Embroidered Raw Silk – DN-02 SABRINA


Brand: Qalamkar
Raw Silk
Collection: Wedding Formals 23 دلناز

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Are you ready to dazzle in elegance and sophistication with the stunning DN-02 SABRINA by Qalamkar? This mesmerizing ensemble is the epitome of grandeur, designed to leave a lasting impression with its radiant dark teal opulence. If you’re a Pakistani lady living in the USA, looking to showcase your regal persona with a touch of contemporary flair, DN-02 SABRINA is the perfect choice!

Bodice: Raw Silk Radiance

The DN-02 SABRINA Bodice is crafted using premium, raw silk fabric, providing a lustrous finish that glimmers with natural elegance. The Gotta Embroidered Bodice Front is handmade with intricate artisanal brilliance, making it an excellent option for Pakistani ladies in the USA looking for a traditional yet contemporary outlook for cultural gatherings, weddings, or other festive events.

Maxi: Mesmerizing Net Splendor

The DN-02 SABRINA Maxi is fashioned with the finest Net, providing a translucent feel and a graceful look. The Gotta Embroidered Fabric on the Back Kalli exemplifies the extravagant attention to detail put into the outfit. The Gotta Embroidered Lace on the Kalli back is handmade from scratch and provides an added luxury.
The beautiful eight Gotta Embroidered Kallis on the front are handmade and gracefully complement the stunning Gotta Embroidered Border on the front of the outfit and the Digital Printed Border on the back.

Dupatta: Effortlessly Enchanting

No outfit is complete without a Dupatta, and the DN-02 SABRINA Dupatta adds the perfect finishing touch to your look. Made with Net fabric, the Dupatta is sheer, translucent, and gracefully drapes like a silky reverie. The Dupatta and Pallu both feature Gotta Embroidered handwork and intricately designed Gotta Embroidered and Lace patches that lend an ineffable allure to the look.

Slip: Stylish Comfort

To ensure comfort throughout your event, we’ve provided a raw silk slip adorned with an exquisite embroidered border, making the DN-02 SABRINA a complete ensemble.

In conclusion, DN-02 SABRINA by Qalamkar embodies regal grandeur merged with contemporary splendor. The intricate Gotta Embroidery, lace, and handmade Kallis create a mesmerizing masterpiece, perfect for Pakistani ladies in the USA looking for traditional yet trendy outfits for their cultural events, weddings, and festive gatherings. The DN-02 SABRINA oozes elegance and sophistication, making it a must-have in your wardrobe!