Lumiere Luxury Collection

Lumier luxury collection by Farasha

Farasha, the iconic Pakistani fashion brand, is once again in limelight with its latest Lumiere Luxury Collection 2023! This stunning offering includes 12 exquisite Pakistani dresses crafted with unparalleled care from the highest-quality fabrics. Farasha’s  Lumiere luxury collection is a beautiful blend of tradition and contemporary fashion, catering to the diverse needs of modern women.



lumier luxury collection

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As far as embroidery goes, this newly launched edition stands out with its distinctive techniques. The volume presents exquisite embellishment details, including embroidered net front and back bodice, embroidered organza borders, embellished net front, back and side panels as well as embellished patches and tassels that make every single ensemble one-of-a-kind and stunning.

The colours used in these creative Pakistani designer outfits combine traditional and modern hues, including dark pink, black, blue, peach, white and dark red. Fabric quality includes Organza, Net and Chiffon for superior elegance and grace; dress styles range from lehenga choli to shalwar kameez styles suited for different tastes and preferences – perfect for weddings, formal events and festive wear occasions! This collection will surely leave a lasting impression every time!

Lumiere Luxury Collection Products Details


Farasha offers the Alicia Lehenga Kurti from Iits Lumiere Luxury Collection as part of an exquisite piece to set the standard in Pakistani wedding wear. Boasting a stunning rosy brown colour with intricate floral embroidery across the neck, panels and borders of this long-length kurti will surely captivate.

Designed with maximum comfort in mind while adding elegance and sophistication, its luxurious blend of chiffon and raw silk fabrics guarantees complete wearer satisfaction on any special occasion.


Experience the magic of Farasha Lumiere Luxury Collection, and step into a world of sheer elegance and beauty with their gorgeous Shamrock Shalwar Kameez dress. It features intricate floral embroidery accentuated with thick embroidered patches at its hemline border – complete with sequin lace, tassels, sequin lace sleeves, see-through wide-width floral embroidery sleeves and dyed raw silk trousers to complement it – while an embroidered net dupatta in grey/multi-colours adds another level of sophistication.


Farasha’s Lumiere Luxury Collection features an Embroidered Net – Delaine Maxi suit designed to exude elegance and sophistication. Crafted from delicate net fabric, this floor-length dress showcases intricate and mesmerising floral embroidered dots throughout, along with thick floral patches and shuttle lace borders that add an element of glamour.

A round neck style accentuates neck and shoulder areas while see-through sleeves with beautifully embroidered dots create stunning visual effects; in addition, dyed raw silk trousers come in wood brown colour together with an embroidered net dupatta featuring scallop lace borders on all four sides, completing this ensemble!


Crafted from delicate net fabric and embellished with intricate floral embroidered dots and patches, Jasmine by Farasha will surely leave an everlasting impression at any event or special occasion.

Boasting a boat neck style and see-through sleeves, which exude subtle allure with thick embroidered patches and tassels along the border of this dress, adding dense embroidery and tassels along its edge – further embellished by thick embroidery patches along the border of this piece. Finally, its pinkish-brown colour is enhanced by dyed raw silk trousers, which complete its look – making this piece exceptional and stunningly complete its overall design!


Farasha’s Lumiere Luxury Collection has yet another masterpiece; Ciara. Crafted with delicate net fabric and intricate floral embroidered dots and patches, this dress perfectly captures feminine grace. Crafted using complex net fabric stitched together by expert seamstresses for maximum elegance, this stunning

This masterpiece leaves an indelible mark on any occasion – its boat neck style, see-through sleeves and thick embroidered patches and tassels give this piece its unforgettable aesthetic; its boat neck style and see-through sleeves add subtle charm while its boat neck style complementing thick embroidered patches on all sides that frame its beautiful embroidery designs perfectly; while dyed raw silk trousers complete its look for complete perfection! 

Black Sawan

Black Swan is a long-length kameez embellished with finest floral embroidery on its central panel, and sleeves is further elevated by its see-through design and thick embroidered patch on its border and tassels, creating an exquisite appearance. Raw silk trousers add luxury and sophistication, making this Black Sawan perfect for formal events. Finished off with scallop lace on all four sides of an embroidered net dupatta and scallop lace on each corner, this look stands out among its peers. It makes an impressionful impression in any crowd.


