Embroidered Chiffon – Sophia


Brand: Xenia
Embroidered Chiffon
Xenia Formals 2022

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The Sophia dress from the Xenia Formals Collection 2022 is a luxurious shalwar kameez that will leave you looking elegant and sophisticated. It is made from high-quality materials that are carefully chosen to ensure the dress is comfortable, durable, and exquisite.

The Kameez is the focal point of the Sophia dress with its boat neck style featuring a beautiful embroidered chiffon front and back. The detailed embroidery on the front and back of the Kameez is breathtaking. Along with the striking embroidery, the Kameez Kameez also has beautiful tassels, buttons, and frill lace that add incredible richness to the dress. The hemline features a wide embroidered patch that enhances the dress’ elegance.

The sleeves of the Sophia dress are nothing short of magnificent. They are see-through embroidery sleeves with a wide width and floral patch. The frill lace with tassels on the sleeve’s borders adds an exquisite touch to the gorgeous dress.

The dupatta of the Sophia dress is equally stunning and perfectly complements the rest of the outfit. The embroidered floral organza dupatta has embroidery all over the borders with beautifully embroidered patches on the borders. The shuttle lace with tassels on the dupatta’s borders adds a layer of beauty to the dress.

The shalwar of the Sophia dress is plain trousers made from raw silk. The plainness of the shalwar is an intentional design to ensure that it does not detract from the main features of the dress, the Kameez and the dupatta.

The Pinkish grey colour chosen for the Xenia Sophia dress will complement almost all skin complexions and make you stand out on any occasion you wear it. The Kameez, the shalwar, and the dupatta all come in this lovely shade of pinkish-grey, creating a harmonious, unusual, and extraordinary balance.

The chiffon fabric used to make the Kameez is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. This fabric adds a touch of elegance to the dress and allows the Kameez to drape beautifully, making you even more stunning.

The organza fabric used for the dupatta is lightweight and delicately woven, making it an ideal choice for an accessory that can be worn all year round. The shuttle lace and the tassels on the dupatta borders add movement and grace while you’re wearing the dress.

The Sophia dress is perfect for Pakistani Eid, festive, or Pakistani wedding wear. Whatever the occasion, this dress will leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it.

In conclusion, the Sophia dress from Xenia is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. It’s a dress you will love and treasure for years. The quality and beauty of the materials used in this dress are evident in every detail. You will feel confident, stylish, and gorgeous whenever you wear the Sophia dress. It’s an investment worth making.

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