Embroidered Valvet – AJV-02


Brand: Asim Jofa
Collection:  Valvet Collection 23

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Asim Jofa introduces their luxurious and chic AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez ensemble explicitly designed to elevate and stand out at wedding events for Pakistani and Indian ladies in America. Make a statement at any special celebration with an outfit that perfectly fuses traditional fashion and contemporary sophistication!

Crafted of luxurious velvet fabric, the AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez pays homage to Mughal grandeur through its midnight blue kameez with an intricately embroidered big border and organza draping featuring a colored frame for maximum charm and elegance.

Velvet sleeves adorned with delicately embroidered silk embroidery add an aura of royalty that complements the deep blue hue of the kameez beautifully. Completing the ensemble, an organza dupatta decorated with intricate back and corner bunches completes this sophisticated ensemble with style.

Add an exquisite and complementary look when pairing the kameez with dyed cotton silk trousers in matching blue to create an effortlessly stunning ensemble. Made of luxurious velvet fabric, its flattering fit provides optimal comfort while leaving an everlasting impression.

As part of the Asim Jofa Collection, Valvet 23’s AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez showcases exquisite design and top craftsmanship – ideal for Pakistani wedding attire and instantly elevating you as an expert in fine fashion! Wear this beautiful piece and become instantly known as an admirer of refined style!

Experience a luxurious blend of culture and fashion with Asim Jofa’s AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez to bring out your inner beauty at any special event – order now to make an impactful statement at wedding events! Don’t let any opportunity pass you by; order your Asim Jofa AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez right now, and let your inner beauty radiate!

Asim Jofa offers this luxurious ensemble explicitly designed to make an impression at any special event, whether at weddings or otherwise! Make an impactful statement at wedding ceremonies or any other important function with its striking combination of traditional fashion with contemporary sophistication.

Crafted of luxurious velvet fabric, the AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez pays homage to Mughal grandeur with its midnight blue color and intricately embroidered border – ideal for dazzle on any special event! Additionally, organza draping with decorative borders adds charm and elegance to this haute couture.

Velvet sleeves with intricately embroidered detailing give this garment an air of royalty, perfectly complimenting its rich blue hue. Complete the ensemble with its beautifully embellished organza dupatta featuring elegant back and corner bunches to finish its elegance and finesse.

Combine an eye-catching blue kameez with cotton silk trousers dyed in premium velvet fabric for an unforgettable ensemble. Excellent velvet provides unrivaled fit and lasting comfort and creates lasting memories for its wearer.

As part of Asim Jofa Collection Valvet 23, this exquisite Shalwar Kameez from Asim Jofa Collection Valvet 23 will instantly distinguish you as an expert in fine fashion – making it perfect as Pakistani bridal wear! Perfectly suitable.

Experience a stunning blend of culture and couture with Asim Jofa’s AJV-02 Shalwar Kameez from any wedding event; order one now to make an impactful statement!

Why choose AJV-02

Get ready to steal the show at Pakistani weddings with the sensational AJV-02 dress by Asim Jofa! This luxurious blue Shalwar Kameez exudes elegance and will make you feel like royalty on your special day. The angarkha style Kameez is crafted from plush velvet, adorned with intricate embroidery along the border and on the sleeves, reminiscent of the regal Mughal era.

The ensemble is completed with a beautifully embroidered organza dupatta and a pair of dyed cotton silk pants. Even if you’re in the United States, you can still embrace your Pakistani roots and look your absolute best at traditional weddings. AJV-02 is the perfect outfit to celebrate in style!