Embroidered Chiffon – Admiral 02


Brand: Zarif
Embroidered Chiffon
Afreen Collection 2023

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Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023 introduces a stunning addition to their Pakistani wedding and festive wear range – the Admiral 02 Sharara dress set. This exquisite ensemble is crafted with intricate detail. It focuses on luxurious comfort, ensuring the wearer looks and feels their best.

Kurti Design of Admiral 02

The Admiral 02 Sharara suit starts with a beautiful kurti carefully designed to create an elegant and stylish look. Pickled blue wood is used throughout the kurti to create a stunning, unique, sophisticated effect.

The kurti features intricate embroidery work on both the front and the back, with a beautiful round lace border adding an extra touch of femininity and style. The embroidery is expertly crafted to ensure it is perfectly aligned and symmetrical, adding to the overall elegance of the piece.

The neckline of the kurta is a boat neck style, which is both classic and contemporary at the same time. The boat neck is further accentuated by a string of beautiful pearls along the neckline for a touch of luxury and elegance.

The Kurti also features see-through sleeves with a standard width that flow gracefully down to the wrist. The sleeves are ornamented with gorgeous scallop fringe lace on the cuffs, adding to the intricate design of the ensemble.

Dupatta Design

The dupatta accompanying the kurti in the Admiral 02 Sharara Set is no less impressive. Made of chiffon, it is both soft and light-weight, making it comfortable to wear in any weather. The dupatta also features a pickled blue wood colour to match the kurti, ensuring a cohesive look.

The embroidery design on the dupatta is simply breathtaking. It features intricate patterns and designs that are symmetrical and well-arranged. This beautiful embroidery is further highlighted by the subtle shimmer of the chiffon fabric, adding to the overall extravagance and elegance of the set.

To complete the look of the dupatta, it is bordered with two pallus that feature stunning tassels. These tassels create an eye-catching look and add movement and fluidity to the ensemble.

Sharara Design

The Admiral 02 Sharara Set is completed with a beautiful embroidered sharara. The pickled blue wood colour of the ensemble is continued on the sharara, ensuring a harmonious and balanced look.

The embroidery work on the sharara is exquisitely detailed, creating a sense of refined sophistication. The sharara is crafted with expertise, ensuring enough flexibility in the material to allow for ease of movement while maintaining its beautiful silhouette.

Overall Look and Comfort

Combining all the individual elements of the Admiral 02 Sharara Set, it is clear that the set has been designed with care and attention to detail. The intricate embroidery designs, elegant lace borders, and subtle pearls make this set stand out from ordinary Pakistani clothes.

In addition to its stunning beauty, the Admiral 02 Sharara Set is also graceful and comfortable. Zarif‘s chiffon fabrics are soft, breathable, and light, meaning you will feel relaxed and at ease during long periods of wear.

The design of the ensemble is ideal for a Pakistani wedding or any festive occasion. Its unique and sophisticated look is sure to turn heads and make you feel confident and beautiful. Plus, you’ll be able to move and dance comfortably, thanks to the sharara’s flexible design.

In conclusion, the Admiral 02 Sharara Set from Zarif’s Afreen Collection 2023 is an exquisite piece of Pakistani wedding and festive wear. It has been expertly designed with luxurious comfort and stunning elegance in mind, resulting in a breathtaking and comfortable ensemble. The embroidery work, pearl detailing, and lace borders contribute to its refined and sophisticated look, making it the ideal choice for any special occasion.