Embroidered Self Jacquard – D23108B


Brand: Zara Shahjahan
Embroidered Self Jacquard
Collection: SS Lawn 23 Collection

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Zara Shahjahan presents the magnificent D23108B from their SS Lawn 23 Collection, a stunning Shalwar Kameez perfect for Pakistani weddings and festive occasions. This exquisite piece exudes sophistication in every detail, from the solid plum purple colour of the kurti and shalwar to the beautiful intricate embroidery design of the dupatta that comes in a fresh green.

The kameez of D23108B captivates with its long length and wide hemline, a classic and elegant style for traditional Pakistani wear. Its front features a simple and clean plain design, emphasizing the intricate embroidery and lacework that adorn the back of the kameez. A big, breathtaking embroidered motif steals the show at the back of the kameez.

The collar neck style of the kameez’s front and back is adorned with beautiful lace detailing that adds a touch of elegance to the overall look. The sleeves of the kameez also bear stunning embroidered lacework on their cuffs, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the already stunning piece. The shalwar perfectly complements the kameez with its beautiful embroidered plain cambric trousers.

The chiffon fabric of the dupatta contrasts elegantly with the lawn and cambric fabrics of the kameez and shalwar. Its plain, solid style showcases the beautiful plum-purple colour of the kameez and shalwar, while the border is dressed with an eye-catching embroidered patch and lace with tassels that sway gracefully with every movement.

The D23108B is a masterpiece, crafted exquisitely with attention to detail and quality materials. Zara Shahjahan brings the beauty of Pakistani traditional wear to life with this timeless piece. Wear it to weddings, festive events, or any special occasion, and be the envy of everyone present.

Be confident that each piece from the Zara Shahjahan collection is carefully crafted to the highest quality standards. From the stunning embroidery to the elegant colour choices, each element comes together perfectly, creating a dress that is beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Choose the D23108B and embrace the sheer perfection that it embodies. You will steal the heart of anyone who sees you in it and leave a lasting impression with your impeccable taste in fashion. Don’t wait any longer and own this remarkable piece from Zara Shahjahan’s SS Lawn 23 Collection.

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