Embroidered Net – Alaya by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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Stepping onto the fashion scene with poise and prestige, Alaya by Tabeer, a masterpiece by the visionary brand Farasha, epitomizes understated elegance tailored for Pakistani and Indian ladies residing in the USA. This designer ensemble invites you to indulge in the art of subtle sophistication—where every thread weaves a story, every pattern paints a picture, and every color breathes life into your wardrobe.

Craftsmanship that Charms

In the world of wedding formals, where extravagance often takes center stage, Alaya by Tabeer stands out with its muted olive palette. This color whispers allure without the need for a shout. It’s a garment that doesn’t just dress you; it adorns you with a narrative of heritage stitched with contemporary threads.

Embroidery: A Tapestry of Tradition

The net fabric of Alaya by Tabeer serves as a canvas for the intricate embroidery that adorns its surface. From the refined net front to the graceful sleeves and borders, each element is embroidered precisely, ensuring that your presence is felt, not just seen. The meticulous detailing on the organza front and back border adds a layer of luxury to this already stunning attire.

Lehenga & Bodice: Artistry in Motion

The marriage of vibrant prints on the bodice and lehenga invigorates the ensemble with dynamic artistry. It’s a cultural conversation between print and pattern, creating a vivid and valuable aesthetic. The digitally printed grip trousers and inner harmonize perfectly with the embroidered elements, crafting a silhouette that celebrates tradition and modernity.

Silhouette: Flattering and Fluid

Speaking of silhouettes, Alaya by Tabeer crafts a shape that skims and accentuates the curves in the most complimentary manner. The fit is designed to elevate, not overpower, ensuring the wearer radiates confidence and charm with every step.

Dupatta: The Final Flourish

No Pakistani or Indian formal look is complete without the dupatta—a final flourish that completes the story. With its thoughtfully designed border, the embroidered net dupatta of Alaya by Tabeer acts as a translucent veil of grace, adding a heavenly touch to this ensemble.

Styling for the Diaspora

For Pakistani and Indian ladies in the USA, Alaya by Tabeer is more than just a dress—it’s a cultural emblem. It transcends borders and brings the essence of South Asian fashion to Western shores.

Embracing Heritage with a Modern Twist

Alaya by Tabeer seamlessly blends the intricacies of South Asian attire with a silhouette that resonates with Western trends. It celebrates cultural identity, crafted for those who pridefully carry their heritage while striding forward in the modern world.

Care for Your Couture

Such an opulent dress demands care. Dry cleaning is recommended to preserve the delicate net and intricate embroidery, ensuring your Alaya by Tabeer remains as timeless as the traditions it embodies.

Conclusion: Your Invitation to Elegance

Alaya by Tabeer is not just a part of Farasha’s Tabeer – Wedding Formals ’23 Collection; it is a statement of grace, a declaration of personal style, and a commitment to cultural values. It invites you to embrace the subtlety of sophistication and let your elegance leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Are you ready to envelope yourself in the luxurious folds of Alaya by Tabeer and let your charm unfold with it? This is your moment—a chance to own a piece that is as unique as you are, as timeless as the stories it’s inspired by, and as elegant as the life you lead. Let Alaya by Tabeer be the dress that adorns you and celebrates you.

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