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Look Your Best with Maria B Dresses

Maria B is one of the leading fashion designers of Pakistan whose creations have revolutionized the fashion scene in Pakistan. With her unique designs and pure oriental traditions, Maria B’s clothing has become a household name in Pakistan. The brand’s ensembles are known for their uniqueness and each piece is a manifestation of the designer’s creativity and expertise. If you’re a Pakistani or an Indian woman living in the USA and looking for beautiful, high-quality Pakistani clothing, you need look no further than Shadi Dress. Our online clothing store carries this brand’s complete, ready-to-wear collection, which means you can enjoy the sheer elegance and beauty of these ethnic ensembles no matter in which city you are. Shop with us today and experience the true essence of Pakistani fashion!

Embroidered Printed Linen MPT 2010 B 2.webp

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2010-B


Embroidered Printed Linen MPT 2010 A.webp

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2010-A


Embroidered Printed Linen MPT 2009 A 2.webp

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2009-A


Embroidered Linen MPT 2008 B.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2008-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2008 A.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2008-A


Embroidered Printed Linen MPT 2007 A.webp

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2007-A


Embroidered Twill Linen MPT 2006 A

Embroidered Twill Linen – MPT-2006-A


Embroidered Twill Linen MPT 2005 B.webp

Embroidered Dyed Twill Linen – MPT-2005-B


Embroidered Twill Linen MPT 2005 A

Embroidered Dyed Twill Linen – MPT-2005-A


Embroidered Linen MPT 2004 B 1.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2004-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2003 B.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2003-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2003 A.

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2003-A


Embroidered Linen MPT 2002 B.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2002-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2002 A.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2002-A


Embroidered Linen MPT 2001 B.webp

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2001-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2001 A

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2001-A


Embroidered Printed MPT 2009 B.webp

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2009-B


Embroidered Printed Linen MPT 2007 B

Embroidered Printed Linen – MPT-2007-B


Embroidered Twill Linen MPT 2006 B

Embroidered Twill Linen – MPT-2006-B


Embroidered Linen MPT 2004 A

Embroidered Linen – MPT-2004-A


Table of Contents

Why Choose Maria B

Pakistani fashion industry has become a global sensation, thanks to the hard work and unique designs of our fashion designers. Over the years, these designers have introduced a new dimension to the world of fashion in Pakistan, making it renowned worldwide. Maria B stands at the forefront of the country’s leading fashion designers. She has made an outstanding contribution to the growth of Pakistani fashion and put her clothing brand on the map.

After completing her degree in Fashion Designing, Maria Butt (the owner of the brand) started her journey to revolutionize the fashion industry. She launched her own brand, which quickly gained recognition and secured her place among Pakistan’s most celebrated designers. The remarkable work of Maria B clothing has not gone unnoticed and is appreciated at an international level.

Maria B’s designs are unmatched, and its excellent craftsmanship is evident in every piece the brand creates. It encompasses all aspects of Pakistani fashion, catering to a diverse range of customers from every class of society. Its unique style resonates with both local and international audiences, making the brand a must-have for desi fashion enthusiasts.

This unique Pakistani fashion icon has played a pivotal role in elevating Pakistani fashion to new heights. The brand’s contribution to the industry has earned her widespread recognition and acclaim, both nationally and internationally. Its fashion designers’ genius creativity has set a benchmark for aspiring and established designers alike, inspiring them to strive for excellence in their work. Maria B’s passion for Pakistani fashion industry and dedication to her craft will continue to inspire future of designers for years to come.

Maria B’s collections exemplify creativity. The brand’s hallmark lies in crafting garments with captivating and embellished deep prints. Designing clothes with bold colors poses a challenge for any fashion designer. As a result, women eagerly anticipate Maria B’s collections. Upon release, women queue up to purchase them, which attests to the brand’s success.

Let’s see which of the brand’s collections are currently available on our website and why should you buy them;

  1. M Prints Collection
  2. Luxury Lawn Edition
  3. Mbroidered Collection
  4. Sateen Collection
  5. Maria b Shawls
  6. Maria B Winter Collection
  7. M Lux Fabrics
  8. Bridal Collection
  9. Maria B Saree

M Prints Collection

Spring is a beautiful gift from God that holds undeniable importance. This delightful season brings an array of vibrant colors, bringing joy to everyone in their unique way. Many women eagerly prepare and wear dresses in cheerful colors during this time. They enthusiastically join in the celebration of spring. It is a season that prompts brands to make special preparations and introduce their collections with great excitement and anticipation.

Recently, Maria B has introduced its masterpiece collection called M Prints for the spring season. This collection draws inspiration from flowers, as evident in its exquisite designs. The special feature of M Prints is its light and refreshing color palette, perfect for the pleasing summer and spring visuals. As soon as these lawn dresses from Maria B clothes hit the market, they became an instant hit. Every dress in this collection stands as an example of style and elegance. The volume showcases beautiful designs and captivating embroidery. Each dress in this colorful collection is unique and offers affordable prices on our online store.

Luxury Lawn by Maria B

Maria B online introduces unique collections that stand out from other brands’ offerings, captivating the attention of countless women. Their luxury lawn collection, in particular, boasts similar qualities. What sets this collection apart is the exceptional designs and intricate craftsmanship. Today, lawn dresses have evolved to be so exquisite that women confidently wear them even at weddings. When examining Maria B’s collection, it’s hard to believe that it primarily consists of lawn fabric. The captivating embroidery, intricate lacework, precise cutwork, and exquisite embellishments create an air of formality at first glance.

