Embroidered Valvet – AJMR-09


Brand: Asim Jofa
Collection: Valvet  Collection 2023

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Asim Jofa presents their luxurious and intricately designed velvet Shalwar Kameez, the AJMR-09. Made for Pakistani and Indian women living in America, this bold Shalwar Kameez makes a striking statement at any wedding event or formal gathering.

This Kameez boasts an exquisite blue color with intricately detailed side panels featuring antique Zari threads adorning sequins for added beauty and splendor. Additionally, 52″ embroidery borders add another level of beauty, while its plain velvet sleeves ensure comfort and elegance.

The highlight of this ensemble is an exquisite organza dupatta featuring intricate hand-embroidered back bunches and beautiful corners, creating an eye-catching statement piece in its own right. Blue hues beautifully bring out your sophistication while matching Kameez and dupatta complement each other.

What stands out in Asim Jofa’s AJMR-09 collection is its dyed raw silk trousers – adding a contemporary edge and standing out against traditional and modern ensembles. The striking blue color complements Kameez and dupatta perfectly while simultaneously underscoring Asim’s ability to balance tradition and modernity.

With Asim Jofa’s Velvet 23 Collection’s luxurious velvet ensemble AJMR-09, you will make an impactful and lasting first impression. Not just an outfit but an experience reflective of your unique sense of style, elegance, and vibrant spirit!

Take advantage of owning Asim Jofa‘s classic velvet creation: order an AJMR-09 today to take pride of place at your wedding festivities with grandeur and panache.

Why choose AJMR-09:

Make an impressionful statement at any special event with Asim Jofa’s stunning AJMR-09 ensemble, designed from luxurious velvet fabric. Expert craftsmanship showcases exquisite embroidery detailing the center panel, side panels, and back.

Front and back features feature 52-inch long embroidered borders adorned with delicate stitchwork along their edges, adding an air of sophistication. Plain velvet sleeves add further refinement. Furthermore, its remarkable dupatta boasts beautiful embroidery around the organza with extra flourishes at each corner for another embellishment.

This ensemble features dyed raw silk trousers to complete its timeless elegance, making this outfit suitable for Pakistani weddings or special events like graduation ceremonies and proms.

Leave an indelible mark on family and friends with this remarkable ensemble that won’t fail to turn heads wherever it goes – now available in America as the AJMR-09! Don’t hesitate – purchase it right away to add this beautiful ensemble into your life today.