Embroidered Velvet – FARAH-108U


Brand: Mushq
Collection: Niloufer Velvet Edit 2023


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For Pakistani ladies living in the USA, dressing up in traditional outfits not only represents their culture but also reflects their identity and values. And what’s better than donning a company that is both traditional and modern simultaneously? FARAH-108U by Mushq is a glamorous outfit that perfectly blends classic and contemporary elements. Let’s dive into this stunning attire’s exquisite details and facets that will leave you enamored!

Embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished velvet for front and back yoke:

The rich velvet fabric of FARAH-108U is adorned with intricate embroidery, sequins, and hand embellishments on the front and back yoke. The meticulous artistry, meticulously done by skilled artisans, makes this outfit stand out. The deep red hue and intricate embellishments create a regal aura that is hard to miss. The velvet fabric also ensures the dress is warm and snug during the chilly winter evenings.

Embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished velvet for sleeves:

The extravagance of the velvet continues down the sleeves, which are also decked with shimmering embellishments, adding to the overall allure of the dress. The combination of classic velvet with modern embroidery and embellishments is nothing short of a masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of Pakistani culture.

Embroidered and sequined velvet for front and back:

The lavish velvet fabric on the front and back of this outfit is adorned with finely crafted embroidery and sequins that are sure to turn heads. The intricate detailing and the fine craftsmanship are evident, making it a showstopper outfit for any occasion. The richness of the velvet fabric is balanced by the intricate embroidery, adding elegance to the dress.

Embroidered and sequined border for front and back hem (organza):

The outfit is further enhanced with organza at the front and back hem. FARAH-108U The delicately crafted borders with intricate embroidery and sequins add a touch of finesse, completing the look of the dress. The sheer fabric of the organza also adds a gentle flow to the dress, making it an impeccable choice for any formal event.

Embroidered and sequined organza dupatta:

The classic combination of FARAH-108U velvet and organza continues with the dupatta. The light and airy organza fabric is adorned with intricate embroidery and sequins, adding elegance and grandeur. The sheer organza fabric of the dupatta also complements the heaviness of the dress, making it an ideal match.

Embroidered and sequined dupatta lace:

If you thought the embellishments were over, the beauty of the dress continues with the gorgeous dupatta lace. The flowing organza fabric adorns the intricately crafted lace, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the outfit.

Jamawar lehenga:

Completing this breath-taking ensemble is the exquisite Jamawar lehenga that adds to the magnificence of the entire outfit.FARAH-108U  The matching lehenga, with its rich and intricate motifs, perfectly complements the overall feel of the dress. The lehenga adds a touch of glamour and tradition, making it an excellent choice for any formal event.

Crystal pearls for finishing:

To add that final glimmer and shine, the dress is adorned with crystal pearls, adding a touch of glamour and elegance. The adornment enhances the outfit’s sophistication, making it a perfect choice for any formal event.

Final words:

FARAH-108U by Mushq is a visual and sensory delight. The exquisite velvet fabric, the intricate embroidery and sequins, and the overall attention to detail are a testament to the fine craftsmanship of the designers. FARAH-108U is the perfect blend of traditional style and modern luxuriousness for Pakistani ladies living in the USA. The dress is a statement piece that embodies the cultural values and elegance associated with Pakistani fashion. So, take advantage of this opportunity to own a work of art that celebrates your cultural heritage in style.

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