Inexperience the beauty and wonder of fashion with Lumiere Luxury Collection’s Rosewood; a stunning frock suit. It will transform you into an icon of elegance. Combining Peach hue and floral embroidery on its kameez and sleeves creates an eye-catching piece.

Furthermore, its short length with see-through sleeves and round neckline enhances its captivating charm. Decorated with an eye-catching thick embroidered patch border, the hemline of this dress pairs beautifully with its matching Embroidered Net Dupatta featuring patch lace borders and raw silk trousers to provide an unparalleled luxury experience. Ideal for formal events, the Embroidered Net Rosewood collection was made to make women look and feel their absolute best!


Sheryl has been included in Farasha’s Lumiere Luxury Collection’s to impress the young stylish Pakistani girls in USA. Perfect for Pakistani weddings and festive events. Crafted from high-quality net fabric, the kameez features beautifully embroidered central panels and floral embroidery.

Its see-through sleeves with floral patch embellishments add elegance to this dress. Tassels and a thick embroidered patch on the hemline add an air of grandeur to this elegant ensemble. Paired with dark pink trousers crafted from high-grade raw silk and an organza dupatta featuring stunning embroidery and patti embroidery details on all sides, Embroidered Net Sheryl makes an impressive fashion statement and makes women stand out.


Farasha’s Lumiere Luxury Collection showcases yet another eye-catching piece with their embroidered chiffon Thistle ensemble. This breathtaking frock was created to make women feel luxurious while upholding an air of elegance. This stunning frock features gorgeous floral-embroidered line panels, two patch types, and an eye-catching patti border that genuinely sets it apart.

Additionally, its square neck front and round neck back design and see-through sleeves with intricate patch details add elegance. A thick embroidered hemline patch and simple coloured patti border is an exquisite finishing touch, while floral-embroidered borders on the dupatta combined with multicoloured chiffon fabric add the perfect contrast.

A dyed raw silk trouser adds subtle sophistication and elegance to this ensemble, providing the finishing touch to this elegant set. Perfect for weddings and other special events, the Embroidered Chiffon Thistle Dress exudes confidence, luxury, and sophistication.


Here is another eye-soothing Pakistani attire from Lumiere Luxury Collection; Redstar. Made from net fabric, its chiffon dupatta boasts thick embroidery in scallop designs on all four sides of its dupatta. This striking outfit is completed with the dyed raw silk trousers.

With high-quality floral embellishments, dotted patterns, and thick patch and gotta patti border detailing, this garment will surely turn heads. This outfit features a round neck style in front and back and sleeves with embroidered patches on their borders. The red hue adds vibrancy and makes this ensemble ideal for extravagant events.

Pearl Dream

Lumiere Luxury Collection’s Pearl Dream is an absolute masterpiece. It should be considered among its stand-out desi outfits. Featuring see-through sleeves adorned with floral embroidery that exudes grace and elegance, its thick embroidered border on the hemline adds extra opulence.

In contrast, its light red organza dupatta adds the final touch to this elegant ensemble crafted of high-quality net, organza and raw silk fabric for superior comfort, durability and style suitable for weddings or festive events where elegance and class are most appreciated.


This Embroidered Net Chantilly Shalwar Kameez is an absolute must for those who appreciate elegance, sophistication, and exquisite femininity. This Pakistani wedding wear embodies elegance with its classic round neck design and embroidered border patch sleeves, as well as its beautiful dupatta made of Embroidered Net fabric with embroidery on all four sides, dyed Raw Silk trouser fabric ensuring unparalleled comfort, and dyed Embroidered Net dupatta embellished with embroidery all around – guaranteed comfort and durability are two hallmarks of class that define Pakistani weddings and festivities where sophistication and style play an essential role.

This ensemble makes an ideal outfit choice when attending traditional Pakistani weddings or festive events where culture and class play an integral part! Perfect for Pakistani weddings and festive occasions where sophistication and style play an important role!


The Lumiere Luxury Collection by Farasha expresses fashion, sophistication, and elegance. This collection stands out with its distinctive designs, exquisite embroidery work, and high-quality fabrics – an embodiment of modern fashion that pays homage to tradition while catering to women who enjoy exploring style. Look no further if you are searching for that unique dress for an upcoming special event or occasion; the Lumier Luxury Collection by Farasha can meet all your fashion needs!