Embroidered Self Twill – AJKT-02


Brand: Asim Jofa
Self Twill
Collection: kashmiri Tanka embroidered shawl

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Asim Jofa is delighted to introduce the AJKT-02 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez. This exquisite attire is a stunning example of a Pakistani wedding and festive wear that is certain to draw stares. The outstanding combination of red-rust hues in both the kameez and trousers complement the brilliant orange dupatta for an eye-catching effect that exudes both elegance and grace.

Details of the Kameez:

Asim Jofa has created this exquisite dress from premium self-till fabric for maximum comfort, with intricate embroidery completed using luxurious zari thread embroidery that provides an extravagant finish to this timeless garment. It features subtle diagonal patterns which add depth and texture, with front and back sections both featuring intricately designed embroidery work from Asim Jofa’s attention to detail adorning both panels of fabric; additionally, its split front features an exquisitely embroidered border, which adds classic sophistication.

Details of Embellishments:

The AJKT-02 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez features shuttle lace and cutwork designs, along with mirror work embellishments that give this dress its signature style and will leave you feeling confident and beautiful! These exquisite embellishments set it apart from other Pakistani attire, adding an exclusive and stylish flair that will leave a first impression when entering any room or meeting new people.

Details of the Dupatta:

This elegant and sophisticated dupatta is crafted of high-quality self-till fabric to complement its counterpart, creating a perfect harmony of colour and texture. Boasting intricate floral embroidery designs throughout its entirety, complemented by mirror work on its four-sided border, it gives this dress an effortlessly beautiful appearance.

Details of the Trousers:

These trousers are crafted from high-quality self-till fabric and feature a normal width with shuttle lace on their borders, adding an element of sophistication while remaining practical and comfortable.


The AJKT-02 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez dress is ideal for any special event, from Pakistani weddings to festive gatherings, making an eye-catching statement piece that will turn heads at any celebration! The eye-catching and luxurious design makes this ensemble perfect for special events!


Asim Jofa’s AJKT-02 Kashmiri Taanka Embroidered Shawl Shalwar Kameez is sure to make an impressionful statement at any special event or special occasion with its intricate embroidery work, luxurious fabrics, and stylish embellishments – surefire ways of standing out from the competition and feeling luxurious. Wear this amazing dress on your next special occasion for maximum impact and make a bold statement of luxury at any special gathering or social function!