Embroidered Velvet – Rummana


Brand: Iznik
Dupatta Fabric:
Festive Velvet collection


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Iznik’s latest offering is the stunning Rummana Frock Suit from their Festive Velvet collection. This ensemble exudes beauty and sophistication, making it ideal for any Pakistani wedding or special event.

Style and Design 

The Rummana Frock Suit features a long, flowing frock with intricate velvet embroidery and small floral sequin detailing. Its bodice and bottom are constructed of luxurious velvet for an extravagant feel and look; its front and back feature stunning organza lace adorned with exquisite floral embroidery to add a further sense of sophistication and elegance to the overall design of the garment.

The boat-shaped neckline of this dress features gorgeous embroidery adorning its edges. The back neckline features an astonishingly deep V, enhanced by sequin embroidery. Sleeves have simple but stunning sequin embroidered lace cuffs for extra elegance. In contrast, its hemline has a beautiful sequin embroidered lace border, further adding elegance.

This elegant Rummana Frock Suit has an organza dupatta with small floral embroidery. Two side borders of embroidered organza lace complete the overall look.

Trouser Design

The trouser accompanying the “Rummana” Frock Suit is simple yet elegant. It is made of dyed raw silk fabric for maximum comfort while offering a luxurious appearance to perfectly complement its counterparts – the frock and dupatta.

Color Options

 The Rummana Frock Suit features an eye-catching castor hue, making it the ideal choice for any event. Trousers and dupattas also boast this stunning hue, creating an eye-catching color combination.

Occasion WEAR

This beautiful Frock Suit was specifically created for Pakistani weddings and festive wear. With intricate detailing and luxurious fabric, this exquisite outfit makes you look great for every special event!


Iznik, one of Pakistani fashion design’s premier brands, has created this timeless masterpiece crafted with exquisite care and precision: Rummana Frock Suit is an outstanding example of timeless beauty crafted with love and precision by their master craftspeople. Featuring stunning velvet embroidery, delicate organza lace details, sequin accents, and matching dupatta and trouser pieces to elevate its overall appearance – it exudes beauty, sophistication, and elegance. It makes a great choice for weddings or special events!