Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh


Brand: Sanaya
Embroidered Organza
Collection: Izhaar Festive Capsule’23

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See Sanaya Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh Dress Description Below:

Sanayas Izhaar Festive Capsule’23 collection is a dream come true for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate intricate detailing and elegant designs. The latest addition to the collection, “Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh” is a masterpiece that exudes luxury, grace, and sophistication.

Crafted with the finest quality organza fabric, the Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh Lehenga Kurti is a design that is perfectly suited for wedding and formal ceremonies. The attention to detail in this outfit is remarkable, with sequins embroidery that adorns every inch of the garment. From the shirt front to the sleeves and dupatta, every feature has been given a touch of elegance.

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The Sequins Embroidered Organza Shirt Front of the Hazooreh Lehenga Kurti features exquisite sequins embroidery that is beautifully crafted onto the organza fabric. The embroidery adds a layer of texture to the outfit and enhances the beauty of the kurta. The shirt’s back and sleeves are dyed to perfection, providing a beautifully contrasted background to the vibrant embroidery on the front.

The Hazooreh Lahenga Kurti also features stunning sequins embroidered shirt daman and border, which adds a touch of glamour to the outfit. The sequins embroidered shirt front patti is yet another feature of this beautiful dress, with intricate detailing that further enhances the beauty of the garment.


The Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh Lehenga Kurti has been created with careful attention to detail, as is evident through the sequins embroidered sleeves borders and patties that adorn both the upper and lower edges of the sleeves. The organza dupatta that accompanies the outfit is also beautifully crafted with sequins embroidery that adds to its allure.


The hand-foil printed sharara that completes the outfit is a wonderful addition. The Hazooreh Lahenga Kurti trousers are made from the same organza fabric as the shirt, further elevating the garment’s overall elegance. The hand foil printing is done with care, providing a beautiful contrast to the embroidery on the kurti.


The Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh Lahenga Kurti comes in a gorgeous green color that is perfect for adding a pop of vibrancy to your wardrobe. The lehenga kurti style offers a traditional and timeless look that is perfect for a variety of occasions. It is easy to wear and comfortable, while also providing a glamorous and glamorous look that is sure to turn heads.


In conclusion, the Embroidered Organza – Hazooreh Lahenga Kurti is a beautiful addition to the Sanaya brand’s Izhaar Festive Capsule’23 collection. It is a dress that exudes luxury, grace, sophistication, and attention to detail that is remarkable. Whether you are attending a wedding, formal ceremony, or any other occasion of your choice, this outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The Hazooreh Lahenga Kurti is a must-have in your wardrobe if you are looking to make a statement and look your best. Don’t miss out on this beautiful dress – add it to your collection today!

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