Gold Tissue Saree


  • Includes: Saree and blouse
  • Color: Gold and Black
  • Fabric: Organza
  • Work Technique: Antique detailed Work
  • Delivery Time: 2-5 Weeks

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Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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Buy This Stunning Gold Tissue Saree in USA Online

We have introduced our beautiful gold tissue saree, perfect for formal events as well as romantic dates! Crafted from luxurious organza fabric, it makes an eye-catching statement in any setting – from formal events to romantic dates!

Blouse of Gold Tissue Saree: Quality Embroidery Work

This Indian wedding saree’s blouse is absolutely captivating, featuring stunning hand-embroidery details on both its neckline and the front/back of the blouse. Our skilled embroidery team expertly applied premium gold thread, creating stunning embellished design that draw the eye toward the beautiful neckline bordering this part of the garment. Additionally, its back features a large floral hand-embellished design to showcase our expertly crafted artistry.

The blouse was created as a sleeveless design; however, its customization makes it easily adaptable to various styles and preferences. Our team can add sleeves according to your specifications, ensuring you receive a truly personalized gold tissue saree tailored specifically for yourself.

Petticot/Dupatta Embroidered With Sequined Scallops

Petticoat/ dupatta borders are equally exquisite, featuring sequined scallop embroidery in an antique gold work technique that features delicate gold scallop designs spanning across fabric’s border. A wide black frill adds further elegance and sophistication to this striking gold tissue saree.

This exquisite organza fabric saree boasts delicate yet light embroidery work combined with luxurious organza fabric to create a work of art. The delicate embroidery work makes a graceful silhouette while its luxurious fabric lends itself to any special event or intimate affair, whether formal, such as weddings and engagements, or less formal affairs, such as romantic dinners or casual gatherings with family or friends.

Why Should You Buy This Gold Tissue Saree?

This super stunning saree makes an extraordinary work of art that makes its wearer shine through, showing their natural beauty and grace! The most delicate fabric makes this piece of Indian clothes an exquisite work of art; its flow complementing embroidery adds elegance, while its soft organza fabric creates fluid motion that enhances this gold tissue saree’s natural grace when worn.

Our team of talented artisans takes great pride in their craft, using only top-quality materials to craft each garment to meet our stringent quality standards. Each detail receives its due consideration to ensure an exquisite piece.

Final Words

At formal events or simply adding some elegance and sophistication to your wardrobe, this gold tissue saree will surely make an impressionful statement. Boasting stunning embroidery work, original design features, and high-quality materials – it is sure to become a prized possession in your collection.