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Bridal Maroon Gown – BR117


  • Occasion: Bridal
  • Fabric: Premium Quality Velvet
  • Note: Color, Fabric and Style can be customized as per customer’s requirements
  • Delivery Time: 4-7 Weeks

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  •   Size Guide

    Womenswear Size Guide

    All measurements are in INCHES and may vary a half inch in either direction.
    Size XS S M L XL
    Shirt Length As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown
    Shoulder 13.5 14 14.5 15.5 16
    Chest 16.5 18 20 22 24
    Waist 15.5 16 18 20 22
    Hips 18.5 20.5 22 24 25
    Shirt Opening 20 22 24 26 27
    Sleeve Length 20.5 21.5 22 22.5 23
    Sleeve Opening As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown
    Trouser Length 36 37 38 39 40.5
    Trouser Opening As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown As Shown

    Kidswear Size Guide

    Components 4-7 7-9 9-11 vt
    Shirt Full Length 28 32 36 40
    Short Shirt Length 24 28 32 36
    Shirt Knee Length - - - -
    Hip 15 16 17 18
    WAIST 13 14 15 16
    Bust 14 15 16 17
    Full Sleeves 16 17 18 20
    Half Sleeves 6 8 9 10
    Quarter Sleeves 12 13 14 15
    Neckline Round 17 18 19 20
    Neckline Deep - - - -
    Arm Hole 6 6.5 7 8

    Mens Salwar Kameez Size Guide

    Size S M L XL
    Shoulder 17.5 18.5 19.5 20.5
    Chest 22.5 23.5 24.5 26.5
    Waist 21 22.5 23.5 26.5
    Hip 24 24 25 26
    Sleeves 24 24 25 26
    Length 40 42 43 45
    Collar 15 16 17 18

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Stay Regal and Collected while Oozing Elegance and Sophistication in this Awe-inspiring Bridal Maroon Gown in USA

We always long for happiness and fairy tale endings in our real lives. When we find someone perfect for the beginning of a new chapter in life, we go for a commitment, a vow, which we call a wedding. Marriages are meant to be the most awaited day in everyone’s lifetime. Couples do a lot of provisions for that single day. Grooms want to be all primed and brides want to dress like some antique queen. From drinks to be served to the overall theme of the day, each and every related detail has to be impeccable. For your auspicious day, Shadi Dress USA has crafted this Bridal Maroon Gown; a piece of art, yet another exclusive Indian & Pakistani bridal wear.

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Details of our Featured Bridal Suit

Let’s have a Talk on Fabric

Premium quality velvet has been employed to craft this classic wedding dress. It is a dexterously woven light in weight fabric that is known for its texture and shimmery outlook. The China chiffon may seem delicate but it is very resilient and pliable, the perfect textile stuff for compact beautifications.

Stitching Style of floor-length flowy Maroon Wedding Gown

This heavenly bridal dress is comprised of the heavily embellished, floor touching, and paneled gown and a dupatta which is intensely worked with a variety of stones and pearls. The most elegant Pakistani bridal maroon gown has full sleeves with minutiae of decorations all over them. There is a front vent design on the gown which starts from the belly region and goes all the way to the lower boundary of the gown. Dupatta can be set on the head to acquire a flawless traditional appearance or also can be styled as per convenience and desire.

Bridal Maroon Gown USA Bridal Maroon Gown USA Bridal Maroon Gown USA

Sophisticated Color of this Wedding Outfit

The fresh red color, the shade of love, and the hue of passion are selected for this magnificent garb which makes it a spot-on fit for the traditional Asian main wedding function, “Barat”. This also comes out to be the picture-perfect tinge for the ornamentations on it. No one can doubt that it is a lit combo.

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Intricate twist of glistening threads in this Deep Redish Gown

The tinsel work on the dress is very extensive and comprehensive. Many kinds of embellishments are ubiquitous on the gown and dupatta, splendid wear for your big day. The pearls, crystals, and Swarovski combined with an artwork of metal threads; altogether make this a superlative article for a bride. The color of all these enrichments is a combination of golden with silver, the shiniest, glistening and glittery. When light falls, they all just glow up no less than jewels and gems.

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After all of this, Let Shadi Dress USA serves you on your special day with this glorious article and makes yourself memorable as “The queen bride from ancient times”.

You can order this angelic costume from Shadi Dress USA and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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