib15dulce

Embroidered organza – IB15DULCE


Embroidered Organza - I171 Daniela

Embroidered Organza – I171 Daniela


Embroidered Net - I176 Alma

Embroidered Net – I176 Alma


Embroidered Organza - I170 Aracely

Embroidered Organza – I170 Aracely


Embroidered Net - I173 Julietta

Embroidered Net – I173 Julietta


Embroidered Organza - I177 Isabella

Embroidered Organza – I177 Isabella


Embroidered Organza - I175 Martina

Embroidered Organza – I175 Martina


Embroidered Chiffon - I178 Adriana

Embroidered Chiffon – I178 Adriana


Embroidered Net - I169 Esmeralda

Embroidered Net – I169 Esmeralda


Embroidered Organza - L 253 Aster

Embroidered Organza – L 253 Aster


Embroidered Organza - L 259 Guzel

Embroidered Organza – L 259 Guzel


Embroidered Chiffon - L256 Fonce

Embroidered Chiffon – L256 Fonce


Embroidered Organza - L255 Salsa

Embroidered Organza – L255 Salsa


Embroidered Net- S1064 Gold Orchid

Embroidered Net- S1064 Gold Orchid


Embroidered Net- Moon Flower

Embroidered Net- Moon Flower


Embroidered Chiffon - Nymphaea

Embroidered Chiffon – Nymphaea


Embroidered Chiffon - Nemesia 02

Embroidered Chiffon – Nemesia 02


Embroidered Organza - L242 Bloom Doer

Embroidered Organza – L242 Bloom Doer


Embroidered Organza - L246 Florral Ripples

Embroidered Organza – L246 Florral Ripples


Table of Contents

The Imrozia PK brand comprises four significant collections (or parts). Let’s analyze all four signature editions step by step.

  1. Serene Premium
  2. Imrozia Premium
  3. Majestic
  4. Laroza

Serene Premium by Imrozia PK

Serene Premium comprises three sub-collections: Maia, Mehram Bridals, and Fleur.

Maia Collection by Imrozia PK

This luxury collection consists of graceful gharara, captivating sharara, pajamas, lehenga, and shalwar kameez. It is one of the latest volumes of Imrozia PK. Which one can see the best work of floral embroidery, Jaal work, pearls, sequins, motifs, tassels, and stones on the high-quality net and chiffon fabric? Heart-touching colors like summer green, peach, mustard, and pale pink have also graced the Maia Collection, making this edition an ideal wedding collection.

Mehram Bridals

If you are looking for high-quality Pakistani bridal dresses on a low budget, check out the Mehram Bridals Collection; we bet you will only leave the webpage if you buy.

SB-16 Tarab

You will like this fabulous Pakistani or Indian outfit. This maxi suit in skin color has all the features of a classical bridal dress. In which intricate embellishment and meticulous hand embroidery on delicate organza have been done with great sophistication. Beautiful work has also been done on the net dupatta. The heavily embellished dupatta’s borders are adorned with charming laces and embroidered patches.

You see splendid and attractive embroidery on the maxi plates (kaliyaan), whose attractiveness and charm will mesmerize you. Apart from this, in this collection, we get extraordinary attires with beautiful lace work and beautiful colors at very reasonable prices. It is undoubtedly a classic example of a bridal collection.

Fleur Collection

Imrozia PK Brand has also used its quality and creativity to the fullest in the Fleur collection. Large floral cutwork on the borders of dupattas creates a mesmerizing display of artistry and skill. With the combination of chiffon, organza, net, and raw silk, Imrozia has made this collection a complete formal package. In some dresses, we have see-through sleeves and shoulders. At the same time, in some, a charming maxi covering the entire body gives a beautiful feeling to the eyes.

Imrozia Premium by Imrozia PK

The second signature collection of the Imrozia PK brand is available under the name of Imrozia Premium. We find this edition divided into the following sub-collections.

  • Jhalak
  • Le Etincelle
  • La Vie En Rose
  • Festive De Verano
  • De Velour

Jhalak Collection

If you like silver embroidery on gray-colored ensembles, this collection is waiting for you. And if you are always hunting for peach-colored lehenga choli, this Jhalak collection is for you. The use of big and beautiful tassels on the back, frill embellishment on the borders of the dupatta, charming embroidery designs on the neck, and the perfect use of small and large laces can all be seen in the Jhalak collection.

