Korean Raw Silk – Gulshanara U-1517


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Korean Raw Silk
Collection: Darbar Festive Formals 24

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Submerge into the realm of refined elegance and cultural sophistication with the exclusive Gulshanara U-1517—a testament to the grandiose artistry of Akbar Aslam. Created for the discerning Pakistani and Indian ladies in the USA, this ready-to-wear designer dress from the Darbar Festive Formals 24 collection is the epitome of navy blue allure that promises to elevate your fashion repertoire.

The Essence of Navy Blue Enchantment

The color navy blue holds a distinctive appeal; it’s both commanding and graceful, a hue that captures the depths of the night sky while exuding an aura of majestic tranquillity. The Gulshanara U-1517 harnesses this powerful color to create a statement piece that resonates with heritage and style. It is an ensemble designed for those who wish to make sophistication their signature.

Korean Raw Silk Printed Lehenga Panels

Every pane of the lehenga speaks volumes of opulent design and meticulous attention to detail. The exquisite Korean Raw Silk fabric sets the foundation for a luxurious experience, ensuring not only a stunning visual impact but also unmatched comfort. The printed patterns are reminiscent of traditional motifs reimagined in a contemporary framework.

Organza Embroidered Lehenga Border

Adorning the hemline of the lehenga is an ornate Organza embroidered border. This magnificent embellishment serves as a grand statement, intricately woven to perfection. Each stitch is a celebration of time-honored techniques, seamlessly integrated into a modern silhouette.

Organza Embroidered Front Blouse and Back Body

The blouse, both front and back, has been graced with the same level of artistry found throughout the piece. The organza fabric provides a subtle backdrop for the intricate embroidery that adorns it. This ensures a consistency in design that flows fluidly from top to bottom, offering a harmonious visual appeal.

Organza Embroidered Sleeve

The sleeves are no less impressive, echoing the grandeur of the lehenga and blouse. The organza embroidery adds a layer of finesse, bringing forth an element of regal charm to the overall appearance. With every gesture, the detailed sleeves enhance the beauty of the wearer’s movements.

Organza Embroidered Dupatta and Dupatta Pallu

No ensemble is complete without the dupatta, a symbol of grace in South Asian attire. The organza embroidered dupatta of Gulshanara U-1517, particularly its grand pallu border, is nothing short of a masterpiece. It’s an accessory that complements the lehenga and blouse, yet stands out on its own as a tapestry of opulence.

Russian Grip Inner

Directing the focus towards comfort and fit, the outfit includes a Russian Grip inner that provides structure and ease of wear. Every aspect of the dress is thought through, ensuring that beauty does not compromise comfort.

The Akbar Aslam Signature

Brand recognition comes from a tradition of excellence, and Akbar Aslam is a name that resonates with quality and sophistication in the world of South Asian fashion. Known for his unique ability to merge traditional aesthetics with contemporary trends, Akbar Aslam delivers not just a garment but a work of art.

A Dress For Moments That Matter

The Gulshanara U-1517 is more than just a dress—it’s an emblem of identity for Pakistani and Indian women, a bridge between the roots of their ancestry and the modern world they navigate. It’s suitable for festive occasions, weddings, and any event where making a lasting impression is desired.

Investment in Timeless Elegance

Investing in the Gulshanara U-1517 by Akbar Aslam means investing in a timeless wardrobe staple that will serve you for years to come. It is a purchase that transcends seasons, trends, and fleeting fashions, staying perpetually en vogue through its classic design and superior craftsmanship.

An Ode to Feminine Grace

Akbar Aslam’s creation is dedicated to celebrating feminine grace. The Gulshanara U-1517 presents women with an opportunity to express their heritage, embrace their femininity, and project their style with confidence and poise.

Conclusion: Your Statement of Sophistication

The Gulshanara U-1517, every sway is a dance of elegance, every turn a display of grandeur. It’s a dress that doesn’t merely clothe but adorns, enhancing the inherent beauty of its bearer. For the Pakistani and Indian ladies in the USA, this attire is not just a fashionable choice; it is a reflection of their rich cultural tapestry, woven into their everyday lives. Experience the allure of navy blue with Akbar Aslam’s Gulshanara U-1517—a sartorial tribute to the sophisticated woman.

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