Embroidered Chiffon – AJMQ-11


Brand: Asim Jofa
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Lucknowi Chikankaari 2023

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Introducing the AJMQ-11 by Asim Jofa – a stunning embodiment of elegance, style, and pure allure! Picture yourself in this exquisite pair of embroidered chiffon ensembles, designed to make you feel like a true fashionista.

Let’s start with the front body, adorned with intricate embroidery that adds an extra touch of sophistication. The back body mirrors the front, ensuring you look flawless from every angle. The embroidered kali on chiffon cascades down the front and back enhance your silhouette and make you feel like a true queen.

But we didn’t stop there – we added a beautifully embroidered border on the chiffon ghera, elevating the entire ensemble to new heights. And let’s remember the sleeves, which are also embroidered on chiffon and feature their charming border.

Complete your stunning look with the embroidered chiffon dupatta, adding an ethereal touch to make you stand out. The dyed cotton silk trouser is the perfect finishing touch, providing comfort without compromising style.

Asim Jofa, known for its exquisite craftsmanship, has outdone itself with the AJMQ-11. This ensemble embodies the brand’s lively and trendy style, perfect for Pakistani ladies living in the USA who want to make a statement wherever they go.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or a formal event or simply want to turn heads as you walk down the street, the AJMQ-11 is the ultimate choice. Step into the world of Asim Jofa, where elegance, trendiness, and enthusiasm meet to create truly unforgettable fashion.