Le Etincelle Collection

Le Etincelle Collection has also been elegantly embellished and introduced by Imrozia PK, maintaining its tradition with embroidered dresses. But there are two or three outfits that are very important to mention. Because their designs and the work done on them look something unique and different to us.

I-171 Daniela

The most notable feature of I-171 Daniela is its low, high style of the top. By highlighting one leg and hiding the other, Imrozia has tried to show some glamour. The embroidered net on the sleeves and the enchanting use of sequins also add a star-like glow to any event. The hand embroidery on the neck and the floor-length maxi will appeal to you.

La Vie En Rose Collection

We find this latest edition full of bold and light color combinations. The La Vie En Rose Collection includes shocking Red, Jet Black, White, Deep Pink, and Greenish Gray. For the fabric, the brand has used all the necessary and attractive options like chiffon, net, organza, raw silk, etc. The threadwork on the modern yet cultural ensembles and the laces with long tassels attract the viewer from afar.

De Velour Collection by Imrozia PK

If your loved one’s wedding is near during the severe cold season. And you also want to look stylish with warm clothes. Then it would help if you browsed the De Velour Collection by Imrozia PK once. The mesmerizing embroidery and embellishments on the velvet dresses will compel you to buy something from this latest collection.

Majestic by Imrozia PK

The Majestic Edition of Imrozia Premium consists of the following sub-collections

  • Baagh
  • De Lambent
  • Exquise
  • Esta Bonita

Baagh Magestic by Imrozia PK

Colors like Mustard, Royal Green, Blush Pink, Candy Red, Black, White, and Deep Blue embody quintessential eastern allure in the Baagh collection, which shows that Imrozia has tried to include all the colors in the Baagh Collection. In this volume, the brand has tried hard to keep the clothes simple yet attractive. So, while respecting the Eastern traditions, they also touch on innovation and modernism.

De Lambent Magestic by Imrozia PK

This stunning Imrozia PK collection is specially created considering colorful events like Mehndi and Mayun. Green, yellow, mustard, and pale blue colors support our idea as these are perfect mehndi dresses. Beautiful embroidery of light and dark colors has been done on them. We can also see that the fashion experts of Imrozia PK have presented an ideal contrast of colors of dupattas and kameez in the De Lambent collection.

Exquise Majestic By Imrozia Premium

This collection of Imrozia Premium is full of shalwar kameez designs. Ten different colored shalwar kameez designs can boost your look in any event. Silver embroidery on dark colors has its unique charm, which we see at its peak in Exquise Majestic.

Esta Bonita Collection

In Esta Bonita, we see dresses divided into two types of designs. One kurti with open sharara-like trousers, while the other is purely desi-style shalwar kameez. Beautiful embroidery is evident on the Pancha of the tight trousers. Blue, brown, orange, and lilac-colored dresses exude grace and sophistication.

LAROZA by Imrozia Premium

Today’s La Rosa Collection is no less charming than the majestic and serene Premium. Floor-kissing maxis, block-printed sharara, and finely crafted salwar kameez designs adorn this collection. La Rosa presents pure festive editions: Vive La Fete and Plush.

Vive La Fete

Apart from long and regular kameez shalwars, the brand has also introduced a stunning frock suit and an aesthetically curated full-length maxi in this volume. Imrozia PK has chosen net and organza fabric for the silver-gray colored frock. The sleeves are also lovely, with an embroidered net on the sleeves. At the same time, lilac color embroidery and sheesha work have added sophistication to the outfit. The cutwork and Jaal work are also prominent in the maxi dress. Organza and net fabric make this summer green maxi perfect for any festive occasion. Moreover, this collection also has creative shalwar kameez designs, which you can browse now.

Plush Collection by Imrozia Premium

In this Plush collection, too, we see the dominance of Pakistani shalwar kameez designs. However, it is necessary to discuss the sharara suit in blue color. Because a different attraction is seen in this dress. Block printing on the sharara and pink thread work on the long shirt make this ordinary sharara kurti unique. 

Another notable outfit is the sea green color maxi. The neckline of this maxi created on net fabric is very attractive. You will fall in love at first glance. The way the organza fabric has been used as a lace is adorable. The embroidery done all over the dress is spectacular. In contrast, the dupatta is also elegantly embellished.

Imrozia PK Clothing brand in USA