Embroidered Valvet UF-420


Brand: Baroque
Velvet Edition By Baroque
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza

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The Baroque Velvet Edition By Baroque embodies luxury and style. Created to meet the fashion needs of women who strive to look classy and sophisticated, this collection offers premium-quality fabric dresses suitable for weddings, formal events, and festive celebrations.

Velvet UF-420 Shalwar Kameez is one of the most coveted pieces from our collection, distinguished by intricate embroidery, exquisite embellishments, and luxurious velvet fabric. Each detail of this dress was thoughtfully created to evoke luxury and elegance.

Design and Style The Kameez is at the core of Shalwar Kameez dress wear, and the Velvet UF-420 does not disappoint in its design and style. Crafted of luxurious velvet fabric with intricate floral motifs in gold and silver thread embroidery on its front and back panels, it adds a sophisticated element to this garment.

The Kameez is explicitly designed for Pakistani formal wear and features a V-neck style with two organza patch 2pc necklines decorated with intricate embroidery. Additionally, its round back neck makes this a modest yet fashionable piece.

UF-420 Shalwar Kameez stands out with its beautiful wide and flowy sleeves. It is decorated with thick embroidery patches, floral lace on its cuffs, and slight floral embroidery that adds femininity. Furthermore, its hemline also boasts small floral embroidery accents to complete its feminine charm.

The Dupatta completes the ensemble. Crafted of high-quality organza fabric with small floral embroidery throughout, its borders feature a thick patch sequence with a small triangle design pattern to match flawlessly with any dress.

Trousers complete this three-piece ensemble. Constructed of high-quality velvet fabric like its counterpart Kameez, these trousers add an air of uniformity and elegance with their plain, floral embroidery border, adding an eye-catching design feature.

Color and Fabric

The Velvet UF-420 Shalwar Kameez features a stunning Haiti hue that complements its embellishments and embroidery. At the same time, its trousers offer the ideal contrast with their Haiti green hue. Furthermore, its Baltic Sea dupatta adds yet another color to this ensemble.

The Velvet UF-420 Shalwar Kameez is crafted of high-grade velvet fabric that looks luxurious and feels incredible. The Dupatta features organza fabric as an ideal complement. At the same time, its Trouser is made entirely from velvet for an extravagant appearance.


The Velvet UF-420 by Velvet Edition By Baroque Shalwar Kameez is ideal for Pakistani wedding wear, formal attire, and festive occasions. Both stylish and modest in design, it can be worn to all sorts of special events without concern about being out of place.


In conclusion, the Velvet UF-420 Shalwar Kameez is an impressive ensemble that makes an ideal statement at formal events. Every detail has been meticulously considered to create an ensemble that exudes luxury and elegance at any special event. Crafted from high-quality fabric with intricate embroidery, this dress is essential to any woman’s wardrobe.