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Brand: Xenia
Embroidered Chiffon
Summer Soiree’23

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Xenia brings you the latest addition to its Summer Soiree 23 collection, the Sophiee Shalwar Kameez. Designed for Pakistani weddings and festive occasions, this dress is the epitome of beauty and class.

Kameez – The Epitome of Beauty and Craftsmanship

The Sophiee Kameez is a sight to behold with its vibrant orange color and intricate embroidery. The charming zig-zag lace adds a layer of elegance to the Kameez, while the embroidered front center panel steals the show with its beautiful detailing. The small lakhani crystal tassels hanging from the hemline offer a subtle yet compelling touch of sophistication. The slit neckline style with pearls is a classic and timeless choice that elevates the beauty of this Kameez to new heights.

The galaxy embroidery on the see-through sleeves gives the Sophiee Kameez a sense of grace and aura. The embroidered patches and shuttle lace on the sleeve’s borders complement the overall design and embellishment. The length of the Kameez provides a sense of regalness, and the round neck style at the back provides a perfect balance of elegance.

Sophisticated Dupatta for an Enchanting Look

The Sophiee Shalwar Kameez has a beautiful embroidered net Dupatta perfect for festive occasions. The embroidered shuttle lace on all four sides of the borders adds a delicate and polished look to the Dupatta, while the shimmering galaxy embroidery and orange color provide a dazzling and refreshing feel.

Sophiee Shalwar – A Touch of Grace and Poise

The Sophiee Shalwar is crafted in plain raw silk and has plates and a round-style design on the Pancha (border). The orange color of the shalwar complements the Kameez and Dupatta beautifully. It adds a sense of harmony to the overall design, making it perfect for Pakistani weddings and other festive occasions.

Fabric – Comfort and Style in One Package

Made of chiffon, the Kameez is a perfect blend of comfort and class. The feel of the fabric is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear even during the hot summer months. The net Dupatta is light and airy, making it easy to manage while giving you the perfect veil. The raw silk shalwar adds a touch of opulence and durability to the dress, making it perfect for long hours of wear.

Sophiee – A Dress that Steals the Show

The Sophiee Shalwar Kameez from Xenia Formals PK‘s Summer Soiree 23 Collection perfectly blends grace, style, and sophistication. Its vibrant orange color, intricate embroidery, and fine detailing make it a perfect choice for Pakistani weddings and other festive occasions. The Kameez, Dupatta, and Shalwar are made from high-quality fabrics that ensure comfort, style, and durability. It’s a dress that will catch the eye and steal the show.