Embroidered Khaddar – SC-05 Romina


Brand: Qalamkar
Collection: Luxury Winter 23

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Introducing the SC-05 Romina by Qalamkar PK: the ultimate shalwar kameez for Pakistani and Indian ladies in the USA. Step into elegance and tradition with this luxurious ensemble from our Luxury Winter 23 Collection.

Stunning Embroidery & Detailing:

Our artisans have created the SC-05 Romina with meticulous perfection. The front center panel and neckline are exquisitely embroidered, while eye-catching borders add a touch of glamour. The sleeves boast breathtaking cutwork patches and delicate shuttle lace. And let’s remember the thread tassels that add finesse to your overall look.

Exquisite Fabric:

We’ve chosen the finest materials for comfort and style. The warm, plush Khaddar fabric of the shirt and trousers, paired with the sophisticated Karandi shawl, create an ensemble that’s as comfortable as it is fashionable.

Sophisticated Palette:

This ensemble’s demure and elegant blue colour scheme of the kameez, trousers, and dupatta creates a harmonious and sophisticated look for any occasion, effortlessly elevating your style statement.

Celebrate Your Unique Style:

The SC-05 Romina is the perfect combination of tradition and modernity. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a festive celebration, this exquisite outfit will solve your wardrobe dilemmas and make you stand out with unmatched elegance and poise.

Take advantage of the SC-05 Romina. Order yours today and experience luxury, sophistication, and tradition in perfect harmony. Embrace your roots and capture the essence of Pakistani and Indian culture with Qalamkar’s Luxury Winter 23 Collection. Get yours now!