Embroidered Net – Rosa by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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Have you ever dreamt of strutting your stuff in a glamorous piece that causes a fashion frenzy? Think Carrie Bradshaw meets Bollywood royalty. Welcome to the ultimate style soirée – the “ROSA” by Tabeer, from the trendsetting atelier of Farasha. It’s not just a dress; it’s your VIP ticket to the hall of fame for the effortlessly chic and fabulously flamboyant Pakistani and Indian ladies residing stateside.

The Look That Launched a Thousand Likes

Ready to bathe in the spotlight and be the queen of Insta-stories? With “Rosa by Tabeer” every angle is your best angle. The exquisite peach hue isn’t just a color – it’s a mood, a vibe, and an instant classic. The soft glow of dawn and the warm embrace of the evening sunset are all sewn into one phenomenal formal dress.

Sequins That Speak Louder Than Words

Honey, those aren’t just tilla sequins; they’re your squad of sparkle! Meticulously masterminded to catch light (and plenty of stares), these shiny little confidants ensure you’re not just walking into the room – you’re making an entrance worthy of slow-mo and theme music.

Thread Work That Tells A Tale

Imagine embroidery so delicate; it whispers epics of ancestral artisans. The thin thread work on “ROSA” is a novel written in silk, a narrative threaded with years of heritage, ready to be read by every awe-struck onlooker as you sashay past.

Sharara: The Crush-Worthy Crushed Texture

Who needs crushes when your sharara is crushing it for you? The distinctive whipped texture of the “ROSA” sharara pants amplifies your aura with an opulent flourish bound to make hearts skip beats. It’s like Vogue and Vanity Fair had a baby, and this texture is it!

An Assemblage of Awesomeness

Want to know what makes Rosa by Tabeer the talk of Tinseltown? Dive into the deets:

Embroidered Net Elegance: Front and back panels are so beautifully crafted that they’ll make art galleries jealous.

Organza Opulence: The borders are not just embroidered; they’re a red carpet rolled out for your limbs.

Sleeve Soiree: Sleeves bordered with borer embroidered organza – because your arms deserve their limelight.

Dupatta Drama: A printed cotton patti dupatta that flows like gossip from a hot brunch.

Trouser Triumph: Dyed raw silk trousers that say, “I’m luxe and I know it.”

Rosa by Tabeer: Your Style Saga Awaits

Ready to write your fabulous fashion legend? Rosa by Tabeer by Farasha is the ensemble that doesn’t just dress you; it defines you. This Wedding Formals ’23 collection is your exclusive ticket to a world where style is the language and you, darling, are fluent.

Farasha: The Couturier of Dreams

Channeling your inner fashion goddess has never been easier, thanks to Farasha – a brand that doesn’t just create clothes; it tailors dreams. They’re the fairy godmother of fashion, transforming everyday women into icons of poise and beauty.

One Dress, Infinite Compliments

In “Rosa by Tabeer,” be ready to collect admirers like likes on a viral post. This is more than a dress; it’s a full-blown social sensation waiting to happen. Get set to flood feeds with your stunning silhouette and traffic-stopping style.

From Peachy Keen to Fashion Queen

The “ROSA” is your stepping stone from mere mortal to legendary style deity. Whether you’re gracing a wedding or reigning at a reception, this dress ensconces you in a traditional and refreshingly modern charm.

The Farasha Seal of Sartorial Splendor

Every Rosa by Tabeer piece is a wearable warranty of wonder. Beyond the cut, the cloth, and the colors, Farasha infuses each creation with a spirit of excellence that’s impeccable and inspiring.

Preserve Your Panache

Treat “Rosa by Tabeer” not just as attire but as an heirloom-to-be. Dry clean only, my divas, and keep the majesty alive for a lifetime of looks that kill.


Prepare to ascend the throne of trendsetting majesty with Rosa by Tabeer by Farasha. Forget blending in; it’s all about astonishing the audience with your aura. Embrace the “Rosa by Tabeer” – where each thread promises spotlight-stealing moments and a life lived at the pinnacle of panache. Your fashion-forward fable begins now. Fly off into the sunset of unmatched style, you unforgettable, unstoppable, unrivaled empress of elegance!

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