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Brand: Xenia
Embroidered Chiffon
Hera Formals by Xenia

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Introducing the Livia 02 from Xenia’s Hera Formals collection, a mesmerizing shalwar kameez with exquisite design and stunning craftsmanship. This attire is perfect for Pakistani Eid wear or any festive occasion. This product description will give you a detailed account of the dress’s design, fabric materials, and colors.

Kameez Design

The kameez of Livia 02 is made of high-quality chiffon fabric that is enchantingly embroidered with floral patterns. This fabric has a smooth, lightweight texture that drapes perfectly on the body. The embroidered chiffon front and back of the kameez feature intricate and elegant designs that add to its luxurious appeal.

The kameez’s hemline has a fascinating and unique embroidered wide patch that adds a touch of glamour to the attire. Additionally, beautiful tassels and lace adorn the kameez’s front and back, giving it an exquisite look. The normal length of the kameez gives it a traditional and graceful appeal.

Kameez Neck Style and Sleeves

The kameez features a simple and classic round neck style in the front and back, adding to its timeless beauty. The neckline is not too deep or too narrow and perfectly complements the embroidery work on the kameez. The see-through sleeves of Livia 02 are made with a wide width that adds volume to the dress. The sleeves are pleasingly adorned with a delightful floral lace at the borders.

Dupatta Design

The net dupatta of Livia 02 is embroidered with beautiful floral designs that elevate the dress’s elegance. The orange-colored dupatta has embroidery work all over its borders and features a lovely embroidered patch that accentuates its beauty. The shuttle lace on the borders with delicate tassels adds a charming touch to the overall appearance of the dress.

Shalwar Design

The plain trouser of Livia 02 comes with a unique embroidery patti placed on the Pancha (border). The shalwar is crafted with premium raw silk fabric that adds to the dress’s richness and texture.


Livia 02 comes in a stunning paprika color for the kameez and shalwar that complements each other and adds a warm and sophisticated feel. The vibrant orange color of the dupatta adds a pop of color to the attire that brightens the overall appearance.

Fabric Materials

Livia 02 is made of luxurious fabrics that make it comfortable and a spectacular piece. The chiffon fabric of the kameez has a soft and smooth texture that allows for effortless movement. The net fabric of the dupatta gives it a light and flowy appearance, while the raw silk fabric used for the shalwar adds to its durability.


Livia 02 is the ideal attire for Pakistani Eid wear or any festive occasion. The rich and luxurious combination of fabric and design makes it perfect for formal events where you want to exude sophistication and elegance.

In conclusion, Livia 02 from Xenia’s Hera Formals collection is a masterpiece shalwar kameez with an elegant and sophisticated design. The detailed embroidery work and premium-quality fabrics make it a memorable and practical attire for special occasions. The paprika color ensemble with a touch of orange adds to the attire’s glamour and timeless beauty, making you stand out from the crowd.

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