Embroidered Chiffon – Black Pearl


Brand: Adan’s Libas
Embroidered Chiffon
Collection: Wisteria Collection 2023


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See Adan’s Libas Embroidered Chiffon Black Pearl Dress Description Below:

Adan’s Liba is proud to present its latest addition to the Wisteria Collection 2023, the Embroidered Chiffon – Black Pearl. This stunning Shakwar Kameez dress is the epitome of elegance and sophistication, perfect for wedding and formal ceremonies. With exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Embroidered Chiffon – Black Pearl is a must-have for any fashion-conscious individual who desires the best of the best.

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Crafted from high-quality chiffon fabric, the dress exudes an aura of grace and elegance. The Embroidered Chiffon Front, Back, and Sleeves measuring 0.8 MTR and 0.66 MTR, respectively, depict a meticulous embroidery pattern in intricate detail, adding a dimension of luxury to the design that is hard to match. The Dupatta, made with embroidered net fabric is also 2.5 yards long, adding an ethereal touch to the overall look.


The Trouser Fabric of the Embroidered Chiffon Black Pearl is the finest quality Raw Silk, which comes in 2.5 yards length. This material not only adds an enchanting texture to the dress but also provides itch-free comfort, making sure you feel as good as you look. The gloriously embroidered borders for the front, back, and sleeves measure 0.8 MTR, 0.8 MTR, and 1 MTR, respectively, serving as the perfect contrast to the noir chiffon.


The dress’s richness doesn’t just stop at the materials used, as Black Pearl’s color is as captivating as it is regal. The mesmerizing Black shade adds a dramatic yet sophisticated look that elevates the overall appearance of the ensemble. The thoughtful iconography of the dress is intended to encompass a mood of elegance and appeal.

Investing in the Embroidered Chiffon – Black Pearl is a bold statement, one that showcases the wearer’s appreciation for the best. This piece of artwork is the perfect addition to any collection, reflecting the timeless craftsmanship and the brand’s dedication to its customers.


In conclusion, Adan Liba’s latest addition to its Wisteria Collection 2023, the Embroidered Chiffon – Black Pearl, is the perfect embodiment of elegance and luxury. Crafted from high-quality materials with exceptional attention to detail, this dress is an unrivaled masterpiece. The pronounced Black shade and ornate embroidery make it appropriate for any occasion, providing a fashionable representation of a classic yet modern-day style. Get your hands on this timeless piece today, and experience the meaning of true elegance and sophistication.

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