Embroidered Chiffon – Olga


Brand: Xenia
Embroidered Chiffon
Summer Soiree’23

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Product Description: Xenia’s Olga Shalwar Kameez from the Summer Soiree 23 collection is a stunning, elegant outfit that exudes sophistication and grace. It is designed for Pakistani wedding wear and festive occasions where you want to look your best.

Kameez Design:

The Olga Shalwar Kameez is long, making it perfect for formal occasions. The front center panel of the kameez is embroidered, giving the outfit a regal and luxurious feel. The crystal buttons on the front and back neckline add a touch of glamour to the outfit.

The embroidered sequined patch and bead shuttle lace on the hemline of the kameez are intricate and delicate. Moreover, the crystal tassels hanging from the hemline create a beautiful movement and a flattering silhouette.

Kameez Neckline of Olga

The boat neckline style of the kameez combined with the small lace gives the outfit a modern yet traditional feel. The round neckline at the back is simple and elegant, giving the outfit a balanced look.

Sleeves Style:

The see-through sleeves of the kameez of Olga are beautiful and fashionable. The embroidered patches and crystal tassels on the sleeve’s borders add glamour to the outfit while still being appropriate for a formal event.

Dupatta Design:

The embroidered chiffon dupatta of the Olga Shalwar Kameez is a work of art. The beautiful embroidery design is intricate and elegant. Additionally, the embroidered zig-zag lace on the four sides of the dupatta creates a stunning border that adds to the overall luxurious feel of the ensemble.

Shalwar Design:

The shalwar of the Olga Shalwar Kameez is plain, but the net patti on the Pancha (border) gives it a fashionable touch. The combination of the greenish-grey color of the shalwar and the kameez with the chiffon dupatta creates a perfect balance of hues for a formal event.

Fabric and Colors:

The chiffon fabric of the kameez and the dupatta is light and breathable, making it comfortable to wear even in warm weather. The raw silk fabric used for the shalwar adds a touch of luxury to the outfit. The greenish-grey color of the outfit is sophisticated and elegant, adding to its overall appeal.


The Olga Shalwar Kameez from the Summer Soiree 23 collection is perfect for Pakistani wedding wear and festive occasions. It is designed for those looking for a regal and luxurious outfit to make them look their best.


The Olga Shalwar Kameez from the Summer Soiree 23 collection is a masterpiece by Xenia Formals PK. Its intricate embroidery, delicate crystal tassels, and elegant design make it the perfect outfit for a formal event. The comfortable fabric and fashionable shalwar make it a practical and stylish choice for any occasion. If you want to turn heads and be the center of attention at your next event, the Olga Shalwar Kameez is your outfit.

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