Embroidered Poly Net – NEDA (EC2-23-02)


Brand: Elan
Poly Net
  Wedding Festive

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Buy Elan Embroidered Poly Net – NEDA (EC2-23-02) In UK Dress Now!

Elan Offers the Appealing NEDA (EC2-23-02) Maxi Dress to Upgrade Your Festive Wardrobe in Luxury.

Elevate your style with Elan Wedding Festive Collection’s breathtaking NEDA (EC2-23-02) Maxi Dress from Pakistani women living in America and designed specifically to highlight their traditional and sophisticated sensibilities – an exquisite ensemble perfect for festive wardrobes!

Exquisite Detailing: 

The NEDA Maxi Dress features exquisite embroidery and embellishment, including intricate net panels with embroidery, a satin patti on its sleeves, and a dupatta for extra detailing. Additionally, there is also an elegant belt.

Elegant Dupatta With Luxurious Embellishment

Enhance your look with this beautifully embroidered organza dupatta, adding grace and allure to the outfit. Your dress is adorned with embellished patti, tassels, cutwork lace, and pearls for extra glitz at any event!

Trousers in a Sophisticated Silver Colour Palette

The NEDA Maxi Dress features an alluring silver color to complement the intricate embroidery and premium quality fabric used for its construction. It comes with matching dyed slips and luxurious raw silk fabric trousers for comfort and style.

Premium Quality Fabrics and Refinement.

Crafted with expert precision, the NEDA Maxi Dress showcases premium quality fabrics such as Poly Net for its maxi portion, Poly Organza for the dupatta, and Raw Silk trousers – creating an outfit with timeless sophistication without compromising comfort. This combination exudes grace without compromising elegance.

Make a Statement at Each Event

No matter the wedding, festive gathering, or formal event, Elan’s exquisitely designed NEDA (EC2-23-02) Maxi Dress will make you stand out and feel like royalty. Take your chance to dazzle in this eye-catching piece and add it to your wardrobe today.