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Jazmin PK Clothing: Buy Online in USA

Whether we talk about Pakistani velvet dresses or formal wear, luxury lawn or chiffon dresses. One of the leading fashion brands in Pakistan, Jazmin PK clothing, satisfies us everywhere. We have more than ten of the latest collections of this stylish Pakistani fashion house available in ready-to-wear condition in the USA. You will find almost every kind of design in heart-touching colors from our Pakistani clothing store, Shadi Dress.

Embroidered Lawn - Zeyb

Embroidered Lawn – Zeyb


Embroidered Lawn - Taban

Embroidered Lawn – Taban


Embroidered Lawn - Gulposh

Embroidered Lawn – Gulposh


Embroidered Lawn - Zareen 02

Embroidered Lawn – Zareen 02


Embroidered Lawn - Darya

Embroidered Lawn – Darya


Embroidered Jacquard Lawn - Shehwar

Embroidered Jacquard Lawn – Shehwar


Embroidered Lawn - Heer 02

Embroidered Lawn – Heer 02


Embroidered Net - Geranium 02

Embroidered Net – Geranium 02


Embroidered Net - Raisel

Embroidered Net – Raisel


Embroidered Net - Aspen 02

Embroidered Net – Aspen 02


Embroidered Chiffon - Soft Jade

Embroidered Chiffon – Soft Jade


Embroidered Chiffon - Estella

Embroidered Chiffon – Estella


Embroidered Chiffon - Sophea

Embroidered Chiffon – Sophea


Embroidered Net - Klara 02

Embroidered Net – Klara 02


Embroidered Chiffon - Zoella

Embroidered Chiffon – Zoella


Embroidered Rawsilk - Zaria

Embroidered Rawsilk – Zaria


Embroidered Chiffon - Deep Dahlia

Embroidered Chiffon – Deep Dahlia


Embroidered Pure Velvet - Ruzena A

Embroidered Pure Velvet – Ruzena A


Embroidered Net - Almira

Embroidered Net – Almira


Embroidered Chiffon - Enver

Embroidered Chiffon – Enver


Table of Contents

Jazmin PK Clothing New Collections Available at Shadi Dress in the USA

We have the following collections of Jazmin PK Clothing available.

  • Iris Eid Lawn SS’23
  • Shahkaar Luxury Lawn SS’23
  • Iris Lawn Ss’23
  • Festive Splendour ’23
  • Shahtoosh Luxury Winter FW’22
  • Sabrang Festive Lawn SS’22

Iris Eid Lawn SS’23

At first glance, this latest Pakistani lawn collection looks like a spring of colors. Bold, dark, light, and dull colors adorn this Eid collection. Regarding the fabric, Jazmin PK has used premium quality lawn fabric. In the Iris Collection, we see the charm of creative cutwork at its peak. 

Moreover, exquisite beadwork, high-quality digital printing, and shuttle lace designs make this collection one of the best editions of Jazmin PK Clothing. The designs have included long and short shirts and Angarkha styles, making this volume the perfect option for Eid wear.

Shahkaar Luxury Lawn SS’23

In Urdu, Shahkaar means a masterpiece. And if we call this edition a masterpiece, it will not be wrong at all. The sophisticated frock suit designs introduced by Jazmin PK clothing, wide embroidered trousers, and stylish open gowns have been incorporated in this luxurious collection. After that, this amalgamation of three-piece ensembles has become a complete luxury collection. 

Colorful samosa, shuttle, thread, and large scallop laces also grace the Shahkaar luxury lawn. Choosing Swiss lawn for dupattas is an excellent choice from the brand. Because it is considered to be the finest quality of lawn. Finally, we see super creative hand-work on the borders.

Festive Splendour ’23

You can’t go wrong with Jazmin PK Clothing’s Festive Splendour 23 for all your Pakistani wedding dress shopping because the brand has filled all the festival colors in this new clothing album. And then the lovely use of color combination we see in this collection is seen in minimal editions. 

Apart from many attractive laces trimmed with fabric, an outstanding variety of cutwork and Jaal-work has been done on these breathtaking designer clothes. The embroidered net fabric panels on the frocks and the long and charming frills make this collection a must-have for weddings.

Shahtoosh Luxury Winter FW’22

Available at a reasonable price range, the Shahtoosh luxury winter collection by Jazmin PK Clothing is a good option for any festive event held in winter. It becomes a lovely combination because viscose shawls are draped with Khaddar long shirts in cold weather. 

The quality of the dark-colored embroidery on the dupatta is also very high. Additionally, this unique edition of Pakistani clothes also has Jaal-shuttle-laces on the borders of the sleeves, and the dark-colored scallop laces on the neck also look charming and classy.

Sabrang Festive Lawn SS’22

By the way, all the nine costumes included in the Subrang Festive Lawn are stunning, but we will mention three Indian clothes in particular, which are as follows.

  1. Shabaab
  2. Feroza
  3. Akaash

Shabaab by Jazmin PK Clothing

Hania Aamir looks gorgeous in this jungle green wide-leg trouser with four layers of samosa lace shimmering on the border. While the Sindhi-style embroidery in three to four colors on the long kameez also touches the heart at first glance. Golden color Kiran lace on the dupatta’s border and sleeves is also heart-touching.

Feroza 3 PC Dress from Sabrang Festive

If you see this deep teal blue paneled maxi dress, you’ll want to buy it whether an event is imminent because such masterpiece costumes are rarely seen. Its panels are embellished with flowers and richly carved embroidery. While the neckline design and the laces and tassels on the hem of the maxi looks poetic, opulent, and luxuriant in every way. Apart from this, the digital printing of different colors on the organza dupatta also dazzles the eyes of the beholder.

Akaash 3 PC Pakistani Suit

Akaash dress by Jazmin PK in Pale Blue Lily Color of Sabrang festive edition captivates the viewer. The rest of the charm is hidden in the dark pink embroidery, and Sitara work is done on it. Apart from this, the different colors’ floral print on the dupatta also makes this outfit a perfect dreamy festive ensemble. At the hemline of the long kameez and shalwar, attractive tassels made of thread are hung. Its Chaaks are kept closed while beautiful fabric buttons are also used on the Chaaks. All these embellishments together make this dress an undoubted masterpiece.