Embroidered luxury-lawn – Marori Dreams-D8 B


Brand: Crimson
Embroidered luxury-lawn
Collection: Crimson x Saira Shakira Luxury Lawn 2023

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Introducing the dazzling Marori Dreams-D8 B, a true masterpiece of style and elegance by Crimson’s exclusive collaboration with Saira Shakira Luxury Lawn 2023. Designed with the vivacious Pakistani and Indian ladies living in the USA in mind, this mesmerizing ensemble is bound to make heads turn and hearts skip a beat.

Picture yourself draped in sheer opulence as you slip into the Marori Dreams-D8 B. This enchanting attire is a symphony of hand-applied gold printed front adorned with lace shoulder and neck inserts, creating an ethereal aura around you. The one embroidered front center panel with multicolored lace inserts adds a touch of whimsy. In contrast, the two side panels featuring delicate cutwork lace inserts add an extra layer of grace.

The embroidered lace border for the front and back daman adds a regal touch, exuding sophistication from every stitch. Imagine the thrill of wearing this exquisite piece, complete with embroidered sleeves and a beautiful lace border for the sleeves, giving a perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.

Turning heads isn’t limited to the front, as the Marori Dreams-D8 B ensures all eyes are on you from every angle. With two embroidered panels for the back, you’ll leave a lasting impression even as you walk away. The solid dyed lawn back adds depth and contrast, showcasing your impeccable taste.

Let’s remember the stunning dupatta that accompanies this ensemble. Cutwork embroidery adorns its entire length, boasting intricate craftsmanship that will captivate. The embroidered and crystal-encrusted pallu adds a touch of glamour, setting you apart as the epitome of style. Made of solid dyed woven net fabric, the dupatta exudes a lightweight and luxurious feel, allowing you to float through any occasion with grace and poise.

Completing this picture-perfect look are the pants, transformed into a work of art through the mesmerizing cutwork embroidery. Every movement will showcase your confidence and individuality.

In a mesmerizing shade of blue, the Marori Dreams-D8 B captures the essence of timeless beauty and contemporary fashion. With its lively and trendy design, this ensemble will become the star of your wardrobe, elevating your style to new heights.

Refrain from denying yourself the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Marori Dreams-D8 B. Captivate hearts, be the center of attention, and set the stage on fire with your irresistible charm. Transform yourself into a vision of style and elegance that will be remembered long after the night ends.

Experience the magic and allure of the Marori Dreams-D8 B, exclusively brought to you by Crimson, where life meets fashion most extraordinarily.