Emroidered Karandi – Firuzeh ZW2-23-03


Brand: Zaha
Collection: winter vol.02
Duppata fabric: Acrylic

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Introducing the captivating Firuzeh ZW2-23-03 by Zaha PK – a mesmerizing, intricately designed tapestry that weaves a story of elegance and sophistication for the discerning ladies of the USA. Crafted from luxurious Karandi fabric and inspired by classical aristocratic style, this enchanting ensemble is perfect for any occasion, matchless in its beauty and refinement.


  • Midnight Ebony Canvas: A dark and alluring backdrop is the foundation for the resplendent embroidered florals, meticulously woven with luminous ivory threads.
  • Embroidered Chaddar: An elegant and bewitching accessory accompanies this opulent creation, casting a spell of enchantment upon every gathering.
  • Karandi Fabric: The Winter Collection Vol.02 showcases the delicate and premium Karandi fabric designed for exceptional comfort and durability.
  • Acrylic Duppata: The Acrylic Duppata fabric adds a touch of sophistication and charm, transforming every attire into a stunning ensemble.

What makes Firuzeh ZW2-23-03 special?:

  • The exquisite embroidery makes this tapestry a true masterpiece, featuring embroidered panels and edgings on the front, sleeves, hem, and dupatta.
  • The versatile appeal of ‘Firuzeh’ ensures that it serves as the perfect attire for daytime luncheons and evening soirees, gracefully manifesting an air of refined sophistication.
  • The premium quality of the materials and the intricate craftsmanship ensure that this tapestry will not only look beautiful but stand the test of time.
  • Become the epitome of elegance and allure with Firuzeh ZW2-23-03 – perfect for modern ladies seeking class, charm, and sophistication.

Take advantage of the opportunity to enter the world of timeless elegance with the Firuzeh ZW2-23-03 ensemble. Experience the perfect blend of intricate artistry, gorgeous design, and luxurious craftsmanship of this enchanting tapestry, guaranteed to make a lasting impression. Elevate your wardrobe and enchant onlookers with the undeniable appeal of ‘Firuzeh.’

Invest in the unrivaled sophistication and charm of Firuzeh ZW2-23-03 and relish its inimitable allure. Trust us, it’s a masterpiece you won’t want to miss, and your refined taste merits no less than this exceptional creation from the esteemed brand Zaha.