Embroidered Chiffon – Stellar Opaline


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Luxe Atelier 2023
Fabric: Embroidered Chiffon

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Stellar Opaline from the Cross Stitch PK‘s Luxe Atelier 23 collection epitomises a party-wear shalwar kameez. This outfit’s intricate detail and luxurious fabric are sure to make anyone feel like royalty.

Kameez Details

The kameez of the Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez is truly a masterpiece. The teal blue colour of the chiffon fabric provides a stunning backdrop for the breathtaking embroidery work. The kameez features beautiful flower threadwork in square shapes for the front and back. The floral embroidery on the gala adds the perfect pop of colour and texture. The daman hemline is adorned with a big embroidered patch that dazzles in silver threadwork.

One of the standout features of the kameez is the round neck style with a beautiful samosa lace on the neckline border. This lace border adds an extra layer of detail and provides a perfect finishing touch. The sleeves are also beautifully embroidered and feature an embellished patti border.


The dupatta of the Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez is just as stunning as the kameez. The digital floral print provides a beautiful contrast to the embroidered kameez. The dupatta is made of silk fabric that falls gracefully over the shoulders. The embroidered patti on the dupatta pallu adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.


The trousers of the Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez are simple yet highly sophisticated. The raw silk fabric is soft and provides the perfect base for the shalwar kameez. The samosa lace on the borders (paancha) of the trousers adds a touch of detail that ties in perfectly with the kameez and dupatta.


The teal blue colour throughout the shalwar kameez adds a sense of regal elegance. The embroidered silver patch on the daman hemline of the kameez provides the perfect contrast to the teal blue colour of the chiffon fabric. The trousers are also teal blue, and the digital floral print on the dupatta incorporates shades of blue that complement the kameez perfectly.


The choice of fabric for the Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez is spectacular. The chiffon fabric of the kameez falls gracefully and adds a sense of luxury to the outfit. The silk fabric of the dupatta is soft to the touch and provides the perfect flow. The raw silk fabric of the trousers is light and comfortable to wear.


The Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez from Cross Stitch’s Luxe Atelier 23 collection is perfect for any party or special occasion. Whether a wedding or a formal event, this shalwar kameez is guaranteed to make an impression. The intricate embroidery work and luxurious fabric make this outfit stand out.

In conclusion, the Stellar Opaline shalwar kameez is a breathtaking piece of art that is perfect for any party wear occasion. The subtle yet stunning use of teal blue colour throughout the outfit makes it highly sophisticated. The intricate embroidery work on the kameez and the embroidered patti on the dupatta add a touch of elegance that sets it apart from the rest. The Stellar Opaline Shalwar Kameez is the perfect choice if you want to feel like royalty at your next special event.