Embroidered Net – Isabel by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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In an era where fashion oscillates between deeply-rooted tradition and cutting-edge modernity, Isabel by Tabeer emerges as a sartorial bridge spanning cultures and eras. Exclusively designed by the illustrious Farasha PK for the Tabeer – Wedding Formals ’23 Collection, this enchanting ensemble is more than just attire; it’s the narrative of elegance reborn.

The Ethereal Ensemble:

Imagine a dress that sings the lore of ancient artistry while echoing the chic aesthetic of modern fashion. Isabel by Tabeer is a stunning white dress adorned with the spellbinding intricacies of Tilla sequins and the whimsy of delicate threadwork. This ready-to-wear marvel is not just crafted—it’s composed, note by note, into a symphony of style bound to turn heads in every room from coast to coast.

Crafted with loving attention to detail, the Isabel by Tabeer boasts an embroidered net front and back bodice, whispering tales of timeless sophistication. The net panels on the front and back play with light and shadow, creating a dance of intrigue that celebrates your every movement. And the sleeves—oh, the sleeves! They come alive with embroidery, culminating in an exquisite net border that speaks volumes of your unmatched taste and flair.

The Neckline: A Poem Penned in Silver

Central to the Isabel by Tabeer’s allure is its embroidered net neckline border. Like a timeless piece of jewelry, it graces your presence, accentuating your poise and turning each gaze into an ovation.

Draped in Dreams: The Dupatta

What would a Pakistani designer dress be without its dupatta? It’s an incomplete melody. But fear not, for the Isabel by Tabeer completes the look with a digitally printed organza dupatta that floats around you like a dream caught in the silver morning dew. The embroidered organza whispers of mysteries and mirth, ensuring you don’t just step into a space—you make an entrance.

The Silhouette: A Testament to Craftsmanship

The silhouette of this dress is a testament to the mastery of Farasha’s designers. Flowing effortlessly, the dyed raw silk trousers carry the legacy of Pakistani craftsmanship across seas and shores to the bustling landscapes of the USA. It captures the essence of Eastern sophistication in a garment that complements the new-age lifestyle of Pakistani and Indian ladies stateside.

Bordering on Brilliance: The Embroidered Viscose Edge

What truly sets Isabel by Tabeer apart is the attention to the finishing touches. The embroidered viscose trouser border adds just the right amount of intricacy to the equation, bringing balance, beauty, and a touch of bling to the otherwise serene ensemble.

A Canvas of Silver: The Color That Complements

In a world painted with every hue under the sky, Isabel by Tabeer chooses silver—a color representing grace, dignity, and a serene yet powerful presence. It’s for the woman who embodies confidence and carries her heritage like a well-earned crown.

Fabric Fantasia: The Net Wonder

Isabel by Tabeer is lovingly woven from net fabric, ensuring each thread holds strength and delicacy in a tender balance. The choice of the net is no accident—it’s a deliberate decision to let you shimmer through every season, remaining as timeless as the tales told in olden times.

The Unmatched Blend of Tradition and Trend

When you decide to drape yourself in Isabel by Tabeer, you’re not just picking out a dress; you’re choosing to be the custodian of a culture that has thrived on its ability to adapt and awe. You become the canvas on which the past and present paint a new future.

For Every Occasion: A Dress that Adapts

Think about garden parties where the elite converse, weddings where love stories unfold, or intimate soirees that demand a touch of personal charm. Isabel by Tabeer is your companion, versatile as it is venerable.

Making Statements: The Isabel Way

Your search for the perfect Pakistani designer dress ends here. Isabel by Tabeer isn’t just attire; it’s an announcement. It declares your taste, understanding of high fashion, and, most importantly, commitment to carrying your heritage in a diverse land.

Caring for Your Isabel

While Isabel by Tabeer envelops you in its luxurious embrace, it also asks for your tender care. Treat it with the respect it deserves, and it will remain your faithful ally across seasons and celebrations. Dry clean only, my friends, for such magnificence must be preserved.

Isabel by Tabeer: Your Ticket to Traditional Elegance

Who said dreams don’t come true? They haven’t met Isabel by Tabeer. Ladies of the USA, it’s time to usher a piece of home into your wardrobes. It’s time to infuse your every day with the splendor of silver and the finesse of Farasha’s design deity. Claim your piece of this tradition-tinted treasure. Embrace the blend of heritage and high fashion. Make Isabel by Tabeer yours and redefine the American-Pakistani fashion dialogue. Because when you wear Isabel, you don’t just wear a dress—you wear a dream made tangible.

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