Embroidered Velvet – ROYAN-101U


Brand: Mushq
Collection: Niloufer Velvet Edit 2023


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Pakistani ladies living in the USA can now savor the beauty and richness of their culture with the luxurious ROYAN-101U ensemble by Mushq. This opulent masterpiece embodies the essence of Pakistani couture with its intricate embroideries, sequin embellishments, and handcrafted details. This radiant and lively article aims to entice and inspire Pakistani-American women to indulge in their heritage with ROYAN-101U by Mushq.

The Embroidered, Sequined, and Hand Embellished Velvet for the front yoke

This ensemble’s sheer elegance and richness can be seen in the front yoke, made with embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished velvet. The intricate designs and details illuminate the beauty of traditional Pakistani craftsmanship. The Velvet adds a touch of luxury, making the front yoke stand out as a piece of art.

The Embroidered, Sequined, and Hand Embellished Velvet for the back yoke

The back yoke with embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished Velvet complements the front collar with its elaborate design and intricate details. The Velvet, intricately embellished with sequins and embellishments, reflects the ethereal glamor of Pakistani fashion.

The Embroidered, Sequined Velvet for Sleeves

The sleeves of the ROYAN-101U are made with embroidered and sequined Velvet, adding an extra layer of luxury to this already sumptuous garment. The intricate embroidery and sequin work on the velvet sleeves speak volumes about the skillful craftsmanship that went into creating this masterpiece.

The Embroidered, Sequined, and Hand Embellished Velvet Panels

The left and right panels of the ROYAN-101U ensemble are the epitome of grandeur and glamour. The Velvet is intricately embroidered, sequined, and hand-embellished, which evokes the soul of Pakistani couture. Each panel is a work of art that depicts an array of exquisitely designed motifs.

The Embroidered, Sequined Velvet for Back

The back of the ROYAN-101U ensemble is as detailed and intricately crafted as the front. The embroidered and sequined Velvet adds a touch of elegance to the back of this ensemble, making it a perfect display of Pakistani couture.

The Embroidered and Sequined Velvet Border Back Hem (Organza)

The back hem of the ROYAN-101U is made with an embroidered and sequined velvet border, expertly crafted on an organza base. The combination of Velvet and organza creates a beautiful contrast and luxurious texture, giving the ensemble a regal touch.

The Embroidered and Sequined Trouser Lace (Organza)

To complete the ensemble, the ROYAN-101U comes with embroidered and sequined trouser lace on an organza base. The intricate details and embellishments on the lace add to the flare of this superb article of clothing.

The Embroidered and Sequined Finishing Pati

The ROYAN-101U ensemble is beautifully finished with embroidered and sequined finishing pati. This finishing detail adds another layer of luxury and sophistication to this breathtaking ensemble.

The Embroidered and Sequined Organza Dupatta

A stunning embroidered and sequined organza dupatta perfectly complements this luxurious ensemble. The beautiful embroidery and sequin work on the dupatta reflects Pakistani fashion’s cultural vibrancy and artistic skills.

The Embroidered and Sequined Dupatta Lace

The ROYAN-101U coordinated dupatta lace, adorned with intricate embroidery and sequin work, is a fine example of the fusion of traditional and modern design techniques. The lace evokes a sense of royalty and grandeur, making it a grand addition to this fantastic ensemble.

Jamawar Lehenga

The Royal-looking Jamawar Lehenga adds to the allure of this ROYAN-101U outfit. The intricate designs on Jamawar weaves convey the sense of pride and regality that the women of Pakistan are known for.

Golden balls for Finishing

Golden balls for finishing complete the beautiful intricate details of the ROYAN-101U outfit, making it a sight to behold.

Exclusive Handmade Tassels

The ROYAN-101U ensemble is adorned with exclusive handmade, handcrafted tassels to perfection. The tassels feature intricate details and sparkling sequins, making them magnificent works of art.


In conclusion, the ROYAN-101U ensemble by Mushq epitomizes luxurious Pakistani couture for women in the USA. The intricate embroideries, sequin work, and handcrafted details of this ensemble are a testament to Pakistani’s rich heritage and cultural vibrancy. Whether it is a formal event or a gathering with friends, the ROYAN-101U ensemble is

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