Embroidered Sateen – Safaa


Brand: Mushq
Collection: Moroccan Dream Shawl Collection 2023


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Buy Mushq Embroidered Sateen Safaa Dress In USA Now!

Mushq Moroccan Dream Shawl Collection 2023 presents the Safaa Shalwar Kameez as a stunning blend of tradition and modernity that meets the wardrobe needs of Pakistani and Indian ladies living in America. Prepare to unleash your inner fashionista with this splendid ensemble that exudes grace and elegance.

Tea Pink in color, this shalwar kameez features exquisite lilac embroidery for an unforgettable look. Crafted with luxurious SATEEN fabric for comfort and sophistication – it is effortlessly draped over your skin to provide elegance and draping against it.

Experience exquisite elegance with these beautiful details:

Embroidered Front and Back Mesmerizing designs that exude refinement and grandeur.
Embroidered Sleeves Lace & Neckline Exquisite detailing that adds an exquisite finish. Embellished Slits Lace & Patch: Breathtaking enhancements that genuinely set this outfit apart.
Embroidered Shawl and Motif Delicate embroidery adds a touch of opulence to this ensemble, while its delicate details tie everything together perfectly—embroidered Trouser Lace and dyed Trousers: Luxurious details perfectly complement the Tea Pink design.

Experience unparalleled comfort and elegance with the Safaa shalwar kameez, explicitly designed to reflect your sense of style while meeting the fashion needs of Pakistani women living in the USA. Feel empowered and secure as you embrace its poise and refinement!

Never miss an opportunity to redefine elegance and poise! Get the Safaa Shalwar Kameez to unleash beauty, grace, and sophistication into your world of elegance and poise. Or explore Mushq’s Moroccan Dream Shawl Collection 2023 here and step into a world of stunning fashion!

Why choose Safaa

Safaa, from Mushq’s Moroccan Dream Shawl Collection 2023, embodies elegance with every stitch embroidered into its exquisite design in tea pink and lilac threadwork adorning the front, back, sleeves, and the delicate crochet lace neckline, completing its outstanding beauty. Make a bold statement with vibrant embroidery along its beautiful lace border while its crochet neckline adds a luxurious feel – complete your ensemble with an embroidered shawl for a subtle yet dramatic finish – upgrade your traditional wardrobe today with Safaa!

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