Embroidered Chiffon – AJDA-10


Brand: Asim Jofa
Paper cotton
Collection: Dastaan Collection 2023

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AJDA-10 from the Dastaan Collection 2023 by Asim Jofa is a mesmerizing fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. Step into the world of enchantment and embrace the allure of Noir with this stunning grey ensemble, tastefully paired with a black dupatta.

Prepare to be captivated by the grand neckline and daaman, meticulously adorned with antique gold zari and sequins. Each thread is intricately woven, embodying the essence of sophistication. The embroidered front and back and borders for the sleeves and chaak tell a tale of unparalleled artistry and finesse.

But the symphony does not end there. The dupatta, embellished with four-side borders, adds the perfect finishing touch to this masterpiece of style and grace. You’ll feel like a queen with every sway, draped in elegance and emanating sheer confidence.

AJDA-10 is a celebration of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The embroidered neckline for the front on organza is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence. The embroidered chan for the front, back, and sleeves, crafted with precision on paper cotton, ensures that every stitch is a work of art.

The embroidered border for the front and back daman on the organza adds a touch of luxury, while the embroidered border for the sleeves on the organza exudes charm and sophistication. The meticulously crafted embroidered border for chaak on organza adds a dash of allure, making heads turn wherever you go.

And let’s remember the stunning dupatta, a hallmark of this collection. Embroidered with two side borders on the net, it is a true reflection of the brand’s commitment to creating timeless yet contemporary pieces. The embroidered border for the pallu on the organza adds an extra touch of luxury and completes the ensemble perfectly.

The trouser is made from dyed wide-width cotton silk to complement this extraordinary outfit, ensuring optimal comfort without compromising on style. The AJDA-10 is designed to be worn with pride, symbolizing your impeccable taste and discerning fashion sensibilities.

But this ensemble is not just about the fabric and design. It’s about the emotions it evokes, the way it makes you feel. With every stitch and embellishment, Asim Jofa crafted a piece embodying liveliness, trendiness, and enthusiasm.

Styled for the modern Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA, the AJDA-10 is more than just a dress. It’s an expression of your vibrant spirit and your desire to stand out from the crowd. It’s a celebration of your individuality and your love for fashion.

So, embrace the enchantment of Noir with the AJDA-10 from Asim Jofa’s Dastaan Collection 2023. Step into elegance and sophistication, and let your style narrate a tale of grace and allure. Experience this symphony of style today and become the epitome of timeless fashion.