Embroidered Valvet UF-423


Brand: Baroque
Valvet Collection 2023
Shirt Fabric:
Dupatta Fabric: Organza

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Velvet Edition By Baroque introduces you to their luxurious and opulent UF-423 Sharara Kameez dress style, perfect for Pakistani weddings and formal events. This sophisticated ensemble comprises a sharara worn underneath an open kameez with an optional dupatta to create a complete and stunning look on any special occasion.

Kameez Details:

This kameez features luxurious velvet fabric in a decadent nightshade for a touch of sophistication. The front features intricate embroidered embellishments to give it a royal look, while its back remains plain to showcase the front’s embroidery further. Plus, its long length ensures you will stand out in any crowd.

A kameez features a round neckline adorned with embroidery at its back to create an exquisite blend of tradition and modernity. In contrast, its back neckline remains simple yet elegant with its round shape. Furthermore, its sleeves showcase wide-width sleeves adorned with thick embroidery patches with patti on cuffs, enhancing its beauty further.

Add more grace with an embroidered organza back patch that adds delicacy. An embroidered patch featuring tassels at the hemline adds an ideal finishing touch.

Dupatta Details: 

This luxurious organza fabric in cocoa beans adds an elegant and delicate look. Boasting beautiful small floral embroidery throughout its surface, its delicate fabric creates a refined and graceful appearance. At the same time, its four side borders feature thick embroidered patches to elevate its sophistication and charm further.

Sharara Details:

This Sharara UF-423 features tiny shuttle lace that flows softly and beautifully, complementing any look perfectly. The cocoa bean hue gives this piece an understated appeal that showcases the intricate embroidery of kameez flawlessly.


Pairing night shades of the kameez UF-423 with cocoa bean shades in its Sharara and dupatta creates an elegant and sophisticated ensemble. Combining these dark royal tones with soft cocoa bean stripes strikes the ideal balance between style and class.


Baroque dresses feature luxurious velvet fabrics in their kameez, silk trousers, and organza dupatta to give their dresses a royal and luxurious feel yet are comfortable and breathable at the same time. Baroque uses only premium-grade materials when producing its dresses – giving you peace of mind knowing you’re investing in an experience-rich product worthy of its luxurious name.


This Sharara Kameez is ideal for Pakistani wedding wear or formal events. With its distinct design and intricate embroidery, its beauty will add charm and sparkle to your special day or formal gathering. Plus, this comfortable yet fashionable piece will help make a bold statement with every wear!

Baroque velvet UF-423 Sharara Kameez from their Velvet Edition By Baroque is an indispensable staple for Pakistani wedding wear or formal events. Boasting intricate embroidery and luxurious fabric, you can feel assured that you are wearing an exceptional product that makes an impressive statement of style, elegance, and confidence. Get this dress now to make an impactful style, elegance, and confidence statement!