Embroidered Chiffon – 613 Liana


Brand: Afrozeh
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: La Fuchsia ’24

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Welcome to a world where style meets sophistication in the form of the mesmerizing 613 Liana by Afrozeh. This teal blue wonder, hailing from the much-celebrated La Fuchsia ’24 Collection, is a sartorial treasure for Pakistani and Indian ladies across the USA. Get ready to immerse yourself in the enigmatic elegance of this chiffon masterpiece and elevate your fashion game to stellar heights.

Chiffon Embroidered Front: Your Statement of Style

The front of the 613 Liana outfit is a canvas showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence. Every stitch on the chiffon front whispers tales of grace, while the contrasting thread embroidery interlaced with sequins breathes life into the fabric. Imagine the glimmer of light catching every sequin as you make an entrance, turning heads and stealing hearts.

An Artistic Backdrop: Chiffon Embroidered Back

Afrozeh believes that beauty shouldn’t be one-sided. Hence, the chiffon embroidered back of the 613 Liana ensures your exit is as statement-making as your entrance. The intricate detailing and the allure of the craftsmanship make the back just as impactful as the front, leaving an impression that lasts.

Organza Embroidered Front+Back Border

Borders aren’t merely an end; they’re a highlight that frames the artistry of the attire. The double-layered organza borders boasting splendid embroidery serve as the perfect finishing touch that ties the look together. Both Border A and Border B bring a dimension of depth and grandeur to 613 Liana, making it a cut above the rest.

A Symphony of Stitches: Chiffon Embroidered Sleeves

Subtle yet dramatic, the chiffon embroidered sleeves of 613 Liana tell a story with every movement. Adorned with an exclusive Organza Embroidered Sleeves Border, these sleeves are nothing short of spectacular, marrying tradition with a modern aesthetic.

Organza Embroidered Dupatta: Cascading Chiffon Charm

No ensemble by Afrozeh is complete without a dupatta that commands attention. The organza embroidered dupatta, light as air yet heavy with elegance, billows with every step, adding a layer of mysterious allure to the 613 Liana.

Crowned with Grandeur: Organza Embroidered Dupatta Pallu Border

To frame the delicate beauty of the dupatta, the pallu border works its magic. It’s not merely an edge; it’s a crowning glory that showcases the timeless beauty of traditional South Asian aesthetics fused with modern-day charm.

Comfort Meets Class: Raw Silk Dyed Trouser

Beneath the artful display sits the base of comfort—the raw silk dyed trouser. Balancing luxury with practicality, these trousers promise ease of movement and an impeccable fit, ensuring that style never comes at the cost of comfort.

Designer’s Palette: Teal, The Colour of Depth

Teal, the color of the deep sea and the endless sky, sets a backdrop for 613 Liana, offering a rare blend of tranquility and majesty. This unique hue isn’t just a color choice—it’s a fashion statement that places you at the pinnacle of elegance.

The Afrozeh Promise: Quality, Craftsmanship, and Innovation

With the launch of La Fuchsia ’24 Collection, Afrozeh continues to deliver on its promise of providing high-quality, exquisitely crafted outfits. Every piece resonates with the heart of Pakistani heritage while staying attuned to the dynamic landscape of global fashion.

Why Choose 613 Liana by Afrozeh?

Choosing 613 Liana isn’t just about selecting a dress; it’s about investing in a piece that captures the essence of your personal style narrative. Here are just a few reasons why this outfit deserves a special place in your wardrobe:

Intricate Embroidery: Celebrate artisanship with every thread woven into the fabric.

Sequin Sparkle: Add a subtle shimmer to your everyday style or light up the evening.

Alluring Aesthetics: Make a powerful fashion statement with contrasting details that stand out.

Fluid Fabric: Embrace the flowy chiffon that flatters every silhouette.

Captivating Color: Be the embodiment of calm confidence in serene teal.

Refined Comfort: Enjoy the best of both worlds with stylish flair and ultimate comfort.

Your Fashion, Your Statement

Let’s talk about impact. When you don the 613 Liana, you’re not just wearing an outfit; you’re making a declaration of your cultural pride mixed with a progressive fashion sense. It’s a blend of who you are and what you represent—elegant, sophisticated, and unapologetically vibrant.

The 613 Liana Experience

Picture this: gliding through a room, the luxurious chiffon caressing your skin, the embroidery reflecting your rich heritage, and the sequins capturing every speck of light. Imagine the conversations that pause, the gazes that follow, the admiration that’s silent yet palpable. That’s the 613 Liana experience.


Ready to take the plunge into a pool of teal? With 613 Liana by Afrozeh, you secure more than just a garment—you embrace an experience curated for the contemporary woman who respects her roots while walking confidently into the future. Step into the spotlight and let 613 Liana narrate your style story—a tale of finesse, glamour, and timeless elegance. Your wardrobe is waiting for this teal jewel, and the time is now to claim it.

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