Embroidered Chiffon – AJVY 04


Brand: Asim Jofa
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Vasl e Yaar 23

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Introducing AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi from the esteemed brand Asim Jofa’s Vasl e Yaar 23 collection, a stunning piece of Pakistani formal and festive wear. This maxi is a marvel of embroidery, stunning details and attractive hues that will surely mesmerize anyone who sees it.

Angrakha Maxi AJVY 04: A Timeless and Elegant Style

The Angrakha Maxi dress is one of Pakistani wedding wear’s most sought-after and popular styles. The style has been popular for decades and is known for its timeless elegance, sophistication and comfort. This maxi perfectly represents that style with its beautiful embroidery and exquisite details.

Maxi Length: Touching the Floor

One of the primary features of the AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi is its floor-touching length. It is long, flowing and has a mesmerizing flow as you walk. This maxi is perfect for those who appreciate traditional Pakistani style and love to make a statement with their fashion.

Full Embroidered Front and Back and Beautiful Embroidered Patches on the Border

The front and back of this maxi are fully embroidered with intricate designs that are sure to catch your eye. The embroidery uses high-quality thread with great care and attention to detail. Additionally, the border is decorated with beautiful embroidered patches, adding to the overall magnificence of the piece.

Y Neck Style with Beautiful Chatta Patti

The neck style of this Angrakha Maxi from Asim Jofa‘s Vasl e Yaar 23 collection is a Y neck style. This style is known for giving the wearer a graceful and gentle look. The neck is adorned with chatta patti, a traditional Pakistani embellishment that adds elegance.

Sleeves Style: See-through with Normal Width and Beautiful Golden Color Embroidery

The AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi features see-through sleeves that provide an airy feel to the piece. The sleeves have a normal width and are beautifully embroidered with golden-coloured thread, creating a stunning look that complements the rest of the embroidery.

Hemline Style: Wide Flowy Maxi from Bottom and Beautiful Sequined Lace and Chatta Patti on Borders

The hemline of this maxi is wide and flowy, giving it a romantic and dreamy look. The bottom of the maxi is decorated with sequined lace and chatta patti, adding to its uniqueness and overall traditional charm.

Dupatta Design

Floral Embroidered Patterns Throughout with Thick Embroidered Patch on Borders and Chatta Patti Lace on all Four Sides

The dupatta of the AJVY 04 is designed with small, beautiful floral embroidered patterns throughout its length. The borders are decorated with a thick embroidered patch, giving it a regal look. Finally, chatta patti lace is added to all four sides, further enhancing the lovely embroidery on the dupatta.

Simple Trouser

This maxi comes with a simple trouser that complements it beautifully. The trousers are made from high-quality poly-cotton material, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Magenta for Maxi, Trouser, and Dupatta

The AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi from Asim Jofa’s Vasl e Yaar 23 collection has a stunning magenta colour scheme. The maxi, trousers and dupatta are all magenta, creating an unmatched look that will turn heads.

Chiffon and Poly-Cotton Fabric

The maxi and the dupatta are made from high-quality chiffon fabric, which gives it a luxurious and comfortable feel. The trouser is made from poly-cotton, a soft and durable material that perfectly fits the piece’s overall design.

Perfect For All Occasions

The AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi from Asim Jofa’s Vasl e Yaar 23 collection is perfect for Pakistani wedding wear and formal events. It is designed to make a bold and beautiful statement, turn eyes, and express traditional Pakistani fashion in its best light.

In Conclusion

The AJVY 04 Angrakha Maxi from Asim Jofa’s Vasl e Yaar 23 collection is a stunning piece of Pakistani formal and festive wear, perfect for those who appreciate traditional Pakistani style. It is exquisitely designed and crafted, with unmatched attention to detail and a focus on quality materials. A piece like the AJVY 04 is rare and a must-have for those who want to make a statement at their next event.