Embroidered linen – Piccadilly


Brand: Mushq
Collection: Broadway Showtime Winter Edit Collection 2023


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Mushq invites you to dazzle everyone you encounter with its “Piccadilly Charm” ensemble, sure to capture everyone’s hearts with its intricate detailing and artistic finesse that speaks volumes about your timeless elegance and impeccable fashion sense.

The Kameez: 

An Exemplary Exponent of Intricate Craftsmanship

An embroidered linen shirt is the centerpiece of any ensemble, which stands out as the focal point in its wine-purple color, radiating unassuming glamour and tasteful richness. Crafted from high-quality linen for comfort, its Kameez fabric guarantees unmatched quality, while its intricate embroidered patterns will undoubtedly draw all eyes upon itself.

This shirt boasts intricately detailed linen embroidery on its front, back, and sleeves, featuring an eye-catching daman border at its front that adds charm and appeal. Furthermore, embroidered back and sleeve lace further adorn its intricate detailing, making this shirt suitable for formal or festive events.

Enhancements Are Key for an Elegant Appearance

Crochet lace finishing and bow dori tassel add an exquisite flourish to this Kameez, creating an extra sense of sophistication and a finishing touch that makes it ideal for chic formal events and festive gatherings. Its tasteful craftsmanship makes this Kameez an indispensable must-have in any wardrobe!

The Dupatta: 

An Essential Composition of Colors and Designs

This outfit pairs beautifully with the printed linen shawl featuring delicate crochet lace detailing and bow dori tassel, lending extra luxuriousness to the ensemble. Additionally, its embroidery design and wine-purple hue complete its beauty.


 Being Simply Classic

Komal-Elephant-dyed linen trousers make an excellent addition to the Kameez, adding a wine-purple hue and providing maximum aesthetic impact. Made from superior-grade linen fabric, they offer comfort, durability, and an uncompromising classy appearance – guaranteed!

Quality At Affordability:

Mushq consistently provides top-of-the-line quality at a cost-effective price tag, providing maximum value for your hard-earned money. Their “Piccadilly Charm” outfit is no different, offering elegance, sophistication, and affordability in one.

An Ideal Occasion and Outfit Combination:

The “Piccadilly Charm” outfit is ideal for any special or festive event – weddings, parties, and family gatherings. Wear it out for an evening on the town or to work – its timeless elegance ensures you make a powerful fashion statement!

shalwar kameez from Mushq presents their “Piccadilly Charm” By Broadway Showtime Winter Edit 2023 ensemble to elevate your style – offering sophistication, elegance, and playful allure in an all-in-one outfit. Boasting unrivaled quality and style thanks to intricate detailing such as embroidery on the linen shirt collar and printed linen shawl, dyed linen trousers provide comfort, creating an ensemble that makes an unforgettable statement of its own! Get ready to leave an indelible mark on everyone with “Piccadilly Charm.”

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