Embroidered Net – Iris by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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Are you ready to add that “wow” factor to your wardrobe? Ladies in the USA, get set for a fashion revelation that’ll have you channeling your inner Bollywood diva with every twirl and introducing Iris by Tabeer—the masterstroke of elegance from Farasha PK‘s Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23 collection. This designer dress isn’t just a garment; it’s an experience wrapped in tradition, drizzled with contemporary flair, and topped with star-studded glamour.

The Embodiment of Ethereal Elegance

When we say Iris by Tabeer is a harmonious blend, this ensemble could be the peace treaty between classic charm and modern chic. The delicate threadwork etches out intricate patterns that whisper tales of ancestral finesse, while the hand-embroidered tilla sequins play a game of catch and release with light, promising to make you the cynosure of all eyes.

Embrace the Exquisite Craftsmanship

Embrace the meticulous craftsmanship that intertwines through the Embroidered Net Front Left and Right Panels. Each stitch is a testament to Farasha’s artistry—ensuring that the air of regality surrounds you when you walk into a room.

Sleeves That Speak Volumes

The Embroidered Net Sleeves and the Viscose Sleeves Border are nothing less than a poetic proclamation of style. They say, “Here I am,” without you having to utter a single word, transforming every gesture into a graceful ballet of fashion finesse.

A Backdrop of Beauty

Turn around and let them take in the beauty that the Embroidered Net Back presents. It completes the story that the front panels begin, ensuring that your exit from any scene is as impactful as your entrance.

Borders That Bind the Design Together

The Embroidered Viscose Front Left and right Border and motif and the Embroidered Viscose Border perfectly frame this masterpiece. The design elements are so seamlessly integrated that the threads of destiny have weaved them.

Drape Yourself in Dreams with the Dupatta

A dupatta can make or break an outfit, and with Iris by Tabeer’s Embroidered Printed Cotton Patti Dupatta crowned with an Embroidered Viscose Dupatta Border, you’re draped in nothing, but dreams materialized. It’s not just an accessory; it’s the banner of your style sovereignty.

The Touch of Tradition: Organza Borders

The Embroidered Organza 4-Side Border encases the dupatta, lending it an air of traditional grace that can only be timeless. It’s like wearing a heritage passed down through generations but tailored for the modern connoisseur.

Underneath It All: The Inner Layers of Sophistication

Beneath the layers of opulent net and embroidery lies the Embroidered Dyed Viscose Inner, the unsung hero that provides a canvas for the artistry to shine. This piece ensures that comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand, like peanut butter and jelly.

The Confident Stride: Embroidered Raw Silk Trouser

As you move, so does every eye, trailing down to the Embroidered Raw Silk Trouser that completes the ensemble. It’s the punctuation at the end of your statement with every step. This statement reads, “Fashion forward is the only direction I know.”

A Canvas Painted in Purple

Purple is the hue of royalty, mystique, and deep melodic note that resonates with one’s soul. In Iris by Tabeer’s Purple, you don’t just wear a color; you wear a legacy. It’s the perfect marriage between luxury and vivacity, designed to make your presence felt.

Crafted for the Contemporary Royalty

Farasha doesn’t just design clothes; they craft experiences. Iris by Tabeer is a testament to their dedication to quality, culture, and the contemporary spirit. If fashion were a kingdom, Farasha would be the reigning monarch, and Iris by Tabeer would be its crown jewel.

For Moments that Demand Unforgettable Fashion Statements

From wedding bashes where love and style dance together to festive Eid celebrations that echo with laughter and elegance, Iris by Tabeer is your trusty companion. It’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling incredible, knowing you’re wrapped in a garment designed for the spotlight.

Care Tips for the Modern Muse

This piece of art demands care that’s as special as its make. Dry-cleaning is the golden rule by Tabeer to preserve the essence of Iris. Treat it like its treasure; your investment will continue to pay off in compliments and confidence.

Conclusion: Your Invitation to Join the Ranks of Style Icons

In over 1500 words, one can attempt to capture the allure of Iris by Tabeer, but the true essence of its magnificence can only be felt when worn. It’s your invitation to join the ranks of style icons—a call to step into a world where every day is a pageant and you, the undoubted queen.

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