Embroidered Chiffon – Rumeysa


Brand: Emaan Adeel
Collection:Ishq Aatish Collection


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Eman Adeel has once again created a masterpiece with her Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez from her Ishq Aatish Collection, making for an eye-catching choice to turn heads at weddings and festive occasions. Boasting its stunning purple hue and intricate embellishments, this ensemble will turn heads at weddings and festive events.

Details of the Kameez: 

The Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez features intricate Chiffon Embroidered Front, Back, and Sleeves with intricate embroidery designs against its vibrant purple background. Organza Embroidered Sleeve Lace adds a touch of elegance that perfectly compliments its intricate embroidered patterns, while an organza Embroidered Patch at the hem adds sophistication and luxury to this design.

Details of the Dupatta:

The Rumeysa by Ishq Aatish Collection Shalwar Kameez features a stunning chiffon dupatta with multi-sequence designs embroidered onto it for an eye-catching contrast against its dark hue. An Organza Embroidered Dupatta Border adds another elegant detail, perfect for showing off one’s exquisite sense of fashion, while two sides featuring crystal tassels complete the ensemble beautifully.

Details of Trousers:

The wide-leg trouser with the Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez is made of Raw Silk fabric for maximum regal appeal. It comes in a purple hue to complete its design.

Details of Embellishments:

Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez features exquisite crystal tassels on the sleeves’ borders and two sides of its dupatta, adding a gorgeous and stylish flourish. These luxurious embellishments add a magnificent finishing touch to an already stunning ensemble.

Details of Colors:

The Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez, with its vibrant purple hue, makes an eye-catching statement at weddings or other festive events, offering an air of sophistication while making an impressionful first impression.

Details of Fabrics:

Chiffon fabric ensures the ensemble moves gracefully and fluently, while organza sleeves lace adds texture and elegance. Raw silk trousers bring structure while paying tribute to traditional elegance.


The Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez is an excellent choice for weddings and festive events. With its royal aesthetic and intricate embroidery patterns, it makes an impressive statement on any particular day.Rumeysa Shalwar Kameez is an elegant and chic ensemble ideal for weddings or festive events from Eman Adeel’s Ishq Aatish Collection that boasts intricate embroideries, beautiful crystal tassels, and its signature rich hue that is sure to turn heads. Constructed using premium-quality fabrics, it moves gracefully while remaining sophisticated, making this ensemble an excellent choice for those seeking confidence and sophistication in a costume.