Embroidered Raw Silk – Maahru


Brand: Akbar Aslam
Raw Silk
Collection: Mastani Wedding Formals 23

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Akbar Aslam’s Mastani Wedding Formals 23 collection has arrived, and we are thrilled to present one of its show-stopping pieces – the MAAHRU Lehenga Choli! Perfect for Pakistani festive events, its bold colours and intricate detailing stand out amongst its competitors and are guaranteed to turn heads at every event you attend. So, let’s dive deeper into this stunning piece from Akbar Aslam.

The Choli:

This three-piece outfit’s centrepiece, the choli, is handcrafted from high-quality Korean raw silk and boasts intricate hand embroidery with unique patterns embroidered onto both front and back for an eye-catching design. Additionally, its organza-embellished cuffs adorn them for an added elegant touch – measuring 30 inches long for this look!

The Dupatta:

A dupatta is an organza scarf worn across one shoulder and down one back. It is usually made of sheer fabric with subtle floral designs complemented by patch lace borders on four sides and playful tassels at its corners to add a playful accent. This standard-length dupatta measures 55″


A lehenga is a flowing skirt that completes this stunning ensemble, made of luxurious Korean raw silk and featuring an embroidered 6-inch front and back panel. It falls beautifully, while its bright orange stands against blue choli and green dupatta.

Colour Palette:

 The MAAHRU Lehenga Choli is an eye-catching ensemble boasting three vibrant and complimentary hues that create an eye-catching statement look. The stunning blue of its choli, deep orange of its lehenga and lively green of its dupatta creates an energetic and vibrant aesthetic, providing a dynamic appearance.

Akbar Aslam takes great pride in using only top-of-the-line fabrics in his designs, such as luxurious Korean raw silk for his choli and lehenga ensembles and organza for his dupattas – materials that feature delicate fabric flow for his beautiful outfits.

Style & Occasion:

The MAAHRU Lehenga Choli is the ideal attire for Pakistani festive occasions. Exuding tradition while simultaneously adding a contemporary edge, its intricate floral embroidery combined with hand embellishments make this outfit genuinely remarkable – make a statement at your wedding or engagement ceremony by donning this look!

At Akbar Aslam‘s Mastani Wedding Formals 23 collection, the MAAHRU Lehenga Choli is an impressive and captivating piece that will leave everyone around you gasping in admiration! Boasting intricate designs, high-quality fabric, and vibrant hues, you will feel like royalty when donning this beauty – don’t miss out on this magnificent piece and become everyone’s envy!

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