Embroidered Silk – Mistic Florid


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Wedding Festive
Fabric: Silk

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Cross Stitch PK brand’s Mystic Florid 3-piece set makes a striking statement at any festive wedding or formal event, featuring an exquisite frock, silk-dyed trousers, and silk dupatta with intricate embroidery and digital printing – sure to stand out at any Pakistani celebration! In its striking purple hue, this outfit will certainly make a statement!

Frock Details:

This exquisite Frock stands out in any ensemble with its exquisite floral print throughout the garment, its 50 embroidered patties at each shirt front and back hem, and 40 on each sleeve, including stunning net dori work with crystal tassels on its border. A round neck style with a keyhole design adds elegance, while its back has a wide round neck style; thick embroidered net patches on hemlines complete the overall appearance of this exceptional garment.

Dupatta Details: 

The silk dupatta is exquisite, featuring digitally printed and embroidered design elements that perfectly complement the Frock. Thickly embroidered patties add an air of sophistication. White and pink hues were chosen as complementing colours against its striking purple hue.

Trouser Details:

These elegant yet simple trousers crafted from pure silk provide maximum comfort to the wearer and complement this overall ensemble perfectly, keeping the focus centred on the Frock and dupatta. The purple hue completes it all.


The Mystic Florid dress is ideal for any Pakistani wedding or formal event, thanks to its stunning design and attention to detail. Plus, its silk fabric ensures maximum comfort during an otherwise lengthy event! Additionally, its versatility also makes it suitable for Eid wear.


The Mystic Florid ensemble is essential for any woman seeking to look elegant and sophisticated at formal events. Featuring stunning design features and intricate details that catch people’s eye while its silk fabric ensures maximum comfort, this ensemble will ensure you stand out from the competition at Pakistani weddings and Eid festivities. Product Description:

Cross Stitch has again set itself apart by unveiling two breathtaking 3-piece sets designed to suit any special event or celebration. Mistic Florid and Elfin Radiant sets represent sophistication and luxury with intricate embroidery designs, digital printing techniques and floral patterns made entirely from pure silk fabric that will steal any show!

Mistic Florid Frock:

The Mistic Florid Frock is an eye-catcher featuring a stunning floral print that covers its entirety. Embellished net patches featuring crystal tassels on their border add glamour and elegance, making this garment suitable for Pakistani weddings, formal events or Eid festivities. Featuring a round neck design with a keyhole and a wide round neck at the back, this piece is easy to wear, while its long length and thick embroidered net patch border add to its grandeur.

Elfin Radiant Frock from Cross Stitch Wedding Festive Collection: this yellow beauty with floral print throughout exudes an unmistakably royal appeal, from its beautiful yellow colour with floral pattern across its kameez to its floral embroidered net patch with crystal tassels on its borders. Embellished line panels on both front and back create an intricate mosaic pattern. Its round neck style with a keyhole design on the front neckline and round neck style at the back is ideal for formal events – its floral sleeves feature floral prints. In contrast, its thick embroidered net patch featuring crystal tassels border makes this piece even more striking!

Mistic Florid Dupatta:

This masterpiece showcases silk digital printing and embroidery on pure silk fabric with stunning white and pink colours adorning its composition. At the same time, thickly embroidered patti designs on two side borders accentuate its charm.

Elfin Radiant Dupatta:

This organza-embroidered dupatta looks breathtaking with any formal ensemble, thanks to its exquisite floral embroidery on two side borders and eye-catching floral pattern on both. Perfect for Pakistani weddings, festive events and Eid celebrations.

Mistic Florid Trousers:

These elegant yet unassuming silk trousers feature an eye-catching purple hue that complements your Frock perfectly. They are comfortable to wear, and their luxurious fabric adds style and polish.

Elfin Radiant Trousers:

These gorgeous Elfin Radiant Trousers are made of pure silk fabric in an eye-catching yellow hue to elevate their overall appeal. Shuttle lace detailing on the Pancha adds another special touch to this stunning ensemble.

Both 3-piece sets from Cross Stitch are ideal for Pakistani weddings, formal events, festive occasions or Eid celebrations. Crafted from high-quality fabric with meticulous attention paid to every detail, from floral patterns to embroidery to crystal tassels for maximum sophistication – Cross Stitch has truly outdone itself with these exquisite ensembles that are sure to turn heads wherever they go!