The luxury lawn collection features a combination of dark and light colors. The solid dark colors – maroon, royal green, mustard, shocking pink, navy blue, and grey – are particularly striking. However, the collection also includes attractive dresses in light colors such as baby pink, light gray, and lemon. Undoubtedly, the brand offers a complete package in this collection with outfits suitable for every function and occasion.

Mbroidered Collection

Maria B’s Mbroidered collection epitomizes charm and elegance. The awe-inspiring embroidery, exquisite detailing, and rich colors make this collection a must-have for any lady who is going to attend any wedding ceremony. The range is perfect for those who want an eastern sense of allure on their special day. With a plethora of styles and designs, this collection is perfect for any luxury event.

The Mbroidered edition is truly a masterpiece. The intricate and detailed embroidery work is breathtakingly beautiful. The fabric used is high-quality, which ensures durability and longevity. The range includes not only traditional lehengas but also maxi-style open gowns, sarees and Sharara suits. The embroidery work is skillfully done, with each thread and stitch placed perfectly, giving the outfit a complete royal look.

The addition of laces, tassels, and pearls make the garments come alive, adding charm and appeal to the dresses. The sequins, embroidery, and embellishments are all done in a way that is both light and heavy, giving the garments a balance and making them look exquisite. All of these elements make Maria B’s embroidered collection as alluring as any formal collection. With the Maria B embroidered collection, you can look and feel like a true queen on your special day.

Maria B Sateen Collection

Let’s discuss the Maria B’s Sateen Collection. This popular contemporary collection showcases embroidered cotton-satin fabric along with organza patches, adding to its beauty. The brand has used bold, dark colors like blue, maroon, green, and black in this volume. Additionally, attractive designs are a prominent feature of the Sateen Collection. Currently, some products from this collection are out of stock, but you can arrange any outfit by speaking to our representative.

Maria b Shawls

As winter sets in, women turn their attention to shawls with embellished designs and a variety of colors. The demand for shawls from renowned brands continues to rise, prompting Maria B to introduce a new shawls collection of the same. This latest edition has been met with great trust and popularity from a vast number of women who are enthusiastic about eastern fashion. The vibrant color options within this collection provide ample choice to customers who can purchase them at very reasonable prices from our online store. Maria B’s shawls are increasingly becoming a must-have accessory and a crucial investment in warding off the winter chills without sacrificing style.

Maria B Winter Collection

Winter is a season that is loved and enjoyed by many. As the cold breeze sweeps across the sky, it brings with it a unique charm that enchants the hearts of people. The mornings in winter are simply magical, when the sky is covered in white clouds and the air is icy cold. It is during these times that people often resort to holding warm mugs of coffee to keep themselves warm. Clothing also plays a significant role in making the winter season more enjoyable. The clothes during this season have a distinct appearance that sets them apart from other seasons.

Maria B, a renowned fashion designer, launches its velvet collection every winter season. This comprehensive collection not only keeps women looking stylish but also ensures they remain warm and comfortable during the colder months. Maria B’s velvet collection is renowned in the market for its unparalleled beauty and durability. The collection features artistically designed velvet fabric adorned with intricate embroidery that adds to the beauty of the clothes. The collection comes in a plethora of dark and vibrant colors that complement the winter season perfectly.

M Lux Fabrics

In the M Lux Fabric edition, the intricate chikankari and intricate embroidery work on light colors have been expertly crafted to create a visually stunning and eye-catching ensembles. This Maria b collection features a wide range of designs, including long frocks, shalwar kameez, angarkhas, lehenga choli and maxi dresses, all of which are at the pinnacle of their design.

The use of lace and cutwork has been skillfully incorporated into the designs, adding an extra dimension to the already beautiful work. Maria B’s fashion experts have truly outdone themselves with this collection, showcasing their exceptional skills in dress design and tailoring, catering to the discerning tastes of the modern woman. The collection is sure to turn heads and make a statement at any event or occasion.

Maria B Bridal Collection

Maria B is known for introducing seasonal collections, but it is its expertise in creating collections for joyous occasions that sets the brand apart. Recently, the brand launched a versatile bridal collection that left a lasting impression on the runway. The collection showcases unique work styles on a range of materials including chiffon, organza, georgette, and more. A standout feature in the collection is net shirts with attractive work done on them, presented in a beautiful way.

The traditional work on long shirts with shararas is also executed with intricate detail and sophistication. Maria B understands that traditional fashion and intricate work cannot be overlooked when it comes to wedding clothes. The collection’s design concepts are tailor-made to elevate the bride’s unique style and essence, making her wedding day an unforgettable affair that will be forever cherished.

Maria B Saree

While sarees are traditionally associated with Indian clothing, Maria B USA has added its own twist to the garment by featuring it in its collections. The brand’s sarees have gained immense popularity and have been worn by countless models and actresses, particularly the stunning black saree design. Maria B saree dresses are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and feature intricate embroidery and embellishments that elevate the garment’s beauty. The brand’s saree collection caters to women of all ages and sizes, ensuring that everyone can find a saree that suits their personal style. With its dedication to quality and style, this classic brand has cemented its status as a leading fashion brand in Pakistan and beyond. 

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