Embroidered Net – Valentina by Tabeer


Brand: Farasha
Fabric: Net
Collection: Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23

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Are you ready to channel your inner Bollywood starlet with a dress as dramatic as the red carpet it deserves to grace? Let’s dive into the world of Valentina by Tabeer, a sizzling creation by Farasha that’s tailor-made for the glamorous Pakistani and Indian ladies living stateside. This isn’t just any ensemble; it’s the ultimate synthesis of tradition and haute couture—a style spectacle meant to captivate and celebrate South Asian beauty.

With every detail curated to perfection, the Valentina by Tabeer dress is a love letter to those who stand proud in their ethnic roots while strutting confidently on the path of modern fashion. It’s time to immerse yourself in luxury, sophistication, and spicy trendiness!

Ethereal Embroidery That Speaks Volumes

“Valentina by Tabeer whispers sweet nothings of luxury with its meticulously embroidered net fabric that graces the front and back bodice. Imagine delicate floral patterns blooming across your frame, creating an enchanting interplay of texture that will make anyone double-take. The embroidered net sleeves wave poetic about elegance, with ornate cuffs adding to the flair like icing on an already irresistible cake.

Back Details that Demand an Encore

Turning around in Valentina by Tabeer is no ordinary affair—it’s a statement. The embroidered net back ensures your exit is as show-stopping as your entrance. It’s the kind of drama that makes everyone in the room hold their breath, waiting for you to turn back around and bless them with another look.

Lehenga and Bodice Set: Tradition Reimagined

This showpiece boasts a printed lehenga and bodice set that will transport you to the Mughal gardens of yore, all while strutting down Madison Avenue. The lehenga, a canvas of digital artistry, flares, and flows, drawing all eyes to your every move. It pairs perfectly with the bodice, creating an ensemble that speaks the language of traditional charm with a distinctly contemporary accent.

Dazzling Dupatta: The Final Flourish

Any South Asian outfit is incomplete without the quintessential dupatta, and Valentina by Tabeer borer embroidered organza pièce de résistance is nothing short of spectacular. It waltzes around you, a cascade of intricate design edged with an exquisite border that’s sheer poetry in motion. It’s not a dupatta—it’s the co-star to your leading-lady vibe.

Sophisticated Silhouette Meets Vibrant Vigor

In a color as rich and intoxicating as a maroon wine, Valentina by Tabeer promises to be the visual symphony at any soirée. This isn’t just a maroon hue—it’s the embodiment of passion, the patina of sophistication, and a bold statement rolled into one color that will never apologize for stealing the limelight.

Comfort Meets High Fashion

All this glamour doesn’t come at the cost of comfort—we wouldn’t dream of it. The digital printed grip trouser and inner ensure you’re as comfortable as you are stylish. These practical elements mean you’re ready for anything, from a twirl on the dance floor to a dignified dinner with dignitaries.

Crafted by Farasha: Where Luxury Becomes Legacy

When you wear Valentina by Tabeer, you’re not just wearing an outfit—you’re carrying forward the legacy of a brand that has long been the silent narrator of South Asian haute couture stories. Farasha’s ‘Tabeer – Wedding Formals 23’ collection has once again proven that they understand the pulse of fashion-forward Pakistani and Indian women in America.

An Outfit for All Seasons and Reasons

Whether you’re reuniting with family for a festive occasion or owning the floor at an upscale gala, Valentina by Tabeer by Tabeer is your fashion-forward armor. It’s where every thread weaves a tale of allure, every motif tells a story of heritage, and every fold sings songs of your unique essence.


It’s time to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with Valentina by Tabeer by Tabeer. Ready to wear and ready to wow, this designer dress by Farasha is more than just an item in your wardrobe—it’s the centerpiece of your next unforgettable moment. The maroon marvel is here to usher you into a world where elegance is eternal, and fashion is fearless. So go ahead, give your closet the love story it deserves. Let Valentina by Tabeer take the stage and watch as you become the talk of the town and towns across the ocean. It’s not just a dress—it’s the script of your next fashion fairytale